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Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/29/07

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Written By Dani

Cassie reads the headline on the front page of the paper about Josh’s sentencing hearing scheduled for today when she is on her way to visit him before the hearing. Just before being permitted to see Josh Billy comforts her. Josh tells Cassie that he got a call from Jeffery and Alan’s condition has worsened. Josh tells how Cassie how this can effect his sentencing and he probably looking at 20-25 years. Josh calls off their engagement. Cassie is hurt and a little mad. Cassie reminds her engagement ring meant forever, for the rest of their lives not at the convenience of fate. Josh justifies wanting to end their engagement by wanting to prevent pain and suffering for her. Cassie says she is already suffering and getting the boot by her fiancé will only make it worse. Josh accepts her insistence that they will stay engaged and she will fight for him as long as it takes.

Billy visits with Josh after Cassie. He tells Josh that the Lewis jet is fueled and waiting to take Josh, Cassie, and RJ to Venezuela to live with Little Bill and start over. Billy tells Josh not to worry he has already paid off the EMT drivers to take Josh to the tarmac after Josh fakes a heart attack. Billy begs Josh to go but he refuses because he cannot let Billy get in trouble just to save him. Josh gives Billy a laundry list of details to take care of while he is away after Billy begs him to reconsider running. But most importantly Josh asks Billy to tell Cassie it is okay to move on when she falls in love with some one else down the road.

Harley argues with Daisy about riding the bus verses if she had a driver’s license and could drive herself. Harley demands Daisy go upstairs and get dressed. Frank arrives to tell Harley and Gus that Alan’s condition has worsened. Gus sulks about the news of Alan. Daisy listens from the other room as Harley and Gus talk about Alan and Josh’s future. Harley blurts out that if Alan wasn’t only one of two people who knew who shot him she would hope he was dead by lunch. Harley catches herself and apologizes and leaves asking Gus to get Daisy off to school.

Daisy returns to the kitchen refusing to go to school. Daisy reasons that the entire day is going to be devoted to a spirit day and she hates her school and has no spirit so she is going to stay home and do homework. Gus agrees to let her stay home. Daisy asks for help on her AP English homework but Gus isn’t much help. Gus retrieves his attaché from the closet that he used when he worked at Spaulding Enterprises and settles in to think. Daisy offers a listening ear. Gus and Daisy talk about Alan and what kind of man he is and why he is the way he is. Daisy identifies with Gus pointing out that both were adopted by loving families that are passed away now yet no matter how good their adoptive families were they still have a bond with their biological parents they still have. Daisy begins to blast Harley’s mothering skills and Gus defends Harley but agrees to teach Daisy to drive. He tells her it must be a secret then they will surprise Harley.

Harley and Cassie go to the hospital to check on Alan. Harley tells Cassie about a drug called Eldopa that has been known to bring coma patients out of a comatose state but it can be deadly.

Beth finds out she is not pregnant. In the hall Beth asks Rick about Alan. Rick tells her that when Reva detached Alan’s IV his condition went down hill and he may never recover. Beth changes the subject jumping right into the details of Rick and Mel’s divorce. Rick assures her it is for real and that he has already signed the divorce papers. Rick professes his love for her and her unborn baby and still wants to make a life with her. Beth asks if there is somewhere they can be alone before he gets back to seeing patients. They slip into an examination room and have sex. Beth is desperately trying to get pregnant. After their quickie romp in the exam room Rick expresses guilt for do that where he works but is cut short when they run into Harley and Cassie.

Cassie takes Rick aside and asks him about Eldopa. Rick reiterates that Eldopa has been known to give a jolt of consciousness to coma patients but it can be very risky and possibly fatal. Cassie of course doesn’t care she is desperate to free Josh. Cassie plays the sympathy card reminding Rick that the heart he housed in his chest was courtesy of a miracle…. A miracle for him that was tragedy for her. While Cassie and Rick speak, Harley goes after Beth demanding to know where the gun is that is in the study at the Spaulding Mansion. Beth adamantly denies knowing what she is talking about. Rick agrees to talk to the Spauldings about administering a dose of Eldopa. Harley leaves to go home. Cassie listens from around the corner as Beth panics over the possibility of Alan’s death. She begs Rick to do more, anything. Rick just advises her to be prepared for the next step because the chances of Alan recovering are slim.

“Liar!” Cassie bolts after Rick. Cassie confronts Rick about his true desire for Alan not to recover just so he can have Beth all to himself. Cassie questions why when Beth was begging for more to be done why Rick didn’t mention Eldopa. Cassie vows one way or another Alan is going to get a dose of Eldopa if it kills her.

Harley returns home to tell Gus that Alan is still alive and apologizes for attitude towards Alan. Harley’s sympathy for her earlier comment comes to an end when Harley learns Gus did not make Daisy go to school. Upstairs Daisy speaks to her webcam about another “connection” she had with Gus. Daisy no longer feels her feelings for Gus are wrong and confides she doesn’t feel Harley deserves Gus.

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