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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/23/07

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Written By Richard

Alan Michael ran downstairs as a man wheeled Alan into the house. Reva came up behind them, and she went into the Spaulding House without them seeing her.

Billy found Josh jogging on the Main Street and he tried to talk him out of confessing to the shooting. Josh got angry at him because he didn't want anyone to hear him say that he wasn't guilty. Josh wanted to make sure that he protected Cassie from going to trial.

Harley talked with Frank about the case against Josh, and she told him that she was trying to get info out of Lizzie.

As Harley walked away, she found Lizzie walking toward her. She stopped her and asked her about the gun that was found in the Spaulding house. Lizzie did not want to say anything to her.

Jeffrey and Josh and Cassie arrived at the Courthouse for Josh's trial. Josh wanted Jeffrey to put him on the stand, but Jeffrey wasn't so sure that would work. Billy and Cassie told Josh about the plan to put themselves on the stand and take the heat off of Josh. Josh was upset that they came up with this idea and he guessed that it was Reva who came up with the idea.

Jeffrey tried to tell Josh that this was a good idea that can help him. Josh told them that he didn't want Cassie to put herself up there if it hurts her. Josh agreed to go with the plan as long they only put Billy or Reva up on the stand. Josh told Jeffrey not to put Cassie up on the stand. Jeffrey and Billy agreed with him.

Harley asked Lizzie why she came forward about the gun in the Spaulding house. Lizzie said to her that she wouldn't feel right if Josh ends up in jail for something he didn't do. Harley asked Lizzie to give her permission to search her house. Lizzie was upset that she would suggest the idea because her family would be upset with her.

Reva looked through the house while Alan Michael found Alan in the house. Alan Michael realized that his father was unconscious and he was upset with Reva for sneaking him out of his room and into his house in the condition that he was in. Alan Michael found Reva in his room and he told her he would call the cops and have her arrested.

Jeffrey, Billy, Josh and Cassie walked into the Courtroom. The trial against Josh was about to start.

The D.A. started and made the case that Josh shot Alan and was guilty. He made a point that Josh had confessed to the shooting and he was going to prove that he intended to shoot Alan. He called Frank to the stand. As Josh and Cassie sat there and listened.

Harley and Lizzie arrived at the Spaulding home and Harley thanked Lizzie for allowing her to search the house. Harley told Lizzie that she was doing the right thing. Lizzie was upset that her family would be angry with her and she told her that it was very had for her. Harley went inside and she saw Alan Michael and he told her about what Reva did with Alan. Reva tried to explain what she did to Harley. Harley asked Reva to come with her and they walked away from Alan Michael. Harley talked Reva and Alan Michael told Harley to arrest Reva for what she did.

Lizzie walked into the other room and she found Alan there in the wheelchair. She was upset when she saw him and she screamed.

The D.A. questioned Frank and he Frank made the case that Josh did shoot Alan and he confessed to it. Jeffrey had a chance to talk to Frank and he got him to admit that Josh confessed with no attorney in the room with him. Jeffrey cited a case that showed that Josh should have had a lawyer present. The judge agreed with Jeffrey and Josh's confession was thrown out. Josh and Cassie were very happy.

Jeffrey confronted the D.A. and he told him that without Josh's confession their case is not going anywhere. He asked him to drop the case. The D.A. said that he would consider it. Josh went to restroom and the D.A. confronted him in the hallway. He said to him that if Josh walks away from this, he would go after Cassie for shooting Alan.

Harley told Alan Michael that she was going to search the house. Alan Michael told her that she didn't have his permission to search the house but Harley told him that she has someone else word that she could search the house. Harley asked him what he did with the gun, and Alan Michael told her to get out and he out to call his lawyer.

Lizzie made sure that she brought Alan back to the hospital and she told the nurse to make sure that he was alright. Lizzie said to an unconscious Alan to wake up soon and get better and she wanted him to make up for the things that he did to Cassie. She kissed her Grandfather and she went outside the room.

Reva came and saw Jeffrey, Josh, and Cassie outside the Courtroom and she walked over to talk to them. Cassie told Reva the great idea that Jeffrey came up with in the Courtroom and got Josh's confession thrown out. Reva was happy for Josh. They all headed to the Courtroom and Josh and Reva stayed behind for awhile. Josh asked Reva if she loved him/ Reva asked him to repeat the question. Josh asked Reva if she loved him again. Reva was stunned that he would ask this.

Reva said to Josh that she loved him. Reva wanted to know why he is asking her this. Josh said to Reva if she gets on the stand to make him look guilty. He was afraid that if he goes free then the D.A. would arrest Cassie. Reva didn't want to go along with him.

Harley came across the book in the house where the gun once was. She asked Alan Michael where the gun was and he told her that he didn't know what she was trying to get at. She told him that she would be back with a warrant to search the house. Harley left. Alan Michael walked out of the room and he saw Lizzie and he asked her if she had any heart to heart talks with Reva.

Josh and Reva talked about some fun times that they had together. Reva said to Josh that she hid her cancer from him and she gave him up to be with her sister so he would have a good life. Reva begged him not to go to jail for a crime he didn't have anything to do with. Josh asked her to help him when she got on the stand.

Josh went into the Courtroom and he kissed Cassie and he sat down. Jeffrey asked the judge to drop the case against Josh one more time.

Alan Michael asked Lizzie to keep quiet about anything that could hurt the Spaulding family. Alan Michael told Lizzie to keep quiet about the gun and stay by her family. Lizzie wasn't sure what to do.

After Jeffrey asked the judge to drop the case, the judge refused to drop the case. Jeffrey had to go and call his next witness to the stand and he called Reva. Reva went to the stand and swore herself in as Josh looked at her and hoped that she would do what he asked her to do for him while she was up there.

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