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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/20/07

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Written By James

(Hospital): Doris, donned in her bloody wedding dress has a press conference, giving a distressful account of Alan being shot and asks for prayers. Alexandria and Beth sees her with the microphone in hand and quickly breaks in and tears her away from the press. Reva watches on TV then calls Josh to see how he and Cassie were doing.

(Home): Gus and Harley discuss Alan and Gus wonders whether he should go see his father. Though torn between choices, he tells Harley his place is there with her and his family (the boys) – and Daisy.

(Police Station): Marina and Remy is in the interrogation room; Remy violated his restraining order by being at Alan’s wedding. A police officer enters with a security jacket they found in a dumpster and gives it to Frank It looks like the one Remy was wearing at the wedding.

(Hospital): Alan Michael shares some of his thoughts about Alan’s condition, citing Alan’s belief it would be heart that would take him out. Ava cans clearly seeing worry on his face. Alan Michael asks for a glass of water. When she leaves to get it, he immediately makes a phone call and says, “He’s still alive - for now.” Reva arrives, approaches the front and asks how Alan is doing. The desk nurse was hesitant but Reva describes herself as part the family and offers ID to prove it. The front desk nurse waives it off and goes to get Alan’s file for her. Alexandria approaches Reva from behind, “Oh – Cousin Reva.” They bicker some about each other’s motives in wanting to see him dead. At the end, they seemed to spar to a draw.

(Hospital): Doris, Beth and Alexandra read the riot act to Doris about how the Spaulding family works. That effectively meant for her to keep her mouth closed to the press in the face of bad news.

(Hospital): Alan Michael tells Ava how much he hates his condition and what’s happened to his father. He emphasizes how much concern he has for Ava and she returns the gesture in kind. When he asks her to get the orderly to help him back in bed, she offers to help him instead but he refuses, telling her there’s nothing else she could do for him right then. Upon leaving the hospital Ava pauses and says, “There is something else I can do for you Alan Michael.”

(Police Station): Frank disciplines Marina for showing conflict of interest in questioning Remy, her former room-mate without informing him first. He relieves her from these duties and goes back into the interrogation room and asks Remy if he shot Alan. Before Remy could answer his sister, Mel enters and stops him, inserting herself as his legal counsel and asked him to refrain from making a statement.

(Home): Harley encourages Daisy to do some community work at the hospital but she initially scoffs at it. Harley and Gus combine efforts to show her the brighter side of helping others. She agrees to try – to their surprise. She goes off to find the place herself and after she leaves, Harley instinctively grabs her coat to trail her (just in case she gets lost). Meantime, Gus disagreed that she should tail her own daughter, asking Harley to show a little faith. Harley relents.

(Hospital): Daisy arrives and introduces herself to the community service coordinator. Upon shaking hands, he almost immediately makes a pass at her, telling her how pretty she is and would have a choice of what she wanted to do there. He asked her to give him a moment to make assignment but Daisy bolts out of there at first opportunity.

(Police Station): Mel talks to Remy about the dicey situation he’s in. Outside the interrogation room Frank hands Marina Remy’s coat to have tested for blood stains but she’s hesitant, causing Frank to consider taking her off the case altogether.

(Hospital): Alexandria and Beth arrives at Alan Michael’s room in time to assist him out of bed and into his wheelchair. His mind is not on his medical woes but the reputation of the family. He’s concerned about the potential danger Doris could be and solicits support from both Alexandria and Beth. About Doris he tells them, “She’s smart and ruthless and can ruin our family if we’re not careful. Alexandria for some reason is suspicious of his motives.

(Gus’s Home): Ava arrives and appeals to Gus to come and help visit his father, Alan. She pleads her case, emphasizing Alan Michael’s incapacitation and Alan’s critical condition. Gus is tempted but sticks to his guns not to get involved again with the Spaulding’s drama and walks away.

(Hospital): Doris and Reva have a brief encounter, then Daisy appears and Reva wonders what she’s doing at the hospital. Daisy insinuates Reva as a likely person who may have shot Alan. Reva attempts to clear the air about her being a suspect telling Daisy, “If I had been the one who shot him, he’d be dead.” Daisy somehow doesn’t seem swayed. The conversation changes when Reva asks her (again) what she’s doing there and Daisy tells of her experience at the community services section. Reva ushers her out of the hospital, back home (Harley’s place).

(Hospital): Alan Michael seems determined to block Doris from getting her nails into the family. He repeatedly appeals for Alexandria and Beth to join him to protect the family – minus Doris. Alexandria gets a call from Amanda and while on the phone stops a courier from entering Alan Michael’s room. She receives a package the courier intends to deliver to Alan Michael and begins to read it. She seems disturbed from the onset of the document’s content when Ava arrives. Alexandria ushers Ava into Alan Michael’s room where Beth awaits and while examining the document accused him of trying to stab the family in the back. Alexandria cites a few stipulations from the document drawn up and wails on him; Beth also eyes the document and joins in. Ava ferociously comes to Alan Michael’s rescue, telling Beth and Alexandria they should be thanking him for looking out for them – not jumping all over him. Alexandria gives Ava the eye and shoots a priceless “bullet” her way, “Well, from the looks of things you might be the one climbing all over him. Be careful he doesn’t do to you what he has to others.” Beth and Alexandria departs, leaving a speechless Ava with Alan Michael.

(Police Station): Mel continues to question Remy in the interrogation room. His rage overflows and Mel warns him to control it. Marina watches from outside and draws her father (Frank) near; she has something to tell him.

(Home): Harley is ranting and raving to Gus about Daisy’s whereabouts. Reva arrives with Daisy and Harley immediately pounces on Daisy with accusations of not keeping her promise. After several attempts to explain to Harley what happened and her not believing anything she was hearing, Daisy walks out. Harley tells Gus to go after her. Reva and Harley have some sharp words about how to deal with Daisy when Reva finally silences her saying, “Excuse me Harley – but considering what Daisy has been going through recently, I figured you could use all the help you can get.”

(Hospital): Alan Michael, looking like a choir boy, dotes on Ava’s special attention, the faith she has in him. When he learns she went to see Gus, he gets angry but quickly forgives her.

(Home): Just outside the front door, Gus and Daisy has a cordial conversation – away from her troubles and she appreciates the change and his genuine concern for her. They embrace. Inside Reva and Harley has more pointed conversation about Daisy. Harley makes it clear to Reva that she should be the first to know when Daisy is having a problem. Reva agrees to back off.

(Hospital): Alexandria and Beth spots Alan’s doctor and asks him for an update. He tells them though Alan made it through surgery, things doesn’t look good, that he’s in critical condition. Doris steps in and reminds both Alexandria and Beth that she is Mrs. Alan Spaulding and has his power of attorney and accordingly, she would be briefed first by the doctor and then pass the word on to them. Alexandria and Beth are left fuming as Doris walks away with the doctor.

(Police Station): Frank learns from Marina that Remy got a job at a security agency on the day of Alan’s wedding. He enters the interrogation room and confronts Remy with this new evidence. Remy briefly flashes a look at Marina, perhaps assuming it was she who ratted him out.

(Home): On her computer, Reva closely examines the scene at Alan’s wedding. Amongst the photos, she hones in on one of her peering at the wedding couple in the background.

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