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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/27/07

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Written By James

Walking along the street, Ashlee seems to continue killing Lizzie with kindness. She gets Lizzie into another bear hug and reminds her she needs to think positive. Lizzie looks amazed; finding it hard to believe Ashlee is sane. In the midst of Ashlee’s rosy view of life, Lizzie mocks her, “Yes, and we’ll find a cure for cancer, and bring peace to the Middle East.”

(Hospital): Doris entertains an interview with a local reporter at Alan’s bedside. The reporter takes photos of her from various angles when Beth walks up to the door and witnesses the charade. Not to be outdone, Beth steps back from the door and takes a bottle of eye-drops from her purse and doses up. She then crashed the scene in Alan’s room, “crying” at Alan’s beside, “Oh, I think I feel our baby.” The reporter honed in immediately on this news, snapping photos and asking questions about the baby. Doris looked as if she could kill. Beth and Doris began to carry on with barbs (again) about whether the baby is really Alan’s and Doris quips about the wonderful things she will do for the Spaulding Mansion. The reporter is having a field day jotting down every juicy morsel of their wicked performances. Eventually Lizzie walks in and upon seeing what’s going on, throws the reporter out and Beth and Doris goes at it again. This time the name-calling escalates to physical contact with Beth and Doris clawing at each other across Alan’s bed.

(Hospital): Alan-Michael tells Ava to put out a press release offering a reward for whoever shot his father. Mallet enters and Mallet asks him, “Really – well how strong actually are you?” Ava offers to leave but Mallet tells her to stay, that there might be questions for her too. Marina and Mallet asks Alan-Michael about his gun, eventually letting him know they had found it. Sensing they had him on the list of suspects, Alan-Michael brings up the wheel chair defense but it’s not working. He then becomes defensive, telling Marina and Mallet they should perhaps go back and have Frank assign someone who was objective about the Spauldings.

(Towers) Dinah and her mom (Vanessa) dine and chat about Dinah’s financial situation. Vanessa encourages her to use the experience to teach others through the talk show. Dinah rolls her eyes on that prospect, preferring to keep focus on how to correct her immediate situation. She asks her mom for a loan, close to $100.000. Vanessa tells her she doesn’t have that kind of money but sympathizes with what she’s going through. Vanessa encourages Dinah to share some sensitive news she (Dinah) has learned from Interpol but she doesn’t seem ready to do that.

(Hospital): Mallet and Marina continues to discuss prospects in the case outside Alan-Michael’s room when they suddenly hear commotion near Alan’s room. As they approach, they see Lizzie and Doris scratching and clawing at each other across an unconscious Alan with Lizzie and Ashlee attempting to hold them back. As Beth and Doris fight it out, Marina attempts to enter but Mallet pulls her back. Doris eventually rings the call button and when the nurse shows, requests to have Beth tested for pregnancy. Beth refuses, collects Lizzie and leaves the room. As they were exiting, Mallet calls them back for questioning.

(Hospital): Ava tries to work with helping Alan-Michael stretch his legs some. He rues the thought of having to go back to the mansion with Doris running things. Ava makes the suggestion that someone in the house probably shot him. This gives Alan-Michael reason for pause. They continue discussing the possible suspects who reside at the mansion while Alan-Michael works out in his chair. Ava is doting and reassuring, telling Alan-Michael she knows he love his father and believes in him. (Alan-Michael looks coldly ahead as if he didn’t deserve that statement).

(Hospital): Doris and Ashlee stand by Alan’s beside and Ashlee begins to cry, asking Alan to come back. She tells her mother it must be terrible to be hated as bad as Alan was. Doris tells her daughter that’s a matter of jealousy that fuels the hate; that those who hate do so because they are feeling inferior. Ashlee confides in her mother that she doesn’t want to go back to the mansion because so many people hate them there. When Ashlee presses her mother on whether she loved Alan, Doris became clearly uncomfortable and could never give her daughter the “yes” answer. Doris assures Ashlee that they have a right to be there and that if Alan didn’t make it, they would be inheritors.

(Hospital): When Beth and Lizzie agree to question, Mallet proposes to split them up, asking Marina to question Lizzie. Beth protests but Lizzie is willing to do it. Lizzie confides in Marina how much love Sarah had brought in her life – only to have Alan take it all away. Meantime Beth shares with Mallet how she felt when Alan dumped her to marry Doris in a single swoop. Lizzie opens up to Marina, not fearing the fact she’s a suspect in the shooting. Beth assures Mallet that she’s not the fragile little doll she used to be. That if she was going to shoot anyone, it would be Doris rather than Alan. She loved him. Neither of them could offer much information about the gun. At the end of their interviews, Mallet compares notes. Mallet believes Beth is hiding something as does Marina about Lizzie.

(Towers): Vanessa tells Dinah she needs to confide in Mallet about a recently released subject that could be involved in Dinah’s troubles. Dinah asks for money again, this time scaling it back to $50,000. Again her mother is unable to help her. Mallet shows and Dinah quickly whisks him away from the dining table to prevent her mother from telling him anything. She makes small talk with him then goes back and drags Vanessa out of the restaurant. Her chipper attitude draws suspicion from both Mallet and Marina.

(Hospital): In his room, Alan-Michael works out with gusto while Ava tries to get him to slow down some. He stresses he has to get out of the hospital as soon as he can. When Ava offers to go and find the doctor to determine his condition, Alan-Michael asks her to also see if she could find some better food. When she leaves, Alan-Michael rises from the wheel chair and walks a few paces with no problem.

(Hospital): Beth and Lizzie returns to Alan’s room where Beth admits she isn’t pregnant. Then Lizzie asks Beth, if she knew who shot Alan and Beth said, “No, do you?” Alan-Michael then wheels in and says, “It would be nice if he woke up and told us himself.”

With the three of them in Alan’s room, he nudges Beth and Lizzie to fess up if either of them shot Alan and that he (Alan-Michael) would protect them.

(Home): Dinah gets a phone call relative to her case, revealing that someone has been released. She hangs up and slumps in a chair, looking dejected. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.”

(Hospital): Mallet and Marina reviews the long list of suspects on the status board. Mallet’s focus is on Beth, Lizzie and Alan-Michael as the prime suspects.

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