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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/14/07

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Written By Dani

“Birthday” : Ashley, Coop, Lizzie, Doris, Alex, Ava, Alan-Michael, Beth and Rick

All dressed up with Moxie in tow Ashley is the first to arrive at her birthday party , running into Coop as he is leaving Company. Ashley asks Coop to stay for the party but he declines saying he doesn’t like “those people” referring to the country club and rich crowd.

Beth enters the study in a low cut smart black dress and softly kisses Alan-Michael on the lips the invites him to her room later tonight to celebrate that they are a good team. Alan-Michael declines and Beth drops the seductive act right away inquiring “Why? Because you are in love with Ava?” Then continues accuses Alan-Michael of coming onto her since he returned to town. Alan-Michael doesn’t deny there was some harmless flirting but there was nothing more than that.

Alone at Company Ashley is wowed as she reads the high profile names on the place cards. She admits to Moxie that she does want to be friends with these people.

Lizzie visits with Alan rather than attend Ashley’s party. Lizzie reveals to Alan’s still comatose body that she did not send out the invitations and the party was going to be a bust. Lizzie defends this vicious act (though nobody was questioning her motive) by claiming to use this party to show Doris, Ashley, and everyone that Spauldings will do anything to protect Spauldings.

Ashley still awaits the arrival of her guest, specifically Lizzie. Doris shows up to spoil Lizzie’s private time she was spending with Alan. The two begin to argue. Lizzie calls Doris out on the fact that she is not Alan’s wife but his blackmailer. Doris doesn’t quite understand why Lizzie is angry , she thought Lizzie’s help with the party was her way of coming around to accepting Doris and Ashley. Lizzie tells Doris she will never accept her because she and Ashley moved into her house and danced on the grave of Sarah. Doris recognizes that Lizzie is upset and tries to calm her by saying that in times like this she has found that it helps to ask herself “What would Alan do?” Before she can elaborate or Lizzie can answer Alex jokes from the doorway that with that attitude it won’t be long before she has a bullet lodged in a vital organ. “We could only be so lucky” as Alex saunters into the room to be by Lizzie’s side.

Beth is just arriving to Ashley’s party but is cut off by Rick. Rick tells Beth that he asked Mel for a divorce and he wants her to be his future. Flabbergasted Beth tries to use her “pregnancy” as an excuse but Rick doesn’t care. Beth leaves Company without going inside and Rick follows. Inside Ashley hears voices and comes outside excited to meet her first guests but is disappointed to see there isn’t anyone there. While she continues to wait she wonders aloud if the people who were invited hated her. Beth takes Rick to the hotel room they once shared during their affair. Inside the room Beth is anxious to get Rick into bed but Rick is now less enthusiastic as he was back at Company. Beth’s sudden change of heart puzzles Rick but they jump right into bed.

Doris now demands the respect she thinks she deserves from Alex and Lizzie. Lizzie leaves the room providing Alex the opportunity to tell Doris all that she knows about her past of poverty and struggle; never gaining the respect she “felt she was owed”. Alex relayed her information in a sly cool tone adding to the slickness of Alex’s next move. Doris knows she finally met her match tries to change the subject by stating that it is time for them to go, referring to Ashley’s party. Alex firmly states she isn’t going she has something much more important to do. Shocked Doris reminds Alex “Ashley is a Spaulding now.” Alex unfazed by the self accusation let’s Doris in on her plans to meet with the Spaulding board and lawyers to keep Doris out of the business and house!

Ava walks in on Alan-Michael who is standing. Thrilled Ava runs to hug Alan-Michael “Oh my God you can walk now!” Startled at first Alan-Michael catches on and plays along claiming he wanted to surprise her. Something about the way Alan-Michael was acting tipped Ava off that he had been lying all along. Enraged Ava leaves but not before noticing he had lied and pretended to get her to feel sorry for him and get her to move into the mansion just so he could be near her.

Lizzie drops by CO2 for a latte rather than attend Ashley’s party. Coop immediately knows Lizzie did something to spoil the party by the casual way she was dressed. Lizzie fesses up that she didn’t think Ashley deserved the party and she didn’t feel any regret. Coop, upset at what Lizzie did, sits her down and kindly defends Ashley pointing out that Ashley is not the bad guy. Coop tries to appeal to Lizzie’s heart by asking her to be better…. “for Sarah”. Knowing Ashley will be hurt and alone Coop rushes to help her in any way he can. Just before going inside Ava stops him visible upset and crying. Ava admits Coop had been right all along about Alan-Michael really being able to walk, about Alan-Michael lying and being manipulative just to get what he wanted. Then Ava pulls herself together and asks Coop if she can take everything back and they can get back to what they were together. Sorry for Ava Coop tries to comfort her but objectively explains he doesn’t think Ava is over Alan-Michael but right now he had to go inside and help someone who is really in trouble.

Coop enters under the pretext that he was going to be in and out he had just forgot something. Ashley concedes that the party never was so she was going to go ahead and cut the cake. Coop stays to share cake and laughs with Ashley while playing with Moxie. Ashley admits that when she was little and her mother was in school they lived in a trailer. Coop sweetly and honestly tells her there is nothing wrong with that. They start slamming on the Spaulding clan laughing loudly and having a good time. In the middle of their joking on high society Ashley reveals that she knows she has her faults but she really likes herself. She went on to explain how she knows who and what she is and she is happy with herself but she does wish other people saw her the way she saw herself, especially her mother. When the laughing resumes and they decide to have another piece of cake Lizzie peers in the window and is saddened.

Ava’s next stop was main street where she sat on a bench to collect her thoughts. Alex on her way to the board meeting takes a moment to sit and speak with the Ava that had obviously been crying. Alex asks about Alan-Michael’s whereabouts and Ava claims she doesn’t care if she ever sees Alan-Michael again because he is a liar. The matronly Alex defends her nephew pointing out that he is capable of love; she has seen it before and she was sure she was seeing it now. This was a nice moment for Alex who is a pit-bull after those her try to hurt her family, and she isn’t blind to everyone’s faults but she is tender too. Alex is the true leader and matriarch of the Spauldings.

While Rick is in the bathroom Beth lays upside down on the bed pleading “Come on little swimmers, swim where you need to go.” Rick returns and Beth impatiently attacks him for another round of sex.

Ava returns to the mansion where Alan-Michael was back in his wheelchair. She apologizes for jumping to conclusions if that is what she did. Alan-Michael denies that he was lying , sticking to the fact that he had wanted to surprise her later tonight after the party. Ava still hurt she puts her doubts aside and passionately kisses Alan-Michael.

Instead of attending her daughter’s party Doris waited at CO2 for Alex to pass after her meeting. Doris phoned claiming she was running behind but just got Ashley’s voicemail. Doris corners a very satisfied Alex; asking how her meeting went. Not giving too much away Alex told Doris it went well but for not to worry she’ll be hearing about it. Walking away from Doris, Alex is warned that she will be sorry. Assured with herself Alex accepts the fate Doris is threatening by stating “I don’t think so” without even turning to look at her aggressor.

After having sex with Rick again Beth runs straight to Alan’s bedside taking his hand and in an almost whisper tells Alan “We belong together .” She promises when he comes back everything will be different and better.” With that said Beth leaves and Alan’s eyelids flutter and finally open.

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