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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/19/07

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Written By Richard

Dinah was nervous about going in to see her Mother. Cyrus showed up and he waited with Dinah as she knocked on the door. Her Mother opened the door and she was not happy to see Cyrus. She was with Matt and she told him if Cyrus gets out of line to shoot him.

Mallet talked Marina into dropping the investigation about Cyrus. Marina would not listen to him. Mallet asked her to work with him and find out who really shot Alan. Marina was thinking about Cyrus and who he was.

Gus and Harley walked into the hospital to see Alan. Gus asked Rick when Alan opened up his eyes and if he was doing better. Rick said that it was a reaction to someone being in the room with him and that's all it was. Rick downplayed the possibility that he was going to be getting better.

Cassie was with R.J. and she was crying for Josh. R.J. asked her if Josh was coming back.

Josh was in the Police Room and Buzz came in, he told Josh to come clean and not to go to jail for something that he didn't do. Josh told him that he had to go to jail to keep the people he loved safe.

Josh talked to Buzz about taking the plea deal, he said that he had to make sure that Cassie knows that he would be doing this for her. He asked Buzz to help him with something.

Cassie told R.J. that she was sad because she missed Tammy. R.j. saw through her and he knew she was crying for Josh. R.J. told her that Josh had to come back with them. R.J. told Cassie to talk to Josh and tell him not to leave them. Cassie left the house and told R.J. that she had to take care of something. R.J. knew that she was leaving to see Josh.

Gus told Rick that he wanted to know what happen when Alan opened up his eyes. Rick couldn't give him any information. Gus and Harley ran into Daisy at the hospital and they saw her in her Candy Strip er outfit. Daisy was not too happy to have Harley see her like that, and she made a couple of cute jokes and walked out of the room.

Mallet said to Marina that he wanted to be a good boyfriend to Dinah. He asked her what to get her and she told him to get jewelry. So, they both left the Police Station to check out the jewelry store.

Cyrus told Vanessa that he has changed and that he has paid his debt to society. Vanessa didn't believe a word that he was saying. Cyrus said to her that he hoped to regain her trust and he knew that it would take a long time for them to forgive him.

Cyrus asked them not to judge him, and try to forgive him. Cyrus told them that he apologized to Dinah and she understands and he wants them to forgive him too. Cyrus told Matt that he had a business idea and he wanted Vanessa and Matt to help him with it. They didn't want to listen to what he had to say.

Mallet and Marina stood in front of the jewelry store and Marina told him about the jewel thief and what they should do to find him. Mallet didn't want anything to do with the case. He said to her that they should be focused on Alan's shooting. Marina waited until Mallet left and she checked the security camera outside the jewelry store.

Gus and Harley ran after Daisy and he told her to show respect for Harley. Daisy said that she would live in the house but she didn't forgive Harley for putting her in jail. Harley tried to talk nice to her and told her that she was hard on her but she loved her, and then she left. Gus told Daisy that she had to try and be nice to Harley. He told her that Harley loved her and she wanted the best for her daughter. However, Daisy didn't think that Harley loved her

Josh was waiting in the Police Room and then Cassie came in to see him. Josh hugged her and he gave her a ring. He told her that he loved her more then anything and that he was giving her this ring so she would look at it and think about him. Cassie was so happy and she took the ring as a sign that Josh wasn't going to take the plea deal and he was going to fight for his life. Josh told Cassie to look at the inscription on the ring , and it said 2009. Cassie knew that this meant that Josh was going to go to jail for two years and she wasn't happy that he was going to give up two years.

Cyrus said to Matt that he thought that he was more open to sharing the wealth that he had to offer them. Matt told him that he had to prove himself to them before he would ever think of going into business with them. Dinah and Cyrus left and Cyrus asked her to do this again sometime. Dinah didn't like having to spend time with Cyrus and she left. Cyrus had plans to break into Dinah's Apartment.

Harley asked Buzz why it was so tough to deal with Daisy and Buzz told her that she was her teenage daughter. What did she expect? Buzz asked her who she thought of when she looks at Daisy and Harley said, herself.

Daisy told Gus that she was not like her Mother at all and that she didn't understand why her Mother treated her so awful. Gus told Daisy that Harley got into some trouble when she was her age and she doesn't want to see something bad happen to her because she loves her. Daisy tried to understand and she asked Gus if he needed her to do anything for him. She heard him talking about trying to find information on Alan's condition. He said to her to just do a good job, and that would make him happy.

Cassie took Josh's ring and he told her to wait for him. As he was putting it on her hand, R.J. walked in and he begged Josh to not go away to jail.

Josh said to R.J. that sometimes people have to do things they don't want to but it's what is right. Josh told R.J. he would email him every day when he was in jail and he would talk to him as much as he can. R.J. hugged Josh and he cried, and Josh told him that it was going to be OK and he cried as well.

Daisy went and she got Alan's medical chart and she came and brought it to Gus. Gus was upset that she may have got in trouble for getting the chart but he was happy to finally see it. Daisy was happy that she made Gus happy, and she said to him that they made a good team.

Harley talked with Rick at the diner, and Rick told her that Beth was pregnant. Harley was surprised to hear that and she asked him if it was Rick's. Rick said that it was Alan's and he talked to her as if he was interested in more of a relationship with Beth.

Gus called Harley and she told him that Alan did open his eyes and they gave him a sedative to put him back to sleep. Harley asked him who gave him it and Gus told her that Rick gave it to him.

Mallet gave Dinah the gift that he brought for her at the jewelry store and she was excited that he got something for her. She told him that she loved it. Dinah told Rick that she was not sure if she had changed enough for him.

Cyrus was going to break into Dinah's apartment and Marina stopped him. She stood behind him and she had a gun pointed at his head.

Mallet told Dinah that he didn't want her to change for him and that he loved her the way that she was. Dinah cried with tears of joy and she told Mallet that she loved him too.

Gus and Daisy came into Buzz's diner and Gus told Buzz to give her whatever she wanted and that it was on him. Gus told Harley that Daisy got the job at the hospital. Daisy told Harley that she helped Gus get the chart on Alan and Harley was upset that she stole it. Harley tried to pretend that she thought it was cool and that Daisy was just like her. Buzz told her Harley that it was true, Daisy was just like her. Harley told Gus that she talked with Rick today and she thought that he wanted something more with Beth and she thought that Alan was standing in his way.

Josh told Cassie and R.J. that they would see him again very soon. Josh tried to laugh and make fun of himself with Cassie and R.J. and he said to them that they would not miss some of the annoying things that he does like hogging the popcorn and singing in the shower. Cassie and R.J. laughed through tears and they hugged Josh and they said goodbye to him. Josh said to them that it was going to be alright and they left. After they went out the door, Josh questioned if he was doing the right thing and he had tears in his eyes.

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