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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/4/07

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Written By Dani


Today’s episode was filmed and written differently than usual Guiding Light format so I felt the best way to inform you about the episode is to write differently. Throughout the episode the viewer is in two places: Alan’s real life as he lay in a coma at the hospital and a subconscious state where Buzz is his conscious/ guardian angle. While in his subconscious state, he remembers or fantasizes different scenarios for each possible subject which takes place at the wedding ceremony. After each memory Buzz and Alan discuss whether that person did or did not shoot Alan. Meanwhile Alan’s memories or fantasies are prompted by the individuals who speak to him back in the real Alan’s time trying to snap him out of his coma.

Alan-Michael are the first and only family in the room when the Eldopa is administered. Doris is the next arrived followed by Alex. Beth storms in angry with Alan-Michael and accusing him of wanting Alan dead so he can remain head of the family. Alan-Michael points out he does want Alan alive so he can fix the mess Beth and Doris have created. Plus, he adds, “no one has a better motive than the bitter ex-wife” Alan-Michael is struggling over the “A” Alan scribbled being for Aunt Alex, he motes she is wearing and “A” broach. The family argues back and fourth over who is more entitled to stay and be with Alan. No one will budge so everyone stays. Ashley arrives just after the doctor tells the family it doesn’t look like Alan will regain consciousness today. Doris verbally attacks Ashley for saying she had just stopped by to see if she could help.

Throughout the show the feuding family is in and out of Alan’s room and the hallway. As Alan remembers the events and or possibilities that occurred prior to the shooting Buzz is the voice of reason and sense.

Alan’s Subconscious Memories:

Each memory begins the same way. Alan stands by the wedding cake, flicks his propane lighter (a cigar lighter), enters the elevator where the subject of his memory awaits or joins him.

Lizzie: Alan tries to cozy up to her but she just says “You have a lot to answer for.” They argue over his role in her life, the family and Tammy, Jonathan, and Sarah’s deaths. They get off the elevator where Alan criticizes the low class hood lum Jonathan Lizzie defends Jonathan believing he did love her in his own way. Lizzie fires the gun.

It wasn’t Lizzie Alan tells Buzz for certain.

Alex: Alan asks the subconscious Alex why she would shoot him. She has nothing of current but has not forgotten that Alan has run both her sons out of town and shot Phillip who she loved as a son. Alex knows how disgusting he is as a human being. Alex reaches for her glasses not a gun. She puts her glasses on and tells him she wants to make sure she sees crystal clear “when he croaks” The elevator doors and Alan-Michael grab Alan and push him against the wall with the gun in his side.

Alan-Michael: Alan-Michael pulls away in shock when Alan calls him Andretti a childhood nick name he had for Alan-Michael. Alan knows Alan-Michael’s axe to grind is because Alan never made it a secret he favored Phillip over the younger Alan-Michael but he always loved Alan-Michael but he felt closer to Phillip because he had more interest in business than Alan-Michael ever had. Alan-Michael raises the gun to Alan’s chest and says “Nothing personal , it’s just business.” Alan tells Alan-Michael “Murder in a family is always personal.” Alan-Michael fires.

“It was Alan-Michael. Did Alan-Michael shoot you?” Buzz asks. In a false sense of pain and out of breathe Alan answers “NO it wasn’t him. He doesn’t have it in him.”

Beth: During this scenario Alan goes to Main Street rather than enter the elevator. He meets Beth and explains everything about divorcing her and marrying Doris to keep himself out of prison. He promises as soon as they get through this they will spend the rest of their lives together. Beth stabs Alan in the back while hugging him with a letter opener.

Alan is immediately placed back at Company with Buzz who pulls the letter opener out of Alan’s back. Alan mumbles “Beth.” “Beth shot you?” Buzz asks but not surprised. Alan points out he had been shot not stabbed but does admit she is capable of it but it wasn’t her. Alan names off other possible suspects Olivia, Ava, after saying her name he whispers it again and remembers for a moment. Before we see his memory of Ava the real Alan awakens and says “Ava” as the family stands around. The women of the family are shocked but thrilled when he answers the same after Alan-Michaels asks “Dad can you tell us who shot you?” “Ava” Alan accuses then drifts off again.

Alan’s confrontation with Ava showed a different side of Ava. She admits after being hit on by Alan just after his “I do’s” that she came to town as a waitress but in no time she was giving orders at the Spaulding board room. She intends on doing what ever she has to do to get to the top. Alan promises she will have a hard time of that when he calls Alan-Michael and tells him just what kind of woman Ava is. He turns his back on her to call Alan-Michael, Ava shoots him.

Buzz does not believe Ava was the shooter. ‘She is too sweet” Inside Company now, Alan is angry when Buzz doesn’t believe Ava is Alan’s shooter. Alan grabs Buzz by the shirt angrily. Buzz tells Alan go ahead tell the world but your worst enemy is out there waiting on you. Go ahead go confront your worst enemy. Alan storms out the door to meet an Alan in a suit staring Alan who is in his robe in the face. The real Alan bolts up in his bed but his family is unaware as they are arguing in the hall. Alan stands outside company alone and a bright light shines down on his face when the doctor checks the real Alan’s pupils for response to the Eldopa.

Both subconscious and real Alan who faded back into unconsciousness see the same thing. Images and comments from everyone he has confronted in his unconscious state/dream flash quicker and quicker then stop abruptly. Buzz asks “You know don’t you” Alan’s mind returns to him exiting the elevator where he sees Ashley sitting alone. Alan asks “Why aren’t you at the reception. I know I should be up there too “ he continues smugly we both know this marriage is a sham especially with Doris Wolfe being the bride. Ashley becomes angry and yells at him “My mom said you were going to be my father. You were going to love me and be my friend. All I have ever wanted is for someone to love me.” Ashley sobs and becomes more angry when Alan tells her with certainty that he will “Never love her and never be her friend.” Ashley pulls the gun from behind her back and shoots him. Ashley sobs hysterically.

The real Alan awakens and with clarity says “I remember everything. Ashley shot me.” and turns his head to see the family in the hall and glares at Ashley .

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