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Guiding Light Update Friday 3/9/07

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Written By Richard

Remy and Dinah sat at the bar and they talked about their plan to meet the man from Dinah's past when he got out of jail. Mallet walked in the bar and he walked up to the two of them.

Beth talked to Ava and she welcomed her into the Spaulding house. Ava was surprised that Beth would want her there but Beth was hoping to get her to change her mind about living there.

Cassie asked Lizzie to help her clear Josh and Lizzie wanted to know why Josh confessed to shooting her Grandfather. Cassie said to Lizzie that they should help each other since they both lost their daughters because of Alan. Lizzie wasn't sure if she could trust Cassie.

Reva went to the jail and she asked Josh why he confessed to shooting Alan and Josh asked her to leave. Josh didn't want to talk to her and he asked the officer to get her out of there. Reva stomped on the officer's foot and she told him to put her in jail with Josh.

The officer put Reva and Josh in the interrogation room and he told them to work out the problems between the two of them. Reva asked Josh why he was lying to the cops and he told her that he was responsible for shooting Alan. Reva made up a story about her helping Cassie and told Josh that she shot Alan and for a second Josh believed her. Reva told him that she only said it to prove to Josh that she knew that he was innocent. Reva demanded Josh to sit down and tell her the truth.

Cassie talked with Lizzie and Alan Michael at the Spaulding house and she asked Alan Michael to convince Doris not to go after Josh, she told him that he didn't shoot Alan. Alan Michael said that he had to find justice for his father. Cassie said to him that Josh didn't do it and she asked Alan Michael to help her. Alan Michael said to Cassie that he would meet her at her hotel later on and he would try to help her. Cassie thanked him and then she left.

Beth said to Ava that she was wondering why she wanted to move into the Spaulding house with everyone in the house. Ava said that she was going to help Alan Michael because he was her friend. She said that Alan Michael needed to have someone who was looking out for him. Beth told her that she should reconsider but she wouldn't listen to her. Ava said that she would see her at Breakfast tomorrow at the Spaulding house.

Mallet came in and sat down next to Dinah and Remy, and Remy said that he had to leave. Mallet said to Dinah that he had big plans for them. Mallet said to Dinah that they were going to go out for a night of dinner and fun. Dinah was trying to find a wat to tell him that she couldn't go because she had to take care of a story.

Josh said to Reva that he was going to take the rap for Cassie because he believes that Cassie shot Alan that night and he wasn't going to stand by and let her go to jail. Reva was very upset with Josh and she told him that he was going to waste years of his life in jail if he doesn't tell the truth. Reva begged him to tell them the truth but Josh refused. Reva went with Josh to his bail hearing and she hoped that he would change his mind about confessing.

Dinah said to Mallet that she couldn't go away with him because she had to cover a story tonight. Dinah left, and Mallet wasn't sure if that was the real reason she couldn't go.

Marina was looking for a jewel thief on the Main Street and she spotted him and she tried to stop him. When he refused to stop, a stranger in the street hit the man with a briefcase to help her catch him.

Josh got released on his bail hearing and Reva was still upset with him that he wouldn't tell the truth and she let him know that she was upset with him. She told him to take care of himself and she walked out of the room.

Marina thank the man for helping her and he told her that it was no problem. Marina walked away and she told the other officer what happened and she wanted to get the name of the man who helped her, but when she turned around to find him, he wasn't there.

Ava asked Alan Michael what he needed her to do for him and he told her that she needed to have a life of her own and do things for herself, and not have to wait on him all the time. She told him that she wanted to help him. Ava said that she cared about him and she was his friend.

Reva went to see Billy and she asked him to talk to Josh and tell him that what he was doing was wrong. Billy told her that he was trying to protect Cassie. Reva told him that she gave Josh up for her sister but she wasn't going to sit by and have him throw his life away. Reva was very adamant about having Josh stay out of jail and Billy accused her of being jealous of Josh and Cassie.

Cassie ran to answer the door at the hotel that she was staying at and she was surprised to see Josh on the other side and he kissed her.

Reva said to Billy that she was not jealous of Cassie and she doesn't want Josh back. Billy said to her that he thought that she still has feelings for Josh. Reva said that she only wanted Josh to be safe and happy.

Cassie said to Josh that she talked to Alan Michael and that he was going to try to help them. Josh told Cassie that Alan Michael would not help anyone, let alone him and Cassie and he was only going to help himself. Cassie told him that he sounded sincere and she was meeting him at the hotel tonight.

Lizzie saw Ava in the house and she was upset to hear that she was moving in the house. Lizzie told her that she must have never even cared about Coop because two seconds after she stole him from her she was right back with Alan Michael. Ava told Lizzie that she didn't want to fight with her in the house and that she should stay out of her way.

Dinah walked into the Apartment looking for Remy and she found the man from her past there.

Mallet and Marina found out the the same man that she ran into on the street was also the man who just got out of jail, and he was the same man from Dinah's past.

Ava said to Lizzie that she thought that she would have changed for the better after having a baby but she didn't see a change in her. Ava told Lizzie that she wasn't going to take any garbage from Lizzie or her Mother while she was living at the house.

Cassie and Josh were together at their hotel and they were kissing each other when all of a sudden they heard a knock on the door. Cassie thought that it was Alan Michael and he was going to help her clear Josh of Alan's shooting. Alan Michael came in with a police officer and he put the cuffs on Josh and they were going to put him back in jail. Alan Michael said that he wasn't going to let his father's shooter walk around as a free man. Cassie was surprised that Alan Michael set Josh up.

Beth was alone in a room in the Spaulding house and she picked up a book. She opened it up and inside it was a compartment for a gun and the gun was missing.

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