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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/15/07

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Written By James

(Home): Cassie continues to struggle with coping with Tammy’s death. She lies on her couch, unable to sleep and rises to take a pill. Unable to sleep, she gets up to tend to the kitchen when Josh calls. Seems that a Valentine’s dinner for Josh and RJ is in works but after the phone call she says, “Nothing is going to be perfect again; not as long as he’s….” (then walks out the door).

(Spaulding Mansion): Lizzie grabs a long butcher knife and focuses on a picture of Alan, perhaps planning to cut it up. “You ruined my life; just like you did my dad’s.” Remy walks in and grab her, saying it’s not worth it. Lizzie quickly moves away from away from him, holding the knife. She’s aware of how Remy beat Gillespie down and is clearly afraid for her safety. Remy, though blaming Lizzie for part of his misery, tells her she’s a victim too. She concedes how she suffers, dreams about her lost baby, awaking at times thinking she can hear her crying. Remy capitalizes on this in-road as he can barely contain his rage. He asks Lizzie for the “silver bullet” that would help put Alan away.

(Towers): Dinah sets up a scheme to get Mallet to Towers for a dinner date. After his arrival and realizing he’d been set up, he couldn’t have been more pleased. While having dinner, they talk about Alan’s wedding. She’s been overhearing some things with Doris and Alan and wants to cover their wedding and expose everything on her TV show.

(Outskirts): Olivia and Buzz talks about their low-key Valentine’s celebration because of the Gus and Harley’s adoption case. Frank and Jeffrey enter and take a table. Jeffrey approaches Buzz and gives his regrets about losing the adoption case. Cassie then enters, looking haggish. They all freeze and stare at her appearance. She asks what they’re doing standing there instead of finding more evidence to put Alan away. She says Tammy wants justice and that the only way she (Cassie) could get any sleep is for justice to be served.

(Office): In the midst of the Coop/Alan-Michael brawl, Alan-Michael falls backward over the balcony and Ava goes into hysteria, wondering if he’s ok. She yells out for Alan-Michael and Coop tries to explain the fall was an accident. As she attempt to leave to find help, Coop grabs her but she pulls back, “Let me go; he could be dead.”

(Hospital): Alan-Michael arrives and is rushed to surgery. Little Coop and Ava arrives as well and Coop tries to explain what happened by trying to console Ava simultaneously. She asks him what happened and when he explained they were fighting over her, Ava became enraged that Little Coop would behave in such a manner. She told him she always loved him because he was a good guy. Little Coop stood his ground though, explaining how Alan-Michael had been goading him along and that he (Coop) would do it all again if that’s what it took to open her eyes to Alan-Michael. She’s silent after this then the doctor comes out and asks for her signature in order to operate.

(Outskirts): Olivia and Buzz wonders what to do about Cassie. Buzz gives her a Valentine’s present.

Cassie, Jeffrey and Frank sit aside having a drink and she takes down a hard alcoholic beverage. Jeffrey expresses concern for her welfare but all Cassie wants is justice. Suddenly Tammy’s blood-stained face appears and Cassie immediately rises and walks out in her direction. Buzz gets a call from Little Coop at Cedars telling him of the accident. Buzz and Olivia immediately heads for the hospital.

(Home): Lizzie and Remy continue talking, trading stories of how their individual miseries of loss are haunting them. He tells her, they would all be alive if it wasn’t for Alan. He pursues his quest to bring Alan to justice and is relieved when Lizzie isn’t objecting to his proposal. Remy leaves and as Lizzie turns around she’s startled by a sudden loud knock. She wheels about again and sees Cassie staring at her through a windowed door. Lizzie opens the door and allows Cassie inside. Cassie immediately began interrogating Lizzie about what she knew about the fateful night Tammy was hit but Lizzie gets cagey. Lillian walks in on Cassie and Lizzie yelling at each other and breaks up the scene.

(Towers): Dinah attempts to pay for the meal, giving the waiter a credit card. The waiter soon returns with bad news that the credit card was no good. She gives him a second card and learns it had expired. One option was to work off the bill by washing dishes but she’d have no part of that. In seamlessly creative fashion, Dinah pitches Mallet’s popularity as the TV detective to the patrons. She offers to auction off his clothes to pay for their dinner. While Mallet looks on in shock, Dinah first sells his tie, then his shirt, and finally his boxers. At the end, all Mallet had was a cell phone and a table cloth wrapped around him. Lizzie calls him and asks for his help.

(Hospital): Buzz and Olivia arrives, Buzz wondering who was hurt and whether it was Little Coop. Coop shows around the corner with coffee, Buzz is relieved he’s walking but asks Coop what happened to his face. Coop conceals the details but reveals its Alan-Michael who’s hospitalized. Frank arrives and begins questioning Coop about what happened and slowly got more information. Ava looks worried and when Frank tries to question her, she’s not in the mood and walks off to learn more about how Alan-Michael is doing. Jeffrey goes after her. They talk briefly but she walks away and Jeffrey finds Olivia and suggested that Ava needed her. Meantime Buzz is looking worried Coop might be in trouble for Alan-Michael’s condition.

(Spaulding Mansion): Lillian spends time with Cassie. She’s very sympathetic at Cassie’s grief and even let slip some of her own bitter feelings about Alan. She told Cassie she’s at the mansion to make sure she protects her daughter and grand-daughter. She offers Cassie something to eat or drink but Cassie then remembers the dinner she’s promised Josh and RJ and says she had to go. In exiting, Tammy’s ghost reappears and they leave together.

(Hospital): Doctors indicate Alan-Michael has a spinal chord injury. Ava presses the doctor for more details but nothing more can be determined pending further tests. Little Coop watching from outside the door wants to go in and say something but Buzz cautions him.

(Home): Dinah makes s call about her credit cards. She learns that all her funds had been withdrawn from her account and the credit cards had been cancelled. She’s dumbfounded, with no clue of what’s going on.

(Outskirts): Mallet goes in and confronts Remy about Lizzie taking out a restraining order on him. Remy has no patience for the detective, making it clear he has his sights set on Alan. Mallet reminds him of how lucky he is to be walking around after the assault on Gillespie. Remy dismisses him, telling Mallet he’d better have his entire crew out at Alan’s upcoming wedding.

(Spaulding Mansion): Lillian walks in and presents Lizzie with a bridesmaid dress that Doris sent. The dress looked awful and Lizzie had to laugh as if it was a joke. Her first thought was to cut it up but changed her mind, going up stairs with that “bad girl” look on her face.

(Home): Cassie returns home, still haunted by Tammy to seek justice for her death. She seems to be spiraling downward with each passing moment. Tammy’s death eats away at her as if it was poison in her blood stream. She just can’t shake it. Picking up a newspaper at her door and turning to a page (prompted by Tammy’s ghost), she sees the wedding announcement of Doris Wolf and Alan she says, “Had better RSVP” as she walks inside the house.

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