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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/7/07

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Written By Dani

“Tough Love”: Harley, Daisy, Gus, & Dylan

The show starts with Daisy complaining to her video cell phone about how horrible and hard her life is in Springfield. At home Harley burns cookies and becomes upset that she cannot bake and admits to Gus that she thinks Daisy doesn’t feel she loves her enough because Harley doesn’t put forth enough ideal motherly effort. The scenes go back and forth from Harley sounding off to Gus and Daisy sounding off on camera. Gus is the voice of reason. Daisy admits on the video she did buy drugs from a guy at school but doesn’t intend on using.

Harley realizes Gus is better with Daisy than she is and Gus’ opinion is simply Daisy wants to be a daddy’s girl and states “if Dylan was here” he would be the one who is closer to Daisy. Harley remembers and tells Gus Dylan is in town she ran into him at the dance when she and Dylan had both showed up to spy on Daisy. Gus and Harley become flirty with each other and Gus exclaims “I’m going to hop on the internet and go to findyourlight.com and tell the world you are my light” Gus kisses Harley and daisy walks in clicking off a photo of the couple with her cell phone. Harley tells Daisy that Dylan is in town. While Daisy and Harley discuss Dylan’s presence in Springfield Leah Bauer knocks at the door.

Leah apologizes to Daisy for the crude comments she made about her the night of the dance and asks if Daisy would like to hang out and do homework even if they are in different grades. Daisy is unsure of Leah’s sincerity but agrees anyway because Gus and Harley trusts Leah. Leah and Daisy sneak out though they are suppose to be upstairs studying. At CO2 Daisy questions Leah’s motive for a sudden desire to form a friendship. Leah and Daisy talk shop about boys and Leah specifically asks Daisy’s advice on how to approach an 18 year old that she has a crush on. Daisy gives Leah and hard time as to why Leah chose Daisy to be the one to talk about sex with. Back at Gus and Harley’s; Harley declares she is going to loosen up and parent Daisy more like Gus does. A knock at the door reveals Dylan who gleefully extends a bouquet of daisies and states “ I couldn’t leave town without seeing my favorite girl!” Harley assumes the flowers and comment were meant for her and becomes a bit bashful but is quickly corrected about who Dylan was referring to… his daughter Daisy. Harley tells Dylan she is going to take a new different approach to parenting Daisy while Dylan is resisting this idea, he feels she needs more rules. Harley defends Daisy stating she is changing for example she is upstairs doing homework on a day she is out of school. Harley exit’s the kitchen to go check on Daisy and Leah only to discover the are gone. Dylan and Gus exchange their different opinions about Daisy on friendly and casual terms. In conversation with Leah Daisy jumps right to the subject of sex.

Dylan, Harley, and Gus show up a Main street to confront Daisy about sneaking out. Gus defends Daisy . Dylan pleads with Daisy to behave in a manor so he and Harley can trust her more. Bobby (the boy who stood Daisy up at the dance) shows up to apologize and asks her if she would like to go with him to the library. The adults agree it would be a good start for her to go with Bobby.

Instead of the library Bobby takes Daisy to a hotel room. Bobby offers her a beer or anything she wants. Daisy rolls her eyes and smugly says “I’m into older guys not high school boys.” and heads for the door. Bobby heads her off blocking Daisy from leaving and coldly states “ I hear you are into all kinds of stuff.” Daisy moves past him and goes to open a beer while telling Bobby she is a virgin. Bobby doesn’t believe her and they begin to struggle. Daisy reminds him Gus and Harley are both cops and he reminds her they think he is great and SHE is the screw-up. Realizing this is true Daisy says she would prefer vodka over beer and would Bobby put on some music. While Bobby plays with the stereo Daisy pours two mini-bottles of vodka and puts some of the drugs she had on her into Bobby’s glass. Daisy pours hers down the drain. Bobby gets sick and passes out on the floor, Daisy becomes panicked and phones Gus.

Gus and Harley arrive in the hotel room where Gus revives Bobby and Harley immediately asks “What did you do?” Daisy tries to explain that Bobby was going to attack her but Harley doesn’t believe her. The “L” (for loser) that Daisy had drawn on Bobby’s forehead after he passed out didn’t help her story much. Gus takes Bobby to the hospital and Harley takes Daisy to the police station. At the station Daisy and Harley argue over who the real victim was Daisy? Or Bobby?

Harley firmly makes the decision she can’t let Daisy head down the road she’s going down when Frank walks up on the two and Harley bluntly instructs Frank to “Book her!” Daisy begs Harley not to do this and Harley walks away, telling Frank off to the side that she must scare Daisy straight and relates what happened earlier in the hotel room. Harley admits this is not easy but she must do something big and pleads with Frank to help her just as he did 17 years ago with the same little girl.

At Cedar’s Gus believes Daisy and strong arms Bobby into not bringing Daisy into this and for Bobby to claim he has the stomach flu or Gus would ruin him and any chance he would have for a football scholarship.

As Frank tells Daisy she has got to stay over night Daisy explodes into tears and screams to Harley, “Why are you doing this again?!” Harley flatly asks, “Again? What do you mean again?” Still in tears Daisy says “Dump me off on someone else when you can’t handle me!” Daisy is taken to a holding cell and Harley cries in Frank’s arms. While in the holding cell Daisy tells a woman also locked up that she hates Harley.

Gus shows up to comfort the crying Daisy. Harley comes home to see the bouquet of daisies that Dylan had earlier brought for his daughter and feels awful for having Daisy locked up but promises to save daisy from herself. Gus plays the role of good guy defending both Daisy and Harley and kindly points out her “recklessness” is hurting Harley and Daisy. Daisy breaks down again when Gus goes to leave and is not taking her with him. He tells her it’s Harley’s call. At home, the show ends on a somber note, while Harley sits in silence looking a baby photos of Daisy and holds a couple of the daisies that her daughter Daisy never got to see.

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