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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/13/07

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Written By Dani

Jeffery visits Cassie at the farm per Josh’s insistence that he check on Cassie. Cassie immediately starts in trying to convince Jeffery Josh is innocent.

Alan-Michael locks the door to the study and leaves his wheelchair to go check the hollow book on the book shelf that hold a pistol. Ava knocks at the door and Alan-Michael rushes back to his chair and tells her he was doing exercises and didn’t want the maid to walk in on him. Ava asks Alan Michael if he had heard about Josh’s confession.

Lizzie leans in the doorway of Alan’s hospital room and discusses Alan and her feelings with Rick. Lizzie tells Rick she just wishes something would happen one way or another she feels everything is in such a limbo right now just like she feels and has felt about Phillip (her presumed dead father but he is actually just MIA)

Mel arrives to discuss the case with Josh who is pushing for a speedy trial . While Mel tries to make Josh see the seriousness of the matter, Jeffery tries to convince Cassie there is nothing anyone can do as long as Josh maintains he is the guilty party. Josh tells Mel that he wants to cut a deal so this will all just go away and Cassie can get on with her life. Cassie vows she can’t live with herself because she knows Josh is taking the fall for her. Jeffery tries to comfort Cassie while “being” Josh’s lawyer. Cassie accepts the facts and wants to begin fighting FOR Josh not against him. She tells Jeffery he must start playing dirty. Josh justifies his actions to Mel due to love for Cassie. Josh yells demanding Mel make a deal with the DA. Mel flatly explains the DA will not cut a deal because they work for Doris.

Doris and Ashley argue over an invitation list for Ashley’s 18th birthday party that Doris is planning for her daughter. Doris says no to all of the guest Ashley wants to invite and swiftly produces a list she had already compiled. Hurt, Ashley informs Doris “Mom, I’m not Lizzie” Doris agrees but tells Ashley she could learn a bit from the Spaulding heir.

Lizzie paces in the study frustrated at the sudden lack of privacy in the house. Alan-Michael and Ava enter and she blows up at them. Alan-Michael tries to cut to the chase , Lizzie expresses her unhappiness with the Doris, Ashley, and Ava invasion into the Spaulding mansion. Alan-Michael sees there is more, Lizzie’s true issue is the anger she feels over the shooting of Alan. Alan Michael tries to convince the young Spaulding Josh confessing is the best thing that could have happened for all of the Spaulding’s. Lizzie reminds Alan-Michael that her nightmare will never end.

Cassie comes to visit Josh at the police station. Rick runs into Mel in the hall at the police station where he tells her they need to talk about Leah. They discuss an out of town trip Leah must take and then Rick tells Mel they need to talk and talk right now. Though Mel is in a hurry to get to work on Josh’s case she agrees.

Doris and Ashley interrupt Alan Michael and Lizzie. Lizzie volunteers to help Ashley plan her party so she can make an exit from the company of Doris and her uncle. At first Doris tells Alan Michael he will give a toast at Ashley’s party. Alan-Michael doesn’t take her firm tone as seriously as she had intended, he replies with “I’ll think about it.” and wheels himself to the other side of the study away from Doris. Doris quickly notices and says to him that Alan Michael is not giving her the respect that she deserves. Disgusted by Doris’ assumption of deserved respect Alan-Michael retorts with “ telling me what you deserve isn’t going to get you anything from me” Alan Michael furthers by telling Doris ,in no questionable terms, to stay away from Spaulding Enterprise, the family, Ava and most of all him. Ava overhears Alan Michael defend her to Doris and sneers as she listens.

On main Street Mel and Rick walk together where Rick tells Mel he wants a divorce. Jeffery is at company snacking on fries when Doris arrives for a meeting Jeffery had called for. Jeffery blackmails Doris for a deal for Josh, explaining how he is going to contact authorities in Australia and track down “G” the hired hand that murdered Tammy. Doris tries to spin the conversation insinuating that if Josh were to go away to prison Cassie would be available if Jeffery were to still have feelings for her. Jeffery continues with his threat of locating “G” paying no attention to what Doris had just implied. “I lost everything last year. I have nothing to lose” Jeffery shares “You , you are on top of the world right now. You have a lot to lose.”

Lizzie and Ashley make small talk about Ashley’s party while Lizzie plays with her blackberry. Ashley acts nervous as the plans begin to come together. Ashley exclaims that she doesn’t know how she will ever thank Lizzie for all her help. Lizzie slyly answers that the look on Doris’ face at the party will be all the thanks she needs.

Ava and Alan Michael discuss those in their past who have dated them only for one reason not because they truly care for the person. Ava goes on to tell Alan-Michael that she sees the real him, the kind and vulnerable him. Ava also confesses to using Alan-Michael’s medical condition and work as an excuse to be near him and spend time with him.

Cassie tells Josh how when she is with him she feels the most safe and loved she has ever felt and it is now time for him to let her help him.

Mel is hurt by Rick’s request but takes it well. She and Rick discuss the way they were and Leah over coffee at CO2, both of them water up about what used to be and they have a heartfelt hug.

Lizzie, alone in the upstairs hallway slams all the framed photos of Doris face down and comes upon a photo of herself holding Sarah. Lizzie holds the photo close and says out loud to no one “They expect me to celebrate a birthday when I will never celebrate not even one birthday with you.” An idea strikes Lizzie and she says still no one “I’ve got to end this” and storms off.

Alan Michael and Ava decide Ashley’s party will be their “coming out” party , they will attend as a couple. The new couple shares a kiss as Ava sits on Alan Michael’s lap.

Jeffery arrives to tell Cassie and Josh that Doris has agreed to a deal of two years in a minimum security prison. Casey flips out stating she want a trial, she feels Josh has a better chance of winning at trial.

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