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Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/22/07

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Written By Dani

Alan flutters in and out of consciousness but a nurse injects a sedative into his IV knocking him back out. Lizzie arrives to let Alan know Josh will stand trial for the shooting. Lizzie admits she should feel relieved but doesn’t. Alan Michael is in the study at the mansion checking to ensure the gun is still there. Lizzie sees, through a crack in the door, the gun lying on top of the book that has been housing the gun while Beth is seductively whispering to Alan Michael about the secrets they each keep. Neither Alan Michael or Beth believes the other is not the one who planted or hid the gun . Ava startles Lizzie in the hall asking if she has seen Alan Michael. Lizzie gives a quick sharp answer but stalls making small talk with Ava when she moves to enter the study. Ava doesn’t have time or desire to talk with Lizzie and enters anyway. Beth is massaging Alan Michael’s shoulders and without being prompted offers “ He had a knot.” Lizzie interjects “I’ll bet he did. It’s hard work protecting the family”, mocking what she had just overheard Alan Michael tell Beth as to his reasons for secrets and deceit.

Lizzie lurks outside Company remembering what she just saw and overheard at the mansion when she over hears Reva on the phone with Josh. Lizzie tells Reva she feels so sorry and responsible for everything. Reva and Lizzie talk about true love and family. Reva tells Lizzie she was a good person to have it in her to love someone as much as she loved Jonathan and it wasn’t her fault Jonathan loved Tammy more. Lizzie tells Reva she knows where Josh’s gun is. Reva is stunned but moves in and clarifies what Lizzie just said. Lizzie describes the gun and Reva knows it’s H.B.’s gun. Lizzie immediately regrets telling Reva when she begins to get excited. Reva tells Lizzie if she has helped get to the truth she has done the right thing . Reva is proud of Lizzie and tells her so but Lizzie is concerned about what she has done.

Beth runs into Lizzie after she returns home. Lizzie is visibly upset and disturbed. Beth asks in a panic “Lizzie, what did you do? Tell me what is going on.” Lizzie doesn’t feel she can tell Beth because Beth will hate her for going against the family. Lizzie is filled with more and more regret with every minute that passes. Beth vows she will protect Lizzie no matter what it takes.

Alan Michael and Ava make a date to meet in his room later to make up for the date they missed the night of Ashley’s party. Alan Michael goes upstairs to set up a romantic atmosphere lighting candles and chilling a bottle of champagne. Beth walks in wearing a black nighty and covers his eyes. They kiss wildly before Alan Michael realizes she is not Ava. While Beth is upstairs seducing Alan Michael Lizzie and Ava talk when Ava asks Lizzie if she remembered when Olivia lived in the house. This question being prompted by a comment Beth made towards Ava in the hall earlier. Beth informed Ava rumors were flying around Spaulding about her relationship with Alan Michael. Beth told Ava she was making a joke of herself by chasing after Alan Michael. Beth full of confidence tells Ava not to worry “maybe you will be lucky and will turn out just like your mother”. “How could I forget she made this house a living hell.” Lizzie answers. “I’m not like her.” Ava states sweetly. Lizzie has a moment and drops her attitude and turns to Ava with “I’m not like mine ,either”

Gus is putting a digital photo album together for Daisy as a surprise but Daisy walks in and sees. Remembering the “kiss” they shared Daisy takes this as one more thing to fuel her crush on Gus. Gus and Harley have to get to work and Daisy is anxious to jump right in and be the armature detective and help out just as she had when she stole Alan’s chart for Gus. Harley thinks it would be better for Daisy to do school work but both ideas are set aside when Gus tells Daisy he has a fun plan for her. Daisy is excited to think the plan is with her but Gus has arranged for Daisy to spend the afternoon with her grandfathers, Buzz and Billy.

Buzz and Billy playfully argue with Daisy about what to do with their afternoon together. Billy votes a John Wayne movie and Buzz’s vote is for bowling. Daisy takes charge and has them take her shopping instead. All have a good afternoon. Daisy loves the unconditional love and attention .

With Daisy taken care and being monitored Gus blindfolds Harley and takes her to the Beacon for a romantic evening but Harley spoils the mood by bringing up Sydney and daisy. Gus tells her she just needs to chill and wait this out. Harley finally gives in and they make love. Harley’s phone rings and it is Billy who asks Harley if she will reconsider and let Daisy get her driver’s license even offering to buy Daisy a car if money is what the problem is. Harley adamantly refuses to even think about it. While Billy is on the phone Buzz gives Daisy a pair of Nickleback concert tickets. Daisy has hopes Gus will attend the concert with her although Buzz thinks she wants to take a young guy from school. While Buzz had gone to get everyone ice cream Billy gives daisy a bracelet he had seen her looking at earlier. Both grandfathers give Daisy sound loving advice that she acts like she wants to take and accept. Buzz phones Harley interrupting her and Gus’ afternoon once more. Buzz doesn’t get one word out before Harley snaps “I said NO!” and hangs up on him. Gus is frustrated and sees this was a waste of effort and calls an end to their afternoon. When he swings open the door a frantic Reva is on the other side who moves past Gus and goes right to Harley’s side. Gus doesn’t stick around to here the issue assuming it is about Daisy. “I know where Josh’s gun is. It is at the Spaulding Mansion.” Harley is stunned but gets on her cell right away to get a search warrant. The warrant is delayed because the judge is at lunch but Harley is on the case.

Harley and Gus meet at Company where she tells him what Reva revealed. After grabbing a bite to eat Gus is going to talk to Lizzie and Harley will continue to work on getting the search warrant. The thought of someone in Gus’ own family depresses him. Daisy is jealous when she sees Harley and Gus embracing. When Daisy joins Gus and Harley over a working lunch she is hurt when she is ignored because both are on their cell phones working as fast as they can to clear this case up.

Reva sneaks into Alan’s hospital room, leans over and says “I will not let you or your screwed up family take Josh away.” On the stoop of the Spaulding mansion Alan sits , still comatose, in a wheelchair wearing an overcoat and sunglasses. Reva rings the bell and hides in the bushes whispering to herself “Alan you are going to be my ticket into that house and Josh’s ticket out of prison.”

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