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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/5/07

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Written By Richard

Frank showed Josh and Cassie the video tape at the Police Station of Cassie outside the parking lot with a gun when Alan was shot. Josh and Cassie were shocked to see the tape.

Alan Michael woke up and he was in pain. Ava said that she wanted to get a nurse to come and help him, but he refused. He wanted to know if there was any information on the shooting of Alan. Ava left the room and told him that she would try and find out something for him.

Josh told Frank that the tape didn't prove that Cassie shot Alan. Frank had wanted to question Cassie about Alan and Josh didn't want him to. Cassie stopped Josh from stopping her from talking. Cassie said to Frank that maybe she was the kind of person that could shoot Alan.

Josh told Cassie that they weren't going to arrest her to stop talking. Frank asked Cassie if she remembers shooting Alan. She said that she doesn't remember what happen that night. Frank advised her to get a lawyer, but he wasn't about to lock her now. Josh was determined to get Cassie out of the station.

Ava walked into the station and she wanted to get some information on the investigation of Alan's shooting.

Alan Michael ran into Dinah at the hospital and they talked about Alan's shooting.

Buzz went to see Jeffrey to talk to him about his upcoming wedding to Olivia. Jeffrey said to Buzz that he didn't want to come between him and Olivia, but if Olivia wants him at her wedding then he will be there. Buzz left his Apartment. Buzz ran into Olivia outside the hallway and he told her that he was a little nervous about the wedding. Olivia told him that she had been worrying about their wedding but she isn't going to worry anymore about it. Olivia told Buzz that she loved him and she gave him a kiss.

Olivia went home with Buzz and she told him that she wanted him to have his family there at the wedding with him. Buzz told her that he was happy to be getting married to her and that was all that matters.

Jeffrey walked into the station and he saw Ava there, and he pulled her aside and he wanted to talk to her. Jeffrey didn't want Ava to get hurt with Alan Michael. Jeffrey warned her to not get involved in his dealings. Ava was upset and she told him that she was here to help Alan Michael and she felt that the cops were against him.

Frank asked Cassie how she felt about Alan. Cassie said to him that she hated him and killed her daughter. Josh begged Cassie not to talk to Frank, and he tried to get her out of the station. Frank changed his mind and he arrested Cassie for the shooting of Alan. He asked an Officer to get Josh out of there. Josh was very angry and upset that Frank did this to Cassie.

Dinah went to the bar and she met Remy there. Dinah asked Remy if the cops think that he shot Alan and he said they do. Remy said that he wanted to, but he didn't do it. Dinah offered Remy a job helping her out. He said that he would do it, but he was concerned about how dangerous this guy was.

Jeffrey asked Ava if she really thought that the Cooper's were trying to set up Alan Michael and Ava said that she wouldn't put it past them. Jeffrey and Ava argued about Alan Michael and Ava walked away and went back to see Alan Michael.

Josh ran into Buzz into the station and he asked him to ask Frank to help him get inside the jail to see Cassie. Frank listened to him and he let Josh walk inside for five minutes. Josh walked inside to see Cassie and she was surprised to see him.

Remy asked Dinah what she wanted him to do for her. Dinah asked him to go and intimidate this guy who has been harassing her as of late. Dinah said that she didn't want to have this guy

Jeffrey waited on the main street for Olivia and she came to see him. He asked her to help him deal with Ava, she was in trouble. He told her that she was getting too close to Alan Michael and he was going to lead her into trouble.

Ava came into Alan Michael's hospital room and she told him about her meeting with Jeffrey. Ava was upset that her father didn't believe that she had a mind of her own. Alan Michael told her that Jeffrey came to visit him in the hospital. Ava told him that she found out the Alan Michael was in the clear with Alan's shooting.

Josh said to Cassie that she would never have shot someone, let alone Alan. Josh vowed to get her out of jail and he said to her that he would be there for her. Cassie said that she didn't remember what she did that night and she didn't blame Frank for arresting her. Cassie asked Josh to take care of RJ.

Josh said to Cassie that she would not go to prison. Cassie said to him that the plans and the wedding were all gone. She said that she was sorry for ruining his life. Josh said to her that she and him were going to be together and that this would never end their marriage plans or the life that they were going to have together. The guard came and brought Cassie to see her lawyer and he told her that the judge was about to set bail.

Ava asked Alan Michael what was going to happen to him after he gets out of the hospital and he said to her that he was going to go back to the Spaulding house. Ava was against the idea of him living in the house again with the women in Alan's life who may be out to get him. Ava had an idea that she would go with Alan Michael and help him and live with him in the house. Alan Michael liked that idea.

Jeffrey said to Olivia that he had an idea that would help Ava get away from Alan Michael. He said to her that Ava's new project could be helping her parents in their lives together. Olivia didn't know what to say about this plan.

Buzz called the airline and he made two reservations for him and Olivia to go to Vegas together.

Josh looked on as Cassie was there about to go inside and talk to the judge to set her bail. Josh watched as Frank talked to Cassie about what she should do when she goes to see the judge and he was upset that she had to go through this pain. Josh yelled that Frank wasn't going to have Cassie say anything because she wasn't going to go before the judge. Josh said that he shot Alan and that he wished that he had done a better job. Frank and Cassie looked on and they were shocked that Josh would say that to them.

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