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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/16/07

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Written By Richard

Ava and Coop waited inside the hospital to find out if Alan Michael was going to wake up. Alan Michael awoke alone inside his hospital room, and he felt groggy and unsure of where he was.

Alan and Alex were together in the restaurant and Alex was trying to get Alan to give up on his marriage to Doris. She even told him that she would rather him marry Reva Shayne. Alan was amused at the notion. He told her that the only reason that he was going to marry her was that he was a free man and this was due to Doris.

Beth walked into Doris’s room, and she asked her for an invitation to the wedding. Doris said to her that she wouldn’t let her ruin her wedding day. Beth told her that she didn’t want to ruin her day, and that she was there to pass the baton to her, the new wife. Doris didn’t trust her.

Remy was hired as a security guard for Alan’s wedding under an alias.

Cassie was outside her house and she saw a vision of Tammy. She said to Tammy that she wasn’t going to let Alan get away with what he did to her.

Josh came over and he saw that Cassie was upset that Alan was going to be married after what he did to Tammy. Josh tried to convince Cassie to go away with him. She refused, and he knew that she was upset, he wanted her to get away.

Lizzie tried to drink to forgot about Alan’s wedding. She was in her house with Ashlee. Lizzie told Ashlee that Alan’s wedding was a mistake. Ashlee told her that she was excited about the wedding and that her Mom loved Alan. She asked Lizzie to try and be excited for her. Lizzie told her that the wedding was a sham.

Beth told Doris to be careful what she wishes for. Doris told her that she was going to end up with everything she always wanted. Beth continued to argue with her, and Doris threw Beth out of her hotel room.

Rick walked by and saw Beth standing outside the room. He told her that getting divorced from Alan was the best thing for her. She disagreed with him.

Frank came into the hospital and he told Coop that he shouldn’t be in the hospital outside Alan Michael’s room. Coop refused to leave Ava alone with Alan Michael. Frank told Coop that he was driving Ava right to Alan Michael.

Alan Michael was awake with Ava, Coop, and Frank inside his room. Alan Michael told Frank that Coop and him had a disagreement and he lost his balance and fell.

Remy walked into the restaurant here they were setting up the reception for Alan’s wedding.

Alan was getting dressed in his room for his wedding, and Beth walked in and saw him.

Doris and her daughter were getting ready for the wedding in her room.

Lizzie sat alone in a bar and drank as she looked at a picture of Jonathon and Sarah.

Alan was all set to marry Doris. He was at the restaurant and he noticed Beth and Rick walked through the door. Beth wished Alan good luck.

Ashlee walked in with Doris, she was wearing her wedding dress. Alan introduced Doris to everyone as his wife.

The wedding started with Lizzie walking down the aisle along with Ashlee. Doris was next with a big smile as she walked down the aisle. She announced the everyone that her daughter was going to sing a song for them. And she did…Badly.

She continued to sing as everyone watched with a bemused look. She finally ended her song much to everyone’s delight, and Doris hugged her.

As the ceremony started, Cassie walked in and said to Alan that he killed her daughter, he doesn’t deserve to live and she reached into her purse for something as Alan had a look of worry on his face.

Cassie pulled out a picture of Tammy and she threw it in Alan’s face. She yelled that he killed her daughter. She wanted everyone to know what he did to her. Josh came in and he pulled Cassie away from Alan and he convinced her to go with him. She did, but she dropped the picture of Tammy at Alan’s feet. He looked at the picture and he saw the beautiful girl smiling back at him and she was now dead because of what he did.

Alan pulled Doris aside and he tried to convince her not to go through with their wedding after what had happened. Doris would not give up on her wedding. Alan told her that it was time to tell everyone to go home. Doris said to him that she was going to continue with the wedding and that was it or he would wind up in prison.

The wedding continued as Doris read Alan her own vows. She smiled at the thought of becoming the next Mrs. Spaulding. Lizzie looked on in disgust, she didn’t want to watch her grandfather marry this woman. Alan told Doris that he was very happy to marry her and he would love her, honor her, and cherish her. He said all of this with an angry look on his face. They were pronounced Man and Wife and Doris gave him a big kiss. Ashlee stood up and she was very happy that her mother got married, and she was just about the only one in the room who was happy about that.

Josh told Cassie that she should never hide anything from him, he was going to be by her side through the good and the bad. He said that would take her home and he went to get the car. Cassie saw a vision of a bloody Tammy, and she felt like she had to get justice for her daughter.

Rick was at the reception with Beth and he asked her why so was so angry. Beth said to him that she felt used up and cast aside. She walked away from Rick.

Lizzie told her Grandmother that she missed Sarah.

Ashlee saw Alex at the reception and she asked her to give her some pointers to be a part of her new family. She was talking a mile a minute and she was so happy to have a new family. Alex was amused at her excitement to be a part of the Spaulding family considering what she knows.

Alan told Doris that he never married anyone as ruthless as she was. Doris was amused at that and she told him that they were going to be happy together. Alan told her that he had to go outside for a minute to smoke and he would be back soon.

Alan came in just then and he fell down. Alan had been shot.

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