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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/30/07

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Written By Richard

Gus and Harley waited at their house and they were talking about Josh's sentencing.

Daisy was outside and she watched a video confession of herself saying how she was having feelings for Gus. Gus and Harley came outside and they asked Daisy to go out to the Movies with them.

Josh was waiting for the judge to make a ruling on his sentencing. He noticed that Cassie wasn't there and he looked for her.

Cassie was at the hospital and she demanded that the doctors give Alan a drug to wake him up out of his coma.

Daisy refused to go to the movies with Gus and Harley, she told them that she was going to go out with friends from school. Daisy really wanted to go to the Movies with Gus by herself.

Coop wanted to give Ashlee the job of Manager at the Cafe and she didn't want the job. She couldn't handle the responsibilities.

Daisy went over to the Cafe and she was teased and taunted by two High School Girls. She asked them to stop and leave her alone. They continued to taunt her and when Ashlee tried to help Daisy, they made fun of her as well. Ashlee grabbed the coffee and she threatened to pour the coffee on their new clothes in a bag. The two Girls were scared and they pleaded with her to stop.

Daisy and Ashlee laughed about how Ashlee got the one up on the girls and made them scared for a change. Daisy and Ashlee laughed and had a good talk together. Daisy thanked Ashlee for helping her today.

Doris walked into the hospital room and she found Cassie there and demanded that the doctors get Cassie away from her husband. She had the Police Officer take her out of the room. Doris didn't want the doctors to inject Alan with any drug. Cassie hid outside the door and she took a nurse's uniform and she was wearing that so that she could go back insdie.

Reva sat on the stand and she testified that Josh was a Good man and he shouldn't go to jail. She told the jury that he didn't shoot anyone and that they he was innocent. The Judge had her removed from the stand because she was getting off the topic and she was so emotional. Jeffrey received a text message from Cassie that asked him to stretch out the sentencing. Josh was worried that she was getting herself in trouble.

Gus and Harley talked about Daisy and Harley walked over to her computer to check her computer for a Movie time. Daisy came in and she was angry that Harley would go into her private computer like that. Daisy didn't want Harley to find the Video that she had that said she had feelings for Gus.

Cassie went back into Alan's room and she was going to stick Alan with a needle to wake him out of his coma. Reva came in and stopped her.

Reva grabbed the needle out of her hands and she told Cassie that if she injects Alan and he dies then Josh could go to jail for murder. Reva talked Cassie out of it and she told her Josh chose her for the good and the bad and she needed to be at the Courthouse with him now.

Doris took the stand for Josh's sentencing. She said to everyone that she cared and loved her husband. She told the court that Alan deserved justice for the shooting that put him in a coma. The judge listend as she told him that Alan was in pain.

Daisy and Harley were fighting over her privacy and how Harley didn't respect Daisy. Harley told Daisy that she loved her and she had to respect her in her house. Daisy said to Harley she was glad that they took her other daughter away from her and Harley slapped her.

Harley said that she was sorry for slapping Daisy and Daisy pushed her down. Harley grabbed Daisy and tried to show her tough love and make her hear her. Daisy wouldn't listen and she got angry at Harley and she left.

Coop and Ashlee talked about how hard it was for her in School. He told her that she was a nice girl and she should show her real side to people. Ashlee laughed and joked with him and she asked him out to the Movies. He said to her that he was busy and he couldn't go with her, she was upset. He realized that he hurt her feelings.

The judge handed down his sentence for Josh and he sentenced Josh to 15 Years in a maximum security prison. Cassie came into the Court as soon as the judge said this.

Coop told Ashlee that he was sorry and that he wanted to go to the Movies with her. She was very happy and she went along with him.

Gus came in and he found Harley crying. He told her that she was doing the best that she can with Daisy and it will get better soon.

Daisy made a phone call to Dylan and she asked him to come back for Harley and make her happy.

Cassie ran over as Josh was being taken away and she cried to him that he shouldn't be going to jail. She told him she tried to do something that would help him and it didn't work. He told her to stop and be strong for him and her kids. She said to him that Jeffrey would get it appealed.

Reva went into Alan's room and she took the needle and brought it over to hm. She injected him with the drug and she hoped that he would get up and clear Josh

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