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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/26/07

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Written By Richard

Josh and Cassie were at Cassie’s house, and she asked Josh if she may have shot Alan. She could not remember what happened. Josh tried to tell her that she couldn’t have shot Alan. Cassie was sure that she had to go to the police station and tell them about the night Alan was shot.

Alan-Michael was in Alan’s room and he was standing up over his father and telling him that the accident that put him in a wheelchair may have been a blessing for him.

Mallet and Marina had found the gun in the elevator that may have been used to shoot Alan. They were at the station and they were going to check it for prints.

Buzz and Olivia were sitting together at the restaurant having lunch. They were having a talk about their wedding and Buzz tried to get Olivia to call Ava and build a relationship with her.

Dinah and Mallet were together at the police station. Dinah said to Mallet that she was starting to rebuild her life, and she didn’t want to bother him because she knew that he was working. Dinah was going to leave. Mallet asked her if she was keeping something from him. She said that she wasn’t and she left. Mallet didn’t know what to believe.

Cassie wanted to go down to the police station and confess to Alan’s shooting. Josh stopped her from going and he told her that would be a huge mistake if she confessed to Alan’s shooting when she doesn’t even know where she was on that night. Cassie was upset and she didn’t want to believe that she could have shot anyone.

Buzz told Olivia that they should include Ava in the wedding. He asked her to call her and ask her to be in her wedding. Olivia said to Buzz that she didn’t have a relationship with Ava and even though she was her daughter, they didn’t like each other very much.

Ava was about to go into Alan’s room, and Jeffrey showed up and he stopped her. Jeffrey told her to make some smart choices and to stay away from Alan. Ava didn’t want to listen to Jeffrey. Ava got a phone call on her cell phone and she walked off.

Jeffrey called Olivia and he asked her to come and meet her at Main Street. Olivia told Buzz that she had to leave, and she walked out.

Ava came into Alan’s room and she saw Alan-Michael standing up out of his wheelchair and she was surprised. She asked him if he could walk.

Alan-Michael fell down to the floor and he said that he thought he could try and stand up but he couldn’t do it. Ava was concerned and she tried to get him up. She told him that it looked like he was standing up but he denied it.

Olivia came to meet Jeffrey at Main Street and she wanted to know why he wanted to see her. Jeffrey told her that he called Ava his daughter and he wanted her advice on how to deal with it. Jeffrey told Olivia that they should both try and be a part of Ava’s life.

Dinah met Remy at the bar and he asked her what she knew about Alan’s investigation. Dinah said that she really didn’t know much about Alan’s shooting. Remy asked her again and again, but Dinah told him that she didn’t know anything.

Josh kept saying to Cassie that she didn’t know what happen the night Alan was shot and she could go to jail for life if she didn’t keep quiet about that night. Mallet showed up at the door and he had some more questions. This time, his questions were for Josh.

Mallet asked Josh if he had anything to do with Alan’s shooting and Josh said that he didn’t. Mallet asked Josh if he was with Cassie that night, and Josh said they were together that night.

Dinah’s Mother came and found her in the bar and she asked her why she is trying to ruin her life. Dinah was surprised that her Mother was going after her like this. Dinah felt that she was being set up.

Buzz went to see Alan in his hospital room. He poked around Alan’s body to see if he may have been faking the coma and he wasn’t. Buzz talked to Alan and he told him that Alan deserved to be lying there in the bed like that. Buzz asked Alan to call the cops and tell them he shot himself.

Olivia and Jeffrey sat and talked with each other and she asked him if he wanted to be a daddy to Ava. Jeffrey said that he wanted to build a bridge to his daughter and be in her life.

Alan-Michael told Ava that she didn’t have to stay with him in the hospital if she didn’t want to and she said that she was here because she wanted to be with him. Ava looked at Alan-Michael and she kissed him. He wanted Ava to stay with him. He asked her if she had any feeling for him.

Ava said to Alan-Michael that she does have feeling for him and that is why she couldn’t commit to a relationship with Coop at this time. Alan-Michael told her that she may be only feeling sorry for him right now. Ava told him that wasn’t the case. Ava told him how she missed having a family and was upset that her Mother hated her. They compared notes on their family and she told him that she knew what it was like to have a hard childhood.

Dinah told her Mother that she didn’t write the nasty email that she was being accused of. She told her Mother that she was hurt that her Mother thought that she was lying to her but she was not at all shocked. Dinah told her Mother that she had nothing to do with the email but that she would apologize to her Mother’s Producer if that made her happy.

Mallet asked Josh and Cassie if they were together on the night Alan was shot. Josh and Cassie said that they were with each other all night. Mallet then left.

Buzz and Olivia walked together on the sidewalk and she said to him that Jeffrey told her to play Mommy to Ava and she didn’t want to apologize for the way she treated her daughter.

Jeffrey went to visit Alan-Michael and he told him that if he got out of the hospital and he hurt Ava, he would make hm pay for it. Alan-Michael had a look of fear on his face as Jeffrey said this to him.

Dinah and Remy talked about who could have shot Alan. They both told each other that they didn’t shoot Alan. They both said that the two of them would help each other and find who shot Alan.

Josh and Cassie hugged and he said to her that he would not let her go to jail for shooting Alan.

Mallet got the results from the gun back and he found that the gun was in the name of Alan-Michael.

Alan-Michael came back into Alan’s room and he watched his father.

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