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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/12/07

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Written By Richard

Mallet and Marina learned that the man who helped Marina catch the thief is Cyrus, who just got released from jail. Marina felt dumb for not knowing who he was, but Mallet wouldn't let her feel bad about it. Mallet told her this guy that helped her could have been dangerous.

Dinah came to her Apartment and she found Cyrus there. She threatened to call the cops, and he was sure that she wouldn't bother to call the cops. He told Dinah that she owed him for him being in jail. Dinah was upset that he was in her apartment.

Reva and Cassie were at the bar and Reva accused Cassie of knowing that Josh was innocent and letting Josh go to jail. Cassie was surprised at Reva's angry demeanor with her.

Reva asked Cassie if she could remember anything about the night that Alan was shot. Cassie said that she didn't remember anything but she could make something up if that would help her. She was being sarcastic toward Reva. Cassie told Reva that she felt that Reva would be happier if she was the one who was in jail, then Reva would have a clear shot at Josh. Reva didn't deny that she cared for Josh, but she told Cassie that wanted to help her. She tried to work with Cassie to find a way to get Josh to admit the truth.

Alan-Michael and Beth fought over having the gun in the house. Beth accused Alan-Michael of shooting Alan. Alan-Michael told her that he didn't shoot him. Alan-Michael said to Beth that anyone in the house could have shot Alan, even Lizzie. Beth was worried that the cops could come to their house and find the gun. As they were arguing, Alan-Michael had the gun in his hand and Ava walked in, and he hoped that she wouldn't see the gun.

Jeffrey told Olivia on the phone that the two of them needed to work on their plan to help Ava a little longer. Olivia wanted to help Ava but she told Jeffrey that she wasn't going to lie to Buzz anymore. Just then, Buzz came in and Olivia acted like she was talking to someone else on the phone. Buzz knew that she was talking to Jeffrey and he was upset that she lied to him again.

Mallet and Marina argued about the idea that Marina wanted to find Cyrus, and Marina said that she wanted to do it herself. Mallet was against this and he was worried that she would put herself in danger trying to find this guy. Marina said that she would work on it during her off time.

Dinah told Cyrus to get out of her Apartment and never come back. Cyrus taunted her, and she got angry and threatened him if he didn't get out of her life. He told her that he loved the girl who she used to be. Dinah didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Dinah asked him if he wanted her money, she told him to take it and leave town. Dinah was upset and she told him that if she owed him for anything, she was all paid up. He told Dinah that he treasured her and he protected her when they were together and she turned on him. Cyrus said to Dinah that he wanted to make her life miserable for what she did to him.

Buzz argued with Olivia and he told her that he could deal with the fact that she was working with Jeffrey, the only thing that he couldn't live with is her ling to him. Buzz told her that she could come to him to tell him anything. Olivia couldn't tell him why she hid the truth about her working with Jeffrey and he couldn't understand it. Buzz walked away and left.

Beth ran over and she grabbed the gun out of Alan-Michael's hand before Ava got a chance to see it. Ava asked Alan-Michael if he needed her help anymore that day and he told her that she should go enjoy herself. Jeffrey came in the house and he asked Ava why she wanted to stay in the Spaulding house and Beth agreed with him. Jeffrey continued to talk about how Alan-Michael was a bad influence on Ava. Beth, all of sudden, defended Ava and she told Jeffrey that he should get out of their house and leave Ava alone. Beth left the room and she left Alan-Michael alone with Jeffrey and Ava.

Reva and Cassie argued over Josh. Cassie told her that Reva wanted to hate her, and she said that Reva had blamed her for taking Marina and Shane's father from them. Cassie said that she sometimes wishes that she never came to this town, but Reva said to her that she never would have met Josh. Reva offered to help her recount where she was that night. Reva said that she would help her get Josh cleared and get him back to Cassie.

Cyrus wouldn't leave Dinah and he asked her if she has really reformed or if she was using Mallet to get something. Dinah told him that it was real with her and Mallet and that her past was over. Just then, Vanessa came to the door, and Dinah wanted Cyrus to hide so that her Mother didn't see him.

Ava asked Jeffrey to leave her alone. Ava told Jeffrey that Alan-Michael needs her and she doesn't have to explain herself to him anyway. Jeffrey said to her that he wanted her to get away from this family because they would bring her down. Jeffrey warned Alan-Michael to stay away from Josh and he left. Ava said to Alan-Michael that Jeffrey was telling her the truth about one thing, and that was what he did to Josh.

Mallet asked Beth in the hospital if there was a change in Alan's condition and she told him that there was no change. Mallet said to Beth that he was still looking for the shooter and Beth said that they had the shooter already since Josh confessed. Mallet told her that he wasn't sure this was the end of the investigation..

Dinah opened the door and she let her Mother in. Cyrus was hiding in the closet. Vanessa invited Dinah to go and have dinner with her and Dinah refused. Dinah said that she wanted to spend some time with Mallet and Vanessa agreed with her and she left.

Buzz and Marina talked together on the Main Street and she told him that she wasn't going to stop looking for Cyrus. She left and Olivia came over to see Buzz. Olivia apologized to Buzz for lying to him and she said that she should have never put Ava ahead of him.

Ava said to Alan-Michael that she knew that he got Josh's bail revoked. Ava said to him that she understood why he did it, and if it was someone she loved who was in the hospital fighting for their life, like his father was then she would have done the same thing.

Reva came to see Jeffrey at his Apartment and she gave him a dollar to be her lawyer to help her clear Josh's name. Reva asked him if it would be easier to get Cassie off if she said that she had shot Alan instead of Josh. Jeffrey didn't know if he could help Reva but he would try to help her out.

Cassie and Beth talked about Alan's shooting as they were at the hospital, and how Cassie felt that Josh was innocent. Beth said that she couldn't do anything to help her or Josh and she turned to leave. Cassie stopped her and she told her that maybe there was something that she could do for her.

Mallet said to Marina that he suspected that Josh's confession wasn't the end of this investigation. Marina kept talking about finding Cyrus. Mallet told Marina that she needed to get a date and find someone in her life. Marina was laughing that Mallet could try and give Marina love advice. Mallet said that he thought he and Dinah were good together,

Dinah asked Cyrus what he wanted from her and he said that he would get back to her on that. He said that she should think about what is important to her, and he left. He said that he will get back to her.

Ava asked Alan-Michael to let the feud between him and Josh go. She told him that it was over, and that he confessed to shooting his father, and he was going to have deal with it. Alan-Michael told her that his father is still in a coma and someone needs to pay for that, and he can't let Josh off the hook that easy. Ava said that she was going to get them something to eat and she left the room.

Jeffrey told Reva that he couldn't take her money or help her with the case. He told her that he was too close to Josh and Reva knew that he still had feelings for Cassie. Reva wanted Josh out of jail. Jeffrey told her that he knew that Cassie didn't shoot Alan. Reva wasn't so sure. Reva wanted to clear Josh and she thought that Cassie would have a better chance of getting off if she said that she shot Alan instead of Josh,

Cassie asked Beth to tell Doris that Josh did not intend to shoot Alan and to help her get him off even though she didn't believe that he did it. Beth said to her that Doris hates her and she couldn't talk to her about Josh because she couldn't go against Alan and their family. Beth said that Josh is a good man but she is a Spaulding and the Spaulding's come first. Beth walked away and Cassie was upset that she couldn't do more to help her out.

Alan-Michael got up out of his chair and he went over to the drawer where Beth hid the gun. Alan-Michael stood up and he held the gun in his hand.

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