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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/21/07

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Written By James

(Outskirts): Reva wanders about the bar and comes across Jonathan’s old t-shirt and reflects on their last moments together before he left town with his daughter, Sarah. Bill walks in and catches her staring at the newspaper article on Alan’s shooting.

(Home): While looking for a recipe, Cassie came across a crayon drawing Tammy drew when she was a little girl. She smiled and sat to reflect on her daughter’s wedding. Josh walks in and they strike up a conversation about Alan’s wedding and her state of mind right after that. He brought up the previous night of Cassie having a conversation (alone) on the front porch. Cassie admits she was talking to Tammy, causing Josh to get concerned and recommends she visits the shrink (Felicia) again. He offers to go with her but Cassie refuses his company.

(Hospital): Cassie, instead of going to see Felicia, goes to the hospital. She approaches Alan’s room dressed in an orderly’s coat and the policeman outside Alan’s room did not check her out. She walks inside the room and says to an unconscious Alan, “Well, well, well”…..She tells him to open his eyes and see what he’s made of her. Tammy’s ghost appears, this time she looks well (no scars). Tammy delights at the sight of Alan lying unconscious. Cassie assures Tammy all will be ok and leans in and smacks Alan on the face and tells him to open his eyes. She wheels round to face a stunned Reva who just entered the room.

(Outskirts): Josh walks in and tells Reva and Billy he needs to talk to them about Cassie – that he’s afraid she’s losing her grip. Reva attempted to defend her, citing her losing her daughter but Josh’s persistent concern. Reva eventually concedes the concern is valid and revealed to Josh what Cassie shared with her about her visions of Tammy.

(Hospital): Reva greets Cassie and tells her she figured she might be found there. Cassie attempts to explain away being in the lab coat as Reva approaches Alan’s bed and visually checks him out. Reva gives Cassie up-front support, assuring her she understands how grieved she must be losing her daughter. Eventually Reva tells Cassie they have to get out of that room but Cassie tells her no – to go on without her. Reva goes and pulls Cassie out of the room.

(Outskirts): Reva returns from the hospital and pours herself a drink. Billy is waiting and listens as Reva tells where she found Cassie. Billy then pulls out the expired parking validation ticket at the site of Alan’s wedding and wondered what Reva was doing with it since she wasn’t invited to the wedding. Reva gives Billy a lame excuse but he’s not swayed. Billy is concerned about what the police will find out but Reva doesn’t seem concerned. She tells him about her encounter with Alan at the wedding and that he (Alan) is the only one who knows she was there. Billy remains worried that all the clues are leading back to Cassie but Reva dismisses it, stating that if Alan dies, no one will ever know who shot him. She then tears up the ticket.

(Main Street): Josh talks to Cassie about being in Alan’s room and she tells him she was just watching him lie there. She accuses Josh believing she was perhaps the shooter, that he didn’t have faith in her. They sit and talk more where he reassures her he has faith in her while expressing his concern also. He tells her they will figure things out together, that they were going to shoot Alan.

(Home): Josh takes Cassie through a complete re-enactment of events leading up to Alan’s shooting. They eventually go back to Towers and go to the elevator. He takes on the role of Alan in order to spark her memory but she heatedly resists his efforts. Getting no answers there, they leave Towers and return home. Josh tells Cassie she needs to lean on him for everything she needs from now on. He suddenly gets up and finds her pills, attempting to throw them away. Cassie jumps up and struggles with him to get the pills back – telling him she can’t do without her medication. Eventually he coaxes the pills away from her. Lying upon Josh on the couch, Cassie is more relaxed and begins to tell Josh of her fantasies to get rid of Alan. They talk about her chances to do it including at Tammy’s funeral and at his home, but she didn’t do it; she’s not a killer. Cassie relished at this renewed faith in her and they embrace. When Cassie falls asleep, Tammy (ghost) appears and assures Cassie that even with the pills gone, she will always be with her (in her heart). Tammy then gives notice of her departure. While Cassie sleeps more soundly than she has in along time, Josh watches over her. He then gets up, takes the empty medicine bottle and tosses it in the trash. In continuing reflection, the notion comes to him to check the closet for his gun. He does so, taking the box from the closet and unlocks it. The gun is missing. “Oh no,” he says while looking back at Cassie asleep on the couch.

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