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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/5/07

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Written By Dani

Harley drinks shots of vodka as she tells Buzz about slapping Daisy. Harley expresses her guilt and regret over the hell she put Frank through when she was a teenager. She, however, did not do drugs so she feels this is different. Harley fears she is going to lose Daisy if she doesn’t do something drastic. Buzz contacts a friend he was in Vietnam with who now runs a boot camp for troubled teens. Harley agrees to send Daisy if Buzz makes the arrangements. “No problem” Buzz tells her. “I would trust this guy with my life.” Daisy pressures Gus to take her out for a driving lesson. At first Gus refuses but he agrees to one lesson because he did promise her he would teach her to drive. They go out on the road and she does well. Daisy scores 100% on her written driving test.

Gus is proud of her but Harley walks in and finds out about their earlier driving lesson. Harley sends Daisy next door to pick up Jude and Zac but rather than pick up her brothers Daisy listens at the back door to Harley talking to Gus. Zac appears behind her and asks her if she is mad. “Yes” she answers trying hard to hear what is being said. Zac sweetly tells her a slushy makes him feel better. Daisy perks up, you are right she thinks and offers to take Zac to get a slushy when she realizes she still has the keys to the car in her coat pocket.

Ashley sits alone on a bench on Main Street and thinks sadly. Coop joins her and asks if she read his story he had written then invites her to get a bite to eat. Already feeling uneasy Ashley snaps thinking his invitation to get food was a insult about her wait. Coop tries to calm her saying “Okay, well I’m hungry so go if you want or don’t you don’t even have to eat.” Ashley realizes she over reacted, apologizes, and agrees to go. Over lunch she tells him his character that is a killer isn’t natural. “You don’t know what it is like to be a killer” she tells him. They talk about the story and the notes she made in the margin for a bit more but Ashley hangs her head with heavy sadness. Coop inquires about her mood. Ashley tells him she just learned they don’t expect Alan to live through the night. Coop and Ashley hang out for a little longer but it is getting late and Ashley goes home.

The feuding wives of Alan and his son return to the mansion. Alan Michael wants to go ahead and make funeral arrangements. Beth and Doris bicker and knit-pick. Doris believes Alan will die, Beth believes he will live and come out of the coma. Alan Michael pops the top on a battle of champagne and drinks a toast to Alan. The three sip not realizing what is to come later in the evening. Beth takes Alan Michael aside and asks if she can do anything. “Just keep an eye on her (referring to Doris) I don’t have the time or the energy.”

Alan Michael is busy making arrangements for Alan’s passing , Ava tries to comfort him. Doris receives a call from a Spaulding board member about an emergency board meeting. Alan Michael and Beth are perplexed and angry they were not told about the meeting. The three adults argue loudly.

After Alan’s family has left the hospital for the day the doctor returns to check on Alan who is sitting up and alert. The doctor is taken aback by the sudden progress. Alan asks the doctor not to call his family yet. The doctor explains to Alan about the Eldopa and side effects. Lizzie walks in to visit with her comatose grandfather and is delighted to see him awake. Her first question is about who shot him. Though Alan remembers clearly who shot him he tells her “No, I am completely blank.” Alan and Lizzie have a happy heart felt reunion. Alan apologizes for everything and takes responsibility for his part in Sarah’s death . He promises he will do everything in his power to make a mends for his actions and asks for a clean slate. Lizzie is just glad to have her beloved grandfather back. Alan gets dressed and waits for Lizzie to take him home. He asks her not to tell anyone and he does want to see his family but he wants to make another stop first.

Lizzie takes Alan to Company although the doctor wanted Alan to stay for observation. Buzz stands face to face with Alan stunned and speechless. Buzz can’t believe Alan would come to Company to see him before going home and seeing his family. Alan tells Buzz he needs his help. Still in shock Buzz sits at a table with Alan and Lizzie. A happy light-hearted Alan tells Buzz about the dream he had where Buzz was his guardian angle and guide. Alan expresses that he is a changed man and wants to begin doing the right thing but he will need help staying on the straight and narrow path. He wants Buzz to be his guide in real life not just a life altering dream. Buzz is still in shock when Alan announces to all the patrons of Company “ Ladies and gentlemen eat and drink up! Dinner is on me tonight!” “Send the bill to me in the morning.“ Alan instructs Buzz with a friendly smile. Lizzie and Alan now head for the house to surprise the family that already has Alan in grave as far as they are concerned.

Lizzie rolls Alan into the study in the midst of Alan Michael and Beth arguing with Doris about her role in the board meeting and company. Ava is present though she is not yelling. Everyone turns in surprise when Alan boasts “It’s good to see nothing has changed.” Alan smiles at his family. Beth runs to Alan’s side expressing how happy and grateful she is to see him. Doris is enraged that she was not called the moment “her husband was awake” Alan is kind and in high spirits as he speaks to everyone including Ava. Doris informs Alan she is personally handling the case of the shooter but Alan tells her he does not care for or want to concern himself with revenge. Doris isn’t pleased with this answer passing it off as a false sense of euphoria, a side effect from the Eldopa. Alan denies remembering who shot him.

Doris tries to dote on her recovering husband but her affection is pushed aside so Alan can be with Beth. He tells her how happy he is to see her . Doris insists it is only because she allowed Beth “to stay because she is pregnant with your child , so she claims” Alan’s face is filled with joy “I knew there was a reason I was given a second chance”

Ashley appears in the doorway surprised to see Alan not only alive but brimming with joy. Alan turns to her “Ashley, I had hoped you would be here.”

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