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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/2/07

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Written By Richard

Remy and Marina walked down the Main Street and on their way they noticed Cyrus standing across the street. He waved over to Marina and smiled.

Dinah and Mallet were in their hotel room enjoying their time together. Someone came to the door and delivered Dinah flowers, and she read the card, they were from Cyrus. The card said to get rid of Mallet. Dinah did not let Mallet know the flowers were from Cyrus.

Ava was getting some things together in the Spaulding House and was going to leave when Alan Michael came in. He asked her to stay, but she was angry at him for lying to her and making a fool out of her. Ava refused to listen to what he had to say to her.

Cassie was in the Courtroom after they took Josh to jail. Cassie was crying and Doris came in. She was happy that Josh was going to jail and she told Cassie that he would be up for murder charges also if Alan dies.

Reva went into Alan's room and she injected him with the drug that she hoped was going to get him out of his coma and tell the truth. Reva talked to Alan and she waited. Just then, someone came in the room and Reva ran and tried to hide from them.

Cassie asked Doris why she wants to see an innocent man go to jail. Doris told her that either Josh or Cassie shot Alan and either way, they were both paying for their crimes. Cassie told Doris that if the truth came out then Doris would be in jail. Doris got on the elevator and left.

Alan Michael made Ava listen to him. Alan Michael told her that if she wanted to be somebody she would stay with Spaulding and keep her job. Ava said that she wanted to quit. Alan Michael said that he would not accept her resignation and that the company couldn't afford to lose her at this time. Alan Michael asked Ava to not hate him for what he has done. Ava said that she didn't hate him, however she could forgive him.

Remy asked Marina how she felt about Cyrus and Marina got flustered when she talked about him. Marina said that he makes her feel like she is not in control and she didn't like to feel that way.

Dinah said to Mallet that she was going to do some work and spend time with her Mother as he went out the door and left for work. Dinah was going to see Cyrus and she didn't want Mallet to find out.

Reva hid outside the room as Alan was again alone is his room. Alan woke up from his coma, and he grabbed a pen and paper he wrote the letter A and he dropped it on the floor. Alan had tried to pick it up and as he got up he noticed that someone was in the room and standing over him.

Doris had lunch with Ava and she told her that Alan Michael seemed to be scared of her. Doris was happy to know that. Ava told her that he asked her to keep her job because he was scared of her.

Dinah and Cyrus met at her hotel room and Dinah had a business proposal for Cyrus.

Cassie and Mallet were at the Diner and Cassie cried over Josh. Mallet tried to comfort her.

Alan woke up from his coma and he found Rick standing over him. He had tried to talk to Rick but he was weak and groggy. He asked about his family and he said he had to get back to help them but before he could say anything, Rick gave him a shot to put him back to sleep. As Rick was leaving he found the bottle of the drug that Reva gave Alan on the floor. Reva came back in to see Alan and she was didn't know why he wasn't awake yet unaware of what had happened before.

Ava and Doris talked about helping each other. Ava called Alan Michael scum and told her that she wants revenge on him. Doris said that he would be in touch. Doris left. Alan Michael was watching from the other table and he and Ava were in on it together from the start.

Reva grabbed Alan and she tried to wake him and as she was in the middle of this, Rick came in and asked her what she was doing. Reva told him that she was upset when Josh went to jail. Rick told Reva that he knew that she gave Alan the drug to wake him up. He told that she could have killed him and that she must have gave him the wrong dose since it wasn't working. Reva believed Rick and she left.

Cassie and Mallet were talking and Cassie had asked Mallet if he could put someone in the prison to look out for Josh.

Dinah asked Cyrus if he would take her business deal and he said no. Cyrus wanted Dinah to steal money for him from her Mother. Dinah refused to do this for him.

Remy and Cyrus talked and Marina walked in and she warned Remy about getting involved with him. Remy said that he didn't hold his past life against him and he left. Marina walked over to Cyrus and he grabbed her in a playful embrace.

Cassie was about to leave and she said goodbye to Mallet as Reva came over to see her. Reva asked her about Josh and then she realized that he was in prison. Cassie said to Reva that she would have done anything to help Josh. Reva was angry and Reva blamed Cassie for Josh going to prison.

Reva argued with Cassie about Josh and she asked her why she didn't stop Josh when he took the blame for Alan's shooting and Cassie said to Reva that she tried to stop him. Reva said that if Cassie knew Josh, she would have been able to tell that he was lying about shooting Alan. Cassie tried to leave, but Reva wouldn't let her and she wanted her to hear her out. Reva told her that she gave Alan the drug and that it didn't help.

Dinah called Cyrus on the phone and she told him that she was going to meet him talk to him about the money. He was happy about that. Dinah told him that she 'hates his guts'.

Alan Michael went into Alan's room and he talked to him as he lie there motionless. Alan Michael looked on the floor and he found the paper that Alan had wrote with the letter A on it. Doris was coming into the room. Alan Michael hid the paper and put it in his pocket before anyone could find it.

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