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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/21/07

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Written By Dani

“In Time”

Josh silently struggles about his life in his cell and is paid a visit by a priest, who later we learn is the Reverend Rutledge. They discuss his plea bargain. Josh tell him he has written everyone he loves letters. The reverend tells Josh a biblical story to give him hope. Josh asks Reverend Rutledge to go to the DA and ask her to speak with her.

Cassie tries to do housework to keep her mind off Josh but it isn’t helping. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door and a very joyful Josh appears. He has been given one night with his family be fore he accepts his plea and is transferred to prison.

In a chef’s hat and oven mitts Cassie and Josh play in the kitchen like a loving couple. While dinner cooks Josh helps RJ with his homework and plays video games with him and Cassie. While they are playing their dinner burns so Josh takes Cassie and RJ out for burgers. At dinner RJ becomes upset when he finds out that Josh could have fought and taken a chance to prove he is innocent.

RJ walks away sulking and writes 730 in some wet cement. When Josh and Cassie catch him writing in the cement RJ tells them that it is to represent how many days Josh will be gone. Josh stomps his foot in the middle of the 730. Cassie and RJ do the same. The three stand united and say they will march right through those 730 days.

At home Josh asks RJ to help take care of Cassie and cheer her up from time to time. After RJ falls asleep Cassie thanks Josh because she thinks he is just doing this to protect her and she is the real shooter. Josh tells Cassie of his visit from the Reverend who reminded Josh no one is alone. Cassie takes comfort and asks Josh to make love to her.

Before leaving for the hearing RJ and Cassie sadly shift food around on their plate and won’t eat. RJ worries that the “bad guys in prison” will hurt Josh. Josh tells RJ they won’t because he is going to be nice to them . When they arrive at the courthouse Jeffery takes Josh aside and questions him on how he persuaded Doris to let Josh have one night of freedom. Josh smiles and says his father “taught him the art of a good bluff” Reva and Billy show up to offer their support though both are against Josh accepting the plea.

Shane calls Reva’s phone to speak with Josh who becomes flustered when the signal is bad and what he can make out from what his son is saying Shane is also against Josh taking the plea bargain. Reva begs Josh to not make this mistake. Reva begins to cry and they share a tender moment. Inside the courtroom Josh says his final good-bye’s to everyone.

Just as the judge begins proceedings a court officer walks in with a note for the prosecutor. The A.D.A asks for a continuance due to new evidence has come to light. Doris pulls the two year deal off the table but is still willing to offer a deal….. 10 years minimum. The new evidence is a ballistics report that indicated that Alan was shot from no less than seven feet away. Though disappointed Josh still agrees to take the ten years. Cassie is very upset. Josh and Billy sit alone while waiting for court to resume. Billy tries to appeal to Josh’s inner-man and ego by bringing up H.B. and that the Lewis’ are fighters. A Lewis man has never walked away from a fight especially if it was over doing the right thing. Josh still doesn’t waiver.

Court resumed and when the judge asked Josh if he accepted the new plea agreement Josh looked deep into the faces of his family members. Josh refuses the deal and proudly proclaims he comes from a long line of fighters who have always tried their best to do the right thing. Josh asks the judge if he thinks it’s right that a man spend 10 years in prison for defending himself. The judge does not play along and asks firmly “Mr. Lewis do you accept the terms of the plea agreement?” Josh glances again at his loved ones and refused to accept the deal vowing to clear his name and go home to his family. Cassie, Reva, Billy, RJ , and Jeffery clap and yell in excitement. Josh is released on bail to await trial.

Josh and Cassie return to the farm to meet Reva, Billy, and Jeffery who were there with pizzas to celebrate. When Josh offers to walk RJ up and tuck him in he stops and removes the watch that has been haunting throughout the episode. Josh tucks it away. Reva, Billy, and Cassie discuss with Jeffery the new defense because self-defense would be out the window. Josh’s ex-wife, wife-to-be, and brother agree the best approach would be to present reasonable doubt. The trio decide each will testify and imply they were the ones who shot Alan presenting a huge cloud of reasonable doubt. The mood is solemn.

Josh returns and everyone’s spirits are lifted and they get back to celebrating. While inside the quaint farmhouse there was an air of joy outside loomed an ominous individual who peered in the window at the happy family.

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