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Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/8/07

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Written By Dani

Alan-Michael wheels himself into Alan’s room at Cedar’s making small talk about stocks and then the antics of the Spaulding women at home in the mansion. Beth arrives joking with Alan-Michael. “ Don’t get up on my part. Oh! You can’t can you” and snickers. Beth massages Alan-Michael's shoulders telling him he needs to loosen up because he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Before going to school Cassie tries to help a struggling R.J. deal with Josh’s sudden absence and R.J.’s continual frustrations over all the bad things that has happened to their family. He just wants something good to happen to them for a change. Don’t forget R.J.’s life has been nothing but loss…. His biological father, and any possibility of a male in his life the Prince, Edmund, Jeffery O’Neill and now Josh!

Billy visits with Josh at the jail. Josh asks that he go check on Cassie and R.J.. Billy doesn’t leave but hangs around instead to discuss the truth about Josh’s guilt. Josh becomes infuriated insisting Billy “understand” because someone went after his family he had to shot Alan. Cassie is not permitted to see Josh at his request. Cassie asks Gus “Don’t you care if it’s true…” and goes on to tell Gus she was the one who shot Alan.

Reva is opening Outskirts for the day and gets a visit from Dylan who is actually looking for the absent Billy. He stays and confides in Reva that he is concerned about Daisy. Who is at the moment being let out of jail and released. Harley shows up and defends her decision to have Daisy locked up. When Daisy appears in the common area of the station and sees the waiting Harley she declares she never wants to see Harley again and she leaves; when Harley still refuses to acknowledge that Daisy COULD be telling the truth about the attempted rape. Dylan and Reva go back and forth about Daisy. Dylan defends Harley’s efforts throwing Jonathan’s actions and behavior in Reva’s face. Reva defends how she handled Jonathan and Dylan apologizes and asks Reva to back him up with Daisy. Weeping Reva pleads Daisy’s case stating she is not a burden and just needs love. Ending the conversation with “she’s a good kid” Dylan exits Outskirts and Daisy sneaks out of the back room after overhearing Dylan and Reva emotional exchange over her. Daisy immediately desperately asks if she can come live with Reva who evades the question. Daisy replays the events from the day before with Reva who is apologetic over her plight. Though Reva feels for Daisy she explains Harley is only doing what she feels is in Daisy’s best interest. Reva goes on to clarify her place she is not a push over or enabler. Daisy changes the subject cracking on Reva’s bad cooking and the two have a laugh just as an angry Harley walks in.

Meanwhile at Cedar’s Beth insinuates Ava is not as devoted to Alan-Michael and the Spauldings as she herself is. Beth offers herself in many ways as an ally. Rick enters Alan’s room and checks his charts . Rick informs the two that nothing has changed in Alan’s situation. Rick then asks that he speak with Beth alone in the hall. Rick asks Beth about her “pregnancy” and assumes the baby is his. Rick admits he doesn’t think Mel is going to take him back and …… All of a sudden while Alan-Michael sat next to Alan while Rick and Beth spoke outside the door one of the machines Alan was hooked to began beeping loudly causing Rick to kick Alan-Michael and Beth out of the room so he and the staff could stabilize Alan. Before exiting the room Beth and Alan-Michael shared a long stare. Outside Alan’s room as Beth and Alan-Michael wait to hear about Alan’s condition Beth wonders aloud as to Alan-Michael’s involvement in what just happened to Alan. Alan-Michael shares with Beth his life long desire for Alan to have been a different kind of father a more loving father. Beth explains she thinks Alan does his best in his own way for his kids and anyone he loves. Alan-Michael and Beth go home to the mansion where both question each other’s desire for Alan’s out come. Beth locks the study door and Alan-Michael stands up. They seductively stand face to face as Beth takes charge and orders Alan-Michael to keep Spaulding money with Spaulding’s and away from Doris Wolfe.

Gus and Cassie rehash her role in Alan’s shooting. Cassie becomes frustrated because she can not answer about simple details the shooter would know. Gus tries to assure Cassie Josh will be home soon when Doris appears saying “Oh I don’t think so. I’m going to make sure he gets the maximum.” Josh is taken back to his cell and Cassie sees him. She goes after Josh and he orders Billy and surrounding officers to get her out of there. Cassie has to be restrained. Cassie struggles and refuses to leave. Doris is in the background rambling threats and accusations antagonizing Cassie when Gus turns to Doris and says “Shut your mouth!” Doris counters with “Is that any way to speak to your step-mother.” Mel approaches Doris stating she is going to have her removed from the case. Doris gracefully recuses herself from the case but that doesn’t do it for Mel she still promises to go to the bar if Doris uses her weight as Mrs. Alan Spaulding.

Harley still at Outskirts with Daisy and Reva tries to start out nice and tries to be a friend to Daisy.

All Daisy wants is for Harley to believe her about what really happened in that hotel room. Tempers escalate with Harley telling Reva she needs to back off. Trying to identify with Daisy Harley says I was just like you getting into trouble and fooling around with boys that’s how I got you. Daisy calms but is still upset and says “Well you finally said it. I was a mistake.” Harley tries to backpedal quickly but Daisy isn’t buying it. Reva steps in and reminds Daisy she is on her side but in Harley’s defense she knows how hard it is to give up a child ( reminder Reva gave up 2 boys Dylan and Jonathan only to get the very difficult and emotional reunion when both were young men) Daisy brings up Jonathan and how Reva accepted him and loved him no matter what when he returned to her life, she didn’t try to change him. Daisy leaves agreeing to go home with Harley. Harley stays behind to ask Reva to stay out of it after all she “has enough to worry about with Josh.” Reva had not learned of the arrest yet and pushed Harley for the news. Harley did not go into detail she just simply told her that Josh had confessed to shooting Alan and had been arrested.

Mel and Josh speak in the holding cell about the trial if it comes to that. Mel doesn’t come right out and say it but she herself questions Josh’s guilt. Mel and Jeffery are still working on bail for Josh. Before Mel leaves she reminds Josh of the long term possibilities juries can go either way…. Sympathetic due to all Josh’s family has lost …… or sympathetic to the man lying in a coma and may never recover……….

Cassie and Gus still go back and forth, Gus growing irritated . Neither will budge on their points. Gus gets a call about Alan. Alan has taken a turn for the worse and Gus must go to the hospital. Before leaving Gus tells Cassie she had better hope Alan makes it.

Before Gus arrives at Cedar’s Doris corners Rick outside Alan’s room demanding to see Alan. Rick explains he cannot permit any visitors right now. Doris plays the “I’m a Spaulding and I Alan-Michael his Wife card.” Rick stands his ground as Doris calls him out saying the Bauer’s were king of the hill at one time but no more. Rick pulls rank and confidently replies as long as Alan is under my care that makes me king of the hill now doesn’t it. Doris storms off and Rick returns to Alan’s side. While playing with an IV attached to Alan Rick speaks to the comatose patient calling him “a pathetic man” and he doesn’t deserve Beth but he DOES deserve Doris. Rick pauses in thought then continues questioning out loud about his oath to

Protect……..who does he protect the patient or would it be in the better good to prevent Alan from unleashing on all of Springfield once again.

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