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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/23/07

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Written By Richard

Lizzie walked into Alan’s hospital room. She looked at a picture of her and Jonathon and Sarah and she blamed Alan for their deaths. Alan was in a coma.

Josh and Cassie talked at her house. She told Josh that she was feeling a little bit better and she was going to go out for awhile.

Alan-Michael was in the hospital and he wanted to find out when his father was going to wake up. Ava walked in and she saw he was upset.

Buzz came to see Coop at the diner, he told him that Alan-Michael was not going to press charges against him.

Cassie walked down the Main Street and she missed Tammy. Lizzie walked up to her and she wanted to stop and talk to Cassie about Tammy and Cassie didn’t want to talk to Lizzie.

Alan-Michael said to Ava that he wasn’t going to let Doris or Alex push him aside. He told Ava that she was amazing and that she was the reason that he was starting to feel better about himself.

Josh was outside the hospital room and he saw Ava there. He asked her how she was doing, and they both said that they have had better times.

Lizzie told Cassie that she sometimes walks by the baby store and she forgets that Sarah is dead. She told Cassie that she misses Sarah and she asked her to forgive her. She told her that she missed Tammy too. Cassie talked with Lizzie and she shared memories of Sarah with her. Cassie said that she enjoyed hearing about Sarah and she asked her to keep telling her about her.

Lizzie told Cassie some fun times that she used to have with Tammy. Cassie enjoyed hearing Lizzie tell her about Tammy. Lizzie broke down and she cried over losing people that she loved and she asked Cassie how to get over losing someone. Cassie told her that she is trying to live and try to let go of the guilt. They shared a nice, bittersweet moment together.

Josh talked with Ava and Alan-Michael in the hospital and he accused Alan-Michael and his family of having something to do with Alan’s shooting. Ava got angry at Coop when he said that.

Lizzie went into the elevator to go back to the scene of the crime where Alan was shot. She realized that when she got in, the elevator stopped and was stopped.

Cassie came back and she saw that Josh was there at her house. She told him that she had a talk with Lizzie and it was tiring and sad. Josh told Cassie that the keys to the gun box that he had kept inside the house was missing.

Josh said to Cassie that there are only two people who are in their house who know where the keys to the gun box are. That would be him and Cassie. Cassie asked Josh if he was accusing her of shooting Alan and Josh said no. He said that even if she did take the gun and shoot Alan, he would find a way to protect her.

Alan-Michael told Ava that she had to go work with Alex and to go and leave him alone. Ava didn’t like him pushing her away and she told him that she was going to stay with him. Alan-Michael came around and he told her he did like being with her. Ava kissed his hand and Coop watched from the door.

Lizzie was locked in the elevator and she broke down and she cried. She said that she was sorry for her Grandfather being in the hospital and she said it over and over. Then, Marina and Mallet broke open the door and they asked Lizzie what she was sorry for. A stunned Lizzie couldn’t answer them.

Coop came in to see Alan-Michael and Ava. Ava saw Coop and she walked away. Coop thanked Alan for not pressing charges and he told him the fall was an accident and he apologized for it. Alan-Michael shook his hand and he told him that it was ok. Coop went outside and he noticed Ava in the hospital and he went up to her and he kissed her.

Josh tried to break open to gun box to see if the gun was missing. Josh told Cassie that even if the police came to the house and looked for the gun, they would lie and say that it was stolen. Cassie did not want to go along with that. Josh told her that he would not let her get in trouble for Alan’s shooting.

Marina was at the police station with Lizzie and she asked her why she kept saying that she was sorry when she was in the elevator. Lizzie said that she was upset cause she couldn’t get out. Lizzie wanted to go back to the elevator to get her purse and Marina said that she would go and get it for her. When Marina got in the elevator, she noticed that the panel in the elevator was open on the top and she had asked Mallet to come and look in the elevator and see what happened.

Coop said to Ava that he loved her and he asked her if she loved him too. Ava told him that she still cares about him but she also cares about Alan-Michael. Coop said to her not to trust Alan-Michael. She wouldn’t listen to him. He warned her about him and then he left. Ava called out for him to come back and talk with her.

Alan-Michael sat in Alan’s room and he talked with him as his father was in a coma. Alan-Michael got up out of his wheelchair and he walked over to Alan’s bedside. He told him that perhaps falling over the balcony was a blessing.

Cassie said to Josh that she couldn’t remember whether she could have shot Alan or not and she was worried if she was a murderer.

Mallet and Marina looked in the panel in the elevator and they found something that was hidden up there. They found a gun, and it could have been the weapon that was used to shoot Alan.

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