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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/28/07

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Written By James

(Hospital): Buzz is happily running about the hallway, kissing and hugging everyone he ran into. He calms down upon approaching seeing Alan lying unconscious in his room. He approaches Alan and (did I do a good job) (did I teach them the right to live – how to love and be loved). Did I set a good example?

Alan-Michael wheel about and sees Frank at Alan’s bedside, giving most unsympathetic comments to the nurse about Alan’s condition. Franks impression was that he was doing his job to find out who shot Alan, but that Alan deserved all he’d gotten.

Buzz and Olivia gets mushy at Company 2. They seem to relish in each other’s love with Buzz assuring Olivia she could tell him anything. Coop watches nearby. After Buzz leaves, Coop approaches Olivia and compliments her and his dad on their relationship. She thanks him and tells him she sees a lot of his father in him.

Alan-Michael wheels up to Alan’s bed and says, “You look awful Dad.” He places a paper towel on Alan’s chest, gets a pair of scissors and begins clipping his beard, reflecting on the more innocent times he shared with his father. He mentioned Alan taught him how to shave, to always cut against the grain. He tells Alan about the police finding his gun, but that he couldn’t possibly have shot him. When Alan-Michael points suspicion toward the rest of the family, Alan appears from behind and tells Alan-Michael he didn’t want to talk about the other family members; he wanted to talk about Alan-Michael. He tells Alan-Michael he’s really not as sympathetic over his condition as he pretends – that he feels the same way about him as Frank Cooper. Alan-Michael admits that he thinks Alan got what he deserved. Alan tells him they have very similar traits. Alan-Michael protests, “I’m nothing like you.” Alan-Michael looks up and Alan vanishes.

Buzz gathers his boys (Frank and Coop) and he rants about the price of love. Frank listens for a while then eases away and leaves Coop to his father. Buzz goes on telling Coop how he has to take charge of his life and not be defeated by the challenges of being in love. He takes Coop to meet a highly successful neuron-surgeon who works at Cedars. Her name is Jessica and Buzz tells Coop she helps heal “spinal injuries.” (nice shot from papa to son)

Coop and Jessica meets at the hospital and seem to get along very well. She changes from her hospital uniform and reveals herself quite a beautiful woman. Coop seems outmatched on all fronts by her, and is somewhat uneasy with his beautiful, intelligent and highly successful woman. She senses his discomfort, partially takes control and eases his mind.

Alan-Michael and Ava cook up a scheme to distract the front desk nurse (Jessica) while she and Alan-Michael steal away to see a movie. Somehow Alan-Michael and Ava end up at Towers and he tries to get Ava to relax and trust him more. She agrees to have dinner with him and they order some champagne. When they make a toast, Ava sips from her glass and meets Coop’s eyes as he and Jessica enters. (BUSTED!)

Coop and his date (Jessica) approach the table and they all make introductions. Ava looks most uneasy and remains quiet. Coop presses the needle a little into Alan-Michael (being suspicious of his alleged paralysis) but they all keep civil. As Coop and his date leaves the table, he wishes Alan-Michael and Ava a good evening and depart. Ava is uneasy and Alan-Michael senses it, offering to leave the restaurant but she insists on staying.

Coop and Jessica has a nice time chatting when she detects his mind is really on Ava at the table across the way. Jessica excuses herself, leaving Coop alone. Eventually he witnesses Alan-Michael scratching his leg near his knee. As Ava leaves the table to visit the restroom, Coop darts over and Alan-Michael asks what he could do for him. Coop suggests they “take a walk” then wheels Alan-Michael from the dining area. Coop takes him just outside Towers and finds a prop to secure the wheelchair. Coop begins interrogating Alan-Michael about his convenient paralysis, excusing himself from being a suspect in Alan’s shooting, etc. When Alan-Michael persists in denying he’s faking his condition, Coop gets fed up with him and threatens to toss Alan-Michael over the rail. Alan-Michael pleaded his condition was valid and as Coop grabbed the chair for the dump, Ava rushes in and stops him, accusing Coop of trying to finish Alan-Michael off. Coop is left dejected (again). Frank is next in line to give Coop a lecture on how NOT to do things. He tells Coop he’s lucky Alan-Michael wasn’t pressing charges. Frank gave his little brother another piece of advice about love. He tells him not to become so intent on hanging on to love to the point of losing himself.

Alan-Michael calls a news conference and presents himself as the doting and loving son who just wants to find out who shot his father. He appeals to the public for any information on who did it and a prayer for his father’s survival. He chokes up in the process and Ava steps in beside him for support. A defeated Coop sits alone at home watching the entire affair.

Back in his hospital bed, Alan-Michael raptures in the special attention by Ava. Holding his hand, she tells him how proud she was of him and that she saw something extra special in him at the news conference. She kisses him good night and Coop watches from outside.

Alan-Michael lies in bed and calls Ava’s name when the lights come on and he sees Beth there instead. He’s shocked when Beth, after greeting him, suddenly takes a clip board and slabs down hard on his leg, causing him to grab and grimace in pain. (BUSTED!)

He seemed equally as shocked to be getting a taste of Beth’s medicine. She pulls out all the stops, affirming she’s wise to him faking his wheel chair role and the problems she could cause him. She simply needs his help to dethrone Doris from the Spaulding Family.

As Ava walks away from Alan-Michael’s room, Coop walks up to her and they chat. When she continues berating him for picking on poor Alan-Michael, Coop stuns her by apologizing. He tells her how ashamed he is for seeing the kind of person he’s becoming by fighting for her love – with her rejecting him for Alan-Michael at every turn. He concedes that in order to save himself, he must walk away from her. Coop walks away from Ava and nearby finds comfort in his father’s arms (Buzz). He tells his father of the changes he will make in his life to become his own man. Buzz never looked prouder of him. (Bravo Coop)

Buzz tucks Alan in before leaving his hospital room and asks him, “Are you proud of yourself Alan; I am.”

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