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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/28/07

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Written By Dani

Lilly is asking Colleen about the sweater she is going to wear to the party for Cane and Amber, Colleen saying that she has not seen the email, try’s to sign onto Daniel computer but can’t, password protected since all the spam Daniel is getting from the porn sites. He unlocks the computer and Colleen signs into her account to see email. Still saying that she had not seen it. Lilly telling Colleen about life size doll that Daniel received.

Lauren setting up party at Athletic Club for Cane and Amber, who walks in wearing a silver coat over a white dress. Catherine and Jill talk about party, Jill advising Catherine not to attend. Lauren has done such a beautiful job decorating when Jill arrives. Cane and Jill discuss everyone being dressed up, dazzling. Cane reveals that he is obsessed with America, pursuing that American dream, Amber agrees that he is pursuing his dream. Amber confesses to seeing Catherine, but she is still not attending, tells Cane that he always wanted a family and now he has one. The Professor and JT show up at the party, Colleen asking who invited them. Amber opens gifts , receiving a red teddy while Cane gets red silk boxers. They also receive tickets to the museum and an IOU from JT for future services. A messenger arrives and Jill signs for an envelope with the DNA results, the just decide to be mom and son and not to open envelope. Catherine arrives and tells them to open the envelope and find out the truth, they are related, Cane is her son!! Amber texts Daniel and asks what type of car does he want.

Brad/Victoria are talking about buying property in Clear Springs. Nikki tells Victoria that she is going to contest Jack for the Senate seat. While Jack, Nick and Victor discuss campaign and polling numbers. Nikki has yet to tell Victor of her intentions to run against Jack, advises Brad not to under estimate her. Brad advises her that Chow will cut her off at the knees. Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis about Nikki’s intentions, be forewarned. Brad and Victoria talk about Nikki’s run , that thick hide is needed for public office, that Nikki is a good business woman bur Victor owns the opposing team and that he will remain neutral , like Switzerland. Brad apologizes to Nikki, Jack over hears this and walks in, asking Nikki who her inspiration was Hillary, that the campaign would be about hair and makeup, who will fund your campaign. Phyllis and Nick discuss Nikki’s news, where does Nick stand, business before family and she in family.

Paul is speaking with Catherine in her office about an investigation that she wants done on Cane’s uncle and his sister’s life in the US, that Jill loathes her for what she ahs done. Paul reminds her that there is no statue of limitations, that she might go to jail if this is pursued. She feels the need to tell the parents of the missing child what happened. Amber arrives to ask Catherine to attend, they talk about late night ice cream purges and all that has been done, Catherine recounting her giving a child away in a drunken stupor, that Amber would fit right in.

Phyllis talks with Brad concerning affair and he should be afraid that Victoria will find out. That there will be a new resolution submitted.

Amber and Daniel talk about Cane, about him being a Chancellor after all, owes Daniel a new car and Daniel tells her that she was in it just for the money.

Jack rides with Victor in elevator and tells him about Nikki’s intentions. She can’t be serious and that Jack has to stop her.

Jack and Phyllis discuss Nikki, that she lives dangerously and that Victor was caught off guard with the news, that Victor wanted him to talk her out of it and Phyllis will stand behind him.

Victor walks in and slams the door, knowing that Jack had told him wishing that he had not. Victor says lack of courage on Nikki’s part not to tell and don’t forget where it is you came from. This is not personal, reconsider, remember we were going to Jack down. Nikki feels that she was wrong about Victor.

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