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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/3/07

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Written By Dani

Jeffery invites Olivia and Ava to lunch feeling sentimental after seeing josh torn from his life and all that he loves. Ava and Olivia are resistant at first but come around when Ava asks Jeffery and Olivia for help. Ava asks them to put their questionable morals to task by helping her keep Doris out of Spaulding. Olivia and Jeffery don’t want to help her keep her position within Spaulding wanting her to be far away from Alan Michael and they don’t want to do anything that could in the end be a good thing for Alan Michael. Ava argues it would not be for Alan Michael it would be for her, to help her keep a job that she loves and learns from every day. Olivia recognizes the young ambition to make it the corporate world and gets on board. Jeffery is still against assisting in any way but wants to protect his daughter. Jeffery warns Doris Wolfe is as dangerous as they come but will never be as big a threat to her as Alan Michael is. Ava and Olivia have a nice mother daughter moment over wearing the same brand of make up. Olivia agrees to help in any way she can but she wants Ava to keep it between them. Olivia coaches Ava on how to beat Doris at her own game.

Lizzie arrives at Company for lunch and observes with envy as Marina, Frank and Buzz get together for family poker night. Lizzie saddened returns home. Buzz and frank rag on marina for not having a life because she is obsessed with catching Cyrus, who appears over Marina’s shoulder “Nice hand detective.” “Go away!” Marina demands but Buzz insists that Cyrus stay and join the game. Marina tries to get rid of Cyrus who is wanting to stick around. Marina becomes agitated. Buzz jokes “so you are a thief. My wife was a thief.” (Referring to Jena, Coop’s mom) After a couple of hands Cyrus leaves but Marina’s problems don’t end with Cyrus walking out the door. Frank and Buzz see the attraction she has for Cyrus but she denies it.

Dinah gets a call from Cyrus who is pressuring her to embezzle money from Vanessa and Matt. Dinah and Mallet are claiming to be on their honeymoon but Dinah does manage to slip out to meet with Vanessa. Over lunch Vanessa fills Dinah in on all the details about the new business venture she and Matt are undertaking. Specifically mentioning that all the financial details and banking will be taken care of in the Cayman Islands. Mallet runs into them while they munch on dessert. Dinah becomes anxious and leaves with Mallet. They plan to go to a movie but Dinah must make a couple of phone calls before going in. Dinah phones Vanessa’s banker, pretends to be Vanessa and inquires about a large deposit that is expected to be placed in her account. Dinah learns the deposit has been made and it won’t be long before she can access the money. Cyrus shows up just as Dinah hangs up and she assures him that she is working as fast as she can to get his money because she wants him out of town but Cyrus informs her Springfield is growing on him and he may stick around.

Alan Michael hides the slip of paper with the mysterious “A” when the new doctor Doris hired introduces himself. Alan Michael is told he has been designated the person Alan wants to make any life or death decisions. The doctor explains the pros and cons of Eldopa and gives Alan Michael some reading material to look over before he makes his decision. Alan Michael ponders the information back at the Spaulding Mansion where he is confronted by an angry Lizzie. Lizzie screams at him that his priorities is only so he can get Ava and nothing to do with protecting the family. Lizzie accuses Alan Michael of keeping the truth from the police about Josh’s gun that she knows was in the house. Alan Michael spins his knowledge about the gun’s true location to protect her who he believes was the one who shot Alan.

Lizzie calms and Alan Michael tells her how the decision to administer Eldopa is his decision to make. Lizzie and Alan Michael talk about what they never had as a family. Alan Michael admits when he returned to town he intended on taking the company from Alan but now that he has he doesn’t feel any better he just feels hollow. Alan Michael returns to the hospital having made his decision. Lizzie who goes with him for support is angry when she hears Alan Michael will not grant the eldopa to be administered. She questions him asking “What are you afraid of?” Alan Michael gives in and gives his permission for the drug to be injected into Alan’s IV.

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