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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/6/07

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Written By Richard

Daisy got in the car and she took Zack for a ride, even though she knew that she should not be driving the car.

Cassie walked into Gus and Harley's house and she was upset about her trip to see Josh. Cassie was worried that Josh would be hurt in prison.

Josh was jumped by two tough guys who knew Vinnie Salerno and that Josh's wife put him in jail. They beat up and kicked Josh to the ground.

Alan got everyone out of the room so he could be by himself with Ashlee. Alan told her that he remembered her and she was the one who shot him. Ashlee was surprised that he would say this.

Ashlee told Alan that she was upset that he made fun of his Mom and he wouldn't stop and when she saw the gun, she grabbed it, but she did not mean to shoot Alan. She said that all she wanted a family. She said she was so sorry that she did it. Alan said that he understands why she shot him, because she wanted a family so bad and he told her to keep the secret between them. Ashlee was surprised that Alan would do this. He told her that he was giving her a second chance because he was given one. She thanked him and hugged him.

Daisy and Zack kept driving and Daisy played some music as she was having a good time.

Josh was beaten up and the two men kept beating him, they didn't stop until the guard came by and he got them away from him. The guard asked Josh if he was alright, but he was hurt very bad. He didn't want Cassie to know that he was hurt.

Cassie went to go see Josh in prison and she got through getting some advice from Gus and Harley on how to deal with seeing him in the prison. Harley went out to see where Daisy was and then she notice the car was gone. Harley went inside and said that Daisy stole the car.

Alan Michael came in and told Alan that he was only trying to do the best that he could in running the company. Alan told Alan Michael that he was proud of him and that he didn't do a good job of being a father to him when he was a young man. Alan told him that he was sorry that he wasn't a good father to him. Alan hugged Alan Michael much to his surprise.

Josh got a visit from Cassie. Cassie was searched by the guard and he would not let her bring RJ's coin in to give Josh. Cassie was upset that she had to see Josh like this. Cassie went inside to see Josh.

Harley made some phone calls to locate Daisy. Harley got a tip that Daisy was in an accident in the car and Harley and Gus raced out to find her.

Gus and Harley raced to the parking lot and they found Daisy and Zack. Daisy apologized for stealing the car and she said that it was an accident that she hit the car's bumper and everything was all right. They made sure that they were both all right and Gus took Zack home and Harley drove Daisy home. She was upset with Daisy.

Alan Michael wanted to ask Alan why he wrote the letter A on a piece of paper in the hospital room when he first woke up out of his coma. Alan told him that he didn't know what happened. Alan Michael informed Alan that Josh was in jail because he said that he shot Alan. Alan was very surprised to hear this and he left to go see him. Alan Michael didn't want him to go. As Alan started to leave, Doris came in and stopped him.

Cassie talked with Josh and she was happy to see him. She talked with him and tried to laugh with him and he laughed with her as well. Josh said to her that his favorite time in prison is when he gets to go to sleep and he dreams about Cassie. Cassie started to talk about Alan and Josh told her to stop talking about him. Josh said that when they were together, he didn't want to spend the time talking about Alan.

Alan told Doris that he was going out. Doris didn't want Alan to leave. Alan told Doris that there were a lot of people suffering out there and he was going to right some wrongs. Alan told her that when he came back he would talk to her about their life together. Doris was upset with his tone.

Josh said to Cassie to not be sad and cry when she leaves him. Cassie said that she would try to be strong and she started to leave. Josh got up and he was in bad pan and he fell down. Cassie saw Josh fall and she ran to help him.

Ashlee and Frank sat at the diner and the two of them talked about how some good people commit crimes. Ashlee was about to tell Frank that she was the one who shot Alan but Doris came in and pulled her out of the diner before she said anything. Ashlee told Doris that she shot Alan when they went outside.

Harley brought Daisy home and she yelled at Daisy for stealing the car and putting herself and Zack in danger. Daisy said that she was sorry and that she would try better next time. Harley told Daisy that she could see that Daisy did not want to be a part of this family and she was going to bring in someone to help her with that.

Daisy told Gus to watch himself with Harley, because she was in a bad mood. Harley got Daisy's bags and she packed them and a corrections officer came to the house. Daisy asked Harley why she was sending her to jail. Harley told her that she wasn't sending her to jail, it was a program for teenage girls to help them get better. Daisy pleaded with Harley and she begged Harley and Gus to not let him take her. Harley told her that it was best for her, Daisy cried that she was giving her away again.

Doris told Ashlee to keep her mouth shut about what happened to Alan. Ashlee said that she was a criminal and that she should pay for shooting Alan and that Josh was in jail for nothing. Doris tried to stop her from going to the police to tell what happened.

Josh told Cassie that he was all right, he bruised himself. Cassie was upset and she told Josh that she needed to help him and be with him. The guard made her leave and told her that it was time to go. Cassie cried and she was upset and worried about Josh.

Alan came to the prison and he asked to go and visit Josh.

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