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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/20/07

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Written By Dani

Reva arrives at Cedar’s to pick up a prescription and complains about Josh’s legal predicament on her cell phone. After hanging up she becomes visibly upset . Daisy comes upon Reva while she makes her rounds as a candy striper. Daisy comforts her grandmother and Reva is immediately raises Reva’s spirits. Before Daisy resumes her work Reva gives her a photo album of family photos. Reva asks Daisy to keep there little run in to herself.

While Daisy talks with Daisy down the hall Harley and Gus watch Alan and try to figure out if Alan is faking. Harley’s solution is to stab the comatose Spaulding with a sharp object she pulls from her purse exclaiming “there’s only one way to find out!” Gus stops her before she can do any harm but Harley trades the sharp nail file for a key that is dull. Before exiting the room Harley jabs Alan who does not respond. Just outside Alan’s room Gus and Harley run into Daisy pushing a cart of flowers to be delivered to patients. Daisy still will not speak directly to Harley using Gus as a translator. Daisy begins to complain rambling on about how unfair Harley is while digging around in her purse. She accidentally drops the photo album Reva gave Daisy earlier. Harley asks why Reva gave the family photos to Daisy and she replied with “you know. With all that is going on, she wanted me to know I am loved.” Harley becomes agitated . Daisy defends Reva’s comment. Harley asks Daisy to just put this behind them and go somewhere and talk but Daisy declines using her candy striping as an excuse. Harley storms out leaving Gus behind.

Gus talks aloud to Alan about parenting. He runs into Daisy again in the hall. Daisy is sneaking out in street clothes. Gus comes down on Daisy for lying to Harley…again. Gus’ prodding makes Daisy giggle, he takes this light hearted opportunity to plead Harley’s case as a concerned mother. While Gus talks Daisy is flipping through the photo album and realizes she is not in any of the photos. Daisy becomes irritated and a little angered because she doesn’t feel she is a part of ANY family. Gus takes her in his arms and comforts her. Once Daisy is calmed he goes to kiss her on the cheek but Daisy moved on purpose to land a kiss square on the lips. Gus sees the incident as an accident and thinks nothing of it.

Harley sits sadly looking at her children’s photos at Company. Reva walks in and sits with Harley who expresses her remorse over Josh. While they talked Reva let it slip that daisy would “officially” start her job tomorrow. Harley is crushed because Daisy had lied about having to work just to avoid having to spend an afternoon with Harley. Reva jokingly asks Harley if she can buy her a drink. Reva gets into a secret stash of booze Buzz had hidden behind the counter. They drink a couple of shots and the conversation heads back into friendly territory until Harley mentions Jonathan. Reva tears up but advises Harley “don’t ever give up. Keep pushing and pushing and pushing everyday.” Harley and Reva’s bonding over their estranged children is cut short and escalates into an argument.

Marina catches Cyrus riffling through Dinah’s jewelry box and draws down on him. Cyrus smooth talks his way closer to Marina who is mesmerized by him. Cyrus backs off with the sweet talk when Marina comes out of her trance like state and reminds him she was holding a gun on him. Cyrus threw his hands in the air, and says “I’m ready for my handcuffs now, Marina.” flirting with her more.

Mallet and Dinah are on Main Street talking with Remy when Mallet gets a call from Frank who is looking for Remy. Mallet relays the message and heads back to the hotel with Dinah as Remy goes to the police department.

Remy arrives at the station to speak with Frank who wants to offer Remy his job back. Before hearing Frank through Remy blurts out “Keep it!” Frank tries to change his mind but Remy is disgusted by the way he was treated by the Criminal Justice system and the entire Tammy case. Frank defends the department’s handling of the investigation and prosecution of Tammy.

Dinah and Mallet return to the Beacon to discover their room has been disturbed. Dinah plays it off saying it was probably housekeeping but Mallet wants to take it more seriously. Finally Mallet lets it go. While kissing Dinah a knock at the door reveals Marina with a handcuffed Cyrus “Does this belong to you?” Marina asks but continues before Dinah can reply. She explains how she caught him in their room and was going to arrest him but he kept babbling on about how he knew Dinah. At first Dinah denied knowing him until Mallet recognized him from the INTERPOL alert they had received at the station. After mallet said his name Dinah exclaims with joy “Cyrus! Oh my God…” Dinah goes on and on admiring him telling him he looks different but great so much so she didn’t recognize him . Mallet invites the conversation into the room to get out of the hall. Inside Dinah is truthful about her past with Cyrus. When Dinah fesses up to having a shady past that involved Cyrus Marina puts the connection of the “smiley face” calling card together with Dinah’s file and the jewelry store robbery. Mallet gets right to the point jumping into Cyrus’ face demanding “What do you want?” Cyrus confidently replies “Your girlfriend.” Cyrus quickly moves to Dinah’s side and innocently proclaims that he is harmless, he just wants to turn over a new leaf like Dinah his old partner did. Cyrus continues stating he wants a job at the TV station.

Marina offers up a quick solution if Cyrus was serious about “cleaning up his act”. Marina leads Cyrus out of the room with the promise of lawful employment. Alone, Mallet confronts Dinah stating he doesn’t think it was a surprise to her when she saw Cyrus. Dinah didn’t deny it. Mallet yells at her for a bit but tells her he is not mad at her if she “can tell him she is through with the guy?” While Mallet holds her and kisses her on top of the head his phone rings. Mallet steps away to take the call and while Dinah waits for his return she notices that the bracelet Mallet gave her (on yesterday’s episode) was gone.

Marina brings Cyrus to the police station and puts a broom in his hand. Marina informs Cyrus that the janitor quit last week and this works out well for everyone. He has a job and there are plenty of cops around to keep an eye on him. Marina leaves Cyrus to begin his work joking “he had better roll his sleeves up it can be dirty work.” Cyrus followed the order to reveal he had Dinah’s bracelet on his wrist.

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