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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/19/07

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Written By Richard

Alan came into the wedding reception, and he fell down. Alan had been shot. Everyone was shocked to see him fall.

Ava went into Alan Michael’s room to see him, and she was surprised to see that he was gone.

Josh brought the car around to meet Cassie, and he couldn’t find her.

Rick and Susan tried to help Alan and stop the bleeding. Beth, Alex, and Lizzie were upset that Alan was losing blood. Doris and Ashlee were in tears over Alan. Alex took out her cell phone and she called 911. Doris wanted to know what happens if Alan were to die, would she get his money.

Alan Michael came into the room in a wheelchair and he saw Ava waiting for him there. Ava was upset that he had to be in the hospital and she made sure that he knew that she cared about him.

Josh kept looking for Cassie in the parking lot and he could not find her at all. Remy ran into Josh and Josh asked him if he saw Cassie, however Remy wouldn’t stop and he kept on running. Josh listened to the sirens and he said to himself that can’t be good. He was concerned about Cassie.

Rick and Susan tried to help Alan and Beth cried over him and she asked them if he would be alright. Doris told Beth to leave her husband alone. Alex saw the ambulance arrive and they came to take Alan to the hospital. Alex and Beth tried to run down to the hospital before Doris got there. Lizzie was upset about Alan. They all went to go see him.

Josh saw Cassie run into the parking lot and he asked her what happen to her. Cassie told Josh that she was very tired and she didn’t want to talk about it. They saw the paramedics come by and wheel Alan into the ambulance and Alex told them that Alan was shot.

Alan Michael asked Ava who shot Alan and she said that she didn’t know who did. Alan Michael said that this was coming for awhile now, and that Alan treated everyone badly and he got what he deserved. Ava was upset that Alan Michael didn’t seem to care whether his father lives or dies.

The paramedics brought Alan into the hospital and Doris was standing outside waiting. She said to her daughter that everyone would be trying to steal their new life from them.

Lizzie was upset about what happen to Alan and Susan noticed blood on her hands.

Frank and Marina came into the hospital and they asked Alex what happened to Alan. Alex said to them that Cassie came into the wedding and she was looking for revenge after Alan and she shot him.

Josh brought Cassie home and he put her to sleep on the couch.

Alex told Frank that she thought that Cassie had shot Alan to get revenge for Tammy’s murder.

Alan Michael talked with Ava about Alan and he told her that he didn’t want to see his father. Ava was upset that he didn't seem to care.

Frank had questioned everyone who was at the wedding ceremony and he wanted to know who shot him. Rick came out to inform everyone that they had to operate on Alan to remove the bullet.

Doris and Beth argued over who had shot Alan. Beth wanted to know who would get Alan’s estate since she was worried about if Doris would get his money.

Marina went over the Josh and Cassie’s house and she questioned Josh about what happened when Alan was shot, and she wanted to talk to Cassie. Josh wouldn’t let her talk to Cassie and he said to Marina that he was with Cassie the entire night. Marina said to him that she didn’t want to see Cassie go through anymore then she already had and that she understood everything that she had gone through. Josh told Marina that he saw Remy running by him in the parking lot and he thought that she should check that out. Marina was surprised to learn that Remy was there.

Remy was in the bar and he was drinking. Marina had found Remy there and she asked him if he had shot Alan. He said that he didn’t and he pretended that he had no knowledge of Alan being shot. Marina told him that she thought that he had a good reason to get revenge.

Frank asked Doris if she knew who shot Alan and she said that Alex, Beth, and Lizzie may have shot Alan. She said that they all couldn't stand him and they wanted to get rid of him after what he did.

Rick needed someone to sign the consent form so he could operate on Alan and Beth and Doris both wanted to sign it. Beth ended up signing it for Alan.

Alan Michael told Ava that seeing Alan in the hospital like this would be much harder to deal with if she wasn’t there with him.

Josh was trying to find Cassie in the house and he noticed that she was outside. Cassie had saw a vision of Tammy and she said to her that it was done and not to worry that Alan got what he deserved for what he did to her. Josh watched from the door as he noticed that Cassie was talking to no one outside.

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