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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/6/07

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Written By Dani

Josh confesses to shooting Alan while Frank questions his motives. Alan-Michael is home at the Spaulding Mansion  and is immediately confronted by Ashley who is elated to see AM while he is puzzled as to who she is. Ava calls Jeffery who shows up as she is packing to move into the Spaulding Mansion. Olivia visits Alan at the hospital and receives a call from Jeffery and she agrees to meet him at Outskirts. Buzz gleefully boasts to Coop that he and Olivia are going to Vegas to get married tomorrow.

Josh goes back and forth in conversation with both Cassie and Frank trying to convince both of his guilt. Cassie is finally removed from the interrogation room so Frank can “officially” take Josh’s statement. Josh explains though “he did shoot Alan” he did not have intent ; it was self defense because Alan lunged at him in the elevator.

Ashley tries to bond with AM as he dismisses her for privacy. AM steps from his wheelchair and makes himself at home in Alan’s study. Ava walks in as AM is sitting at the desk and his wheelchair is on the other side of the room. Alan Michael tries to evade Ava’s company as well but she insists on taking him to the hospital to visit with his father.

Back at CO2 Olivia crushes Buzz’s good mood by asking for a few more days before getting married. Liv doesn’t explain why she needs the time just asks that  Buzz “trusts her?” Ashley shows up crying loudly and tells Coop today will be her last day because “she is a Spaulding now…” and this job “is beneath her”

Olivia and Jeffery meet at Outskirts to speak with and about Ava and her involvement with the Spauldings. Ava shows up on the pretext that Jeffery told Aver that Olivia was having a personal crisis and needed her help.

Cassie throws a fit when charges are dropped against her and Frank tells her Josh gave a full confession. Mel is concurrently working on bail for Josh as he is booked.

Coop gets to the root of Ashley’s  decision to leave CO2, her mother Doris!

At Outskirts Ava confronts Olivia about Liv’s “need for her help” Olivia stumbles searching for an explanation as to why she needs Ava’s help since Jeffery had just put Olivia on the spot  by confessing as Ava  walked in that he had told her Olivia needed Ava’s help because of a personal problem. Olivia’s reaching out backfires when Ava gets an attitude and they begin to scream at each other in the middle of the bar. In the middle of their arguing Alan Michael calls with the news that Josh has been booked  for shooting Alan.

While waiting on Mel at the police station Josh sits handcuffed at an officer’s desk and AM wheels in with a chip on his shoulder as he throws threats and the hopes that Josh does hard time for what he did and his family wanted done to Alan. Cassie and Frank meet away from the station to speak , both knowing Josh is not guilty but Cassie cannot remember anything and Josh did officially tie up all the loose ends. Frank vows to Cassie that he will be as fair as possible because Josh is his friend and he can understand Josh’s motive.

Buzz and Coop present Ashley with a key to CO2 to make her feel always welcome and a part of a real family. The three have a good chuckle and Ashley goes home to speak with Doris about staying on at the outdoor coffee shop.

When it appears Olivia has left outskirts Jeffery enters and begins talking to Ava, who opens up to him about her doubts that Olivia really wants to befriend her. Jeffery lovingly tells Ava of a panic stricken Olivia after Alan-Michael’s accident when Liv thought Ava could be hurt. He explained she had only one motive, to make sure HER daughter was okay.  AM is back at the mansion contacting his legal team to instruct them to help the DA as much as possible; he wants “Josh Lewis to pay!”

Buzz and Coop have a heart to heart over coffee about Olivia. Coop defends Olivia while Buzz doubts that she really wants to marry him.

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