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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/22/07

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Written By James

(Hospital): Frank and Mallet lay out and review photos of their prime suspects in Alan’s shooting. They joke about the farcical situation it presents, admitting that any and all of them had sufficient motives for shooting him. Having heard nothing from the hospital on Alan’s condition, they prepare to leave. While getting on the elevator, Frank wonders what the Spaulding Family would be like without Alan. Mallet further adds, “Ever watch one of those animal shows where the rats feed on each other?

(Spaulding Mansion): Beth and Lizzie sits bored and worried, not knowing what will happen to them. They are concerned about Alan and how it would affect them if he didn’t make it. Suddenly Doris and Ashlee enter with their dog. Ashlee suggests getting some outfits for her dog Moxie, quite appropriate since they were now family. Lizzie jumps to the quick, reminding Ashlee that her dog (Roxie) was a pure bred and Ashlee’s dog (Moxie) was a mutt. She further adds, “We’re not family!”

(Home): Harley chats with Daisy about her motivational problems in school. Gus enters and witnessing the conversation, fades smartly into the background while Daisy and Harley talks. When Daisy exits, Harley prides herself to Gus on how she handled her temper with Daisy. Little does Harley know, her efforts had no real effect on Daisy who plans on packing to leave. Daisy rises from the stair-steps saying, “I’m so out of here.”

As Harley rants on about her perceived success, Gus sticks to snacking on his apple and reserving judgment. He seems to have a different take on the effects of Harley’s little chat with Daisy.

(Police Station): Dinah is giving Marina a statement about how her bank account has been cleared out and credit cards hijacked. Mallet comes in and catches the gist of the matter. He assures Dinah they’ll get to the bottom of it. Dinah however is hardly comforted, going on about him having to support her. Marina is on the computer and suddenly keys in on a hit on Dinah’s credit card account in the form of a smiley face.

(Outskirts): Frank sits at the bar and Harley joins him and pours herself a beer. They then commiserate on the challenges of parenting their kids. They shift from the bar to a table where they have a heart to heart about how to handle adolescents. Frank reminiscences with her on how it was when he acted as a stand-in father much of her life. He reflected on Harley’s behavior problems including her teenage pregnancy. Frank confides in Harley that he used to feel like a failure in guiding her but he is redeemed when she comes back to him for advice. He must have done something right. He encourages her to give Daisy time to settle in while remaining true to her own values – which things will turn out just fine. Upon returning to the station, Frank shares his and Harley’s meeting with Marina. Marina re-enforced Frank’s good parenting skills in reflecting on how well she’d turned out – against all odds. She was confident Harley would get Daisy in line with time.

(Home): Gus sits outside near Daisy’s window, donned in heavy winter clothing from head-to-toe. As Daisy descends from the window and makes the ground, she runs right into him sipping from a coffee mug and offering her the other filled mug. (BUSTED!)

Daisy sighs in defeat, determined she won’t become Harley’s pet project. She wonders why Harley just can’t be her friend like Gus seems to be. He takes her back inside and tells her he doesn’t think it’s going to work out with the way she’s going on. He tells Daisy to get her coat and come with him. Taking her back out in the bitter cold, they have a stroll along Main Street. He opens her eyes to all the Coopers had built from humble beginnings. He also shares his challenges of being accepted into the Cooper family and how he suffered while Harley was in jail. He tells Daisy he’s not her friend, but her step-father. He promises Daisy he wasn’t going to abandon her; she says “whatever” and he tells her he hates hearing her say that.

(Spaulding Mansion): Meantime, Doris examines some of the Spaulding treasures with Beth keeping close eye on her. After trading an array of barbs about who’s Queen Bee,

Doris, asserting her power as Alan’s new wife, lays down the law on how the house will be run. First, she informs Beth that she and Lizzie will be moved out of their current rooms into another wing of the house. They would take their meals in the kitchen and would also walk the dog (Moxie). When Beth fires up and tells Doris, none of that was going to happen, Doris calls in a policeman to physically remove Beth and Lizzie from her home. When Beth protests, the officer physically apprehends her and Beth breaks loose and stuns the room saying, “Stop – you’ll hurt the baby.” In announcing she’s pregnant, Doris rolls her eyes, not believing her. She asks Beth, “Who’s the daddy?” While Lizzie seems shocked, Doris is completely unaffected, jotting down a note to have a paternity test done. She asks Beth if the baby is Rick Bauer’s and Beth tells her no – that after Sarah’s memorial service, she and Alan bonded, even though they were having marital problems. With this news, the police officer tenses up and Doris dismisses him from the room. Beth mentions she will go to her room but Doris mentions she could do so after she “pees on a stick”. Instead Beth (with Lizzie in tow) opts to visit Alan at the hospital. Doris advises her not to get Alan too worked up to the point he’s unable to tell who shot him. Ashlee is gleeful however on the prospect of a little one added to the family. She approaches Beth and embraces her.

(Home): Harley returns calling Daisy, then Gus and gets no answer. She sees Daisy’s book pack on the floor and says, “This doesn’t look good.”

(Main Street): Harley finds Gus and Daisy arm-in-arm and having happy chat. Harley dismisses Daisy temporarily in order to have a heart-to-heart with Gus. She finds out he’s taken her to a movie and is not the least bit pleased he’s thwarting her efforts to get control of Daisy. She tells him, “Honey, if we’re not working on this together, it’s not going to work at all.”

(Home): Harley, Gus and Daisy returns with Harley and Daisy arguing (again). Gus wisely fades away (again) leaving Harley and Daisy to chat, or argue. Eventually Daisy approaches Gus, thanks him for a good time and hugs him before going upstairs to unpack her things.

(Spaulding Mansion): Ashlee returns with her dog Moxie and greets her mother but Doris senses something is wrong. Ashlee is not happy, thinking Doris has an attitude problem; that she should be happy about the new baby coming. Doris, restraining herself tries to explain to Ashlee that a baby might not be in the works. She tries to reassure Ashlee of their position in the house in case Alan doesn’t make it; that she will somehow get Beth and Lizzie out of the house.

(Hospital): Beth and Lizzie talk more about the baby, but Beth is being cagey on the subject. Lillian arrives and informs them there’s no progress on Alan’s condition. Lizzie looks upset and walks away. Beth goes over to her and turns to tell her mother Lillian, “It might be better if Alan didn’t wake up.”

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