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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/27/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah awakes to discover her lost bracelet has been returned but it is Cyrus sleeping next to her rather than Mallet. Cyrus turns violent and tells her she owes him. Dinah is startled and awakes for real. She was having a nightmare. Disappointed her bracelet is still missing but relieved it is Mallet next to her. Dinah wakes Mallet and asks him if they can get out of town, just leave and tell no one. Mallet isn’t opposed to it at first but receives a phone call from the governor’s office. Mallet has been offered a job on the Governor’s Crime Committee, he accepts. Dinah is happy for him and knows they cannot make their get-away but she is saddened as she remembers a letter Ross had written Mallet. She breaks down into tears but dries up quickly so she doesn’t ruin Mallet’s moment. Mallet tells her to make sure she wears something that will show off her bracelet to the swearing in tomorrow. Dinah explains that it had a loose clasp and she took it to a jeweler to be fixed. Mallet accepts the explanation and tells her to pick it up so she can wear it tomorrow.

After ditching Marina who is following Cyrus he shows up at Dinah’s suite. Dinah extends the offer to help him make a fresh start but it must be out of Springfield. Cyrus says he wants that for himself but first she must partner with him for one last job before he goes. Cyrus explains how Marina is following him and he cannot retrieve the stolen jewels. Dinah agrees to fetch the hidden jewels. “Do it today, I’ll be gone tomorrow.” he offers and gives her a slip of paper with the location of the jewelry.

Dinah is shocked to discover Cyrus hid the box that contained the jewelry at the police station but gathers it anyway. Just before being free and clear she runs into Mallet who sees the box. Dinah hands it over telling Mallet to dust the jewels inside for Cyrus’ prints and he can send Cyrus back to prison. Cyrus sees Dinah give the box to mallet and is mad.

Buzz and Olivia pack a care package for Josh and discuss their surprise that Josh was found guilty. Ava comes to visit Olivia to ask her why she produced the video tape in open court and humiliated her and Alan Michael. Ava blasts Olivia for doing exactly what everyone else does, trying to run her life. Olivia tells how she only did it to save her from the Spauldings. Ava is still angry but asks for a friend not someone to tell her what to do and storms off. Ava arrives later at Company still hurt but has a good heart to heart with the solid reliable Buzz. Buzz knows Ava is in love with Alan Michael and hints at the fact that it is okay.

Meanwhile Alan Michael holds a conference call to announce “Yes, he was faking paralysis but make no mistake it was a calculated move” Alan Michael assures the board of directors that he is in complete and full control of the Spaulding family and company. After his conference call Alan Michael puts business aside to get his secretary to work on a full blown back ground check on Jeffery, Olivia, and Buzz. After Ava stormed off from CO2, Olivia drops Emma off for a play date with James at the Spaulding mansion then waits in Alan Michael’s room for him. The two exchange a couple of snide remarks but Olivia gets right to her point. Olivia tries to appeal to Alan Michael’s decent side she asks him to stay away from Ava because she doesn’t have the survival skills that Olivia and Alan Michael have to combat the chaos that always ensues any relationship with a Spaulding. Alan Michael refuses and swears he will get her back.

Alan Michael locates Ava when she leaves Company. Ava doesn’t want to listen but he gets her attention when Alan Michael tells her Olivia came to see him. Ava still doesn’t want to hear what he says. Alan Michael vows his love for her and says he will hunt her down and win her back if she tries to run from her feelings and what they could have.

Olivia arrives at Company frustrated her meeting with Alan Michael did not go in her favor. Olivia knows she must fight dirty to help her daughter. She asks Buzz if he will stick by her if the situation turns ruthless and he assures her he will and will help her if need be. Olivia begins to realize she is developing normal kind emotions unlike anything she has experienced in her past.

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