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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/13/07

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Written By James

(At Home): Harley and Gus tries to cheer each other up in hope that good news will come on the adoption case. Her boys come in and surprise her with some Valentine’s candy and she struggles for a happy and grateful face. After they leave, Harley confesses how badly she feels about the revelations of Daisy in the court-room and how badly it has impacted their chances of adopting Sydney. The phone rings and Harley answers, learning that Daisy never showed for school. Harley goes to find her.

(Spaulding Mansion): Lizzie continues to cope with her grief, shredding documents when Ashley comes skipping in merrily wishing her a Happy Valentines. Lizzie strains to keep her cool but Ashley, determined to cheer her up, reaches and bodily lifts Lizzie off her feet and take her away.

(Donavan’s Hotel Room): Daisy stands near Donovan’s door, checks her seductive dress and refreshes her lipstick then knocks on his door. Donovan opens the door and lets her in.

(Company’s): Harley arrives looking for Daisy. She presents the bartender with a photo of Daisy and asked him if he’d seen her around. The bar tender was coy from the start, telling Harley he didn’t serve minors. Harley appeals for his help as a mother and he eventually admits that Daisy was there and Harley asks if she was alone.

(Main Street Plaza): Ava arrived earlier with Alan-Michael but he eventually leaves her with Little Coop. She starts out with a cheerful attitude but cools down once along with Little Coop and detecting his solemn face. They have some idle chit-chat, but Little Coop wants to spend time with her and asks her out for a Valentine’s dinner. She gives him the nay sign for “Valentine” but agrees to have a general dinner. Meantime Alan-Michael is nearby making plans for a romantic dinner for two at The Beacon.

(Outskirts): Ashley totes Lizzie into the bar and releases her. Lizzie thought she was off her rocker for bringing her to her dead ex-husbands former bar. Ashley was oblivious to Lizzie’s complaints and continued to encourage Lizzie to cheer up for Valentines. Lizzie relented and asked the bartender for a drink. In miracle timing, Ashley spots a “friend” on the other side of the bar. She ran over and hugged a rather attractive young man and introduces him to Lizzie.

(Donovan’s Room): Donovan and Daisy talk distantly about what is to transpire at their meeting as she soon asks for a drink. He refuses her, (citing her being a minor) and pours himself a drink. She approaches him and takes the drink and tells him to get off her case. He asks her what she really wanted and she gestures by putting his hand on her leg. He asks her if she was willing to go a little bit higher when Harley unlocks his door walks into the room. Harley immediately verbally slays the attorney and warns him of the trouble she will make for him at attempting to have sex with her minor daughter. Daisy attempts to defend Donovan and explain her presence but to no avail. Daisy runs off, leaving Harley with Donovan. He tells Harley she should apologize for wrongfully accusing him but the only consideration he got was a swift in the groin from Harley. She then departed.

(Spaulding Office): Ava prepares to leave the office when Alan-Michael asks her where she’s off to. She tells him she’s going out to dinner at the Beacon and he tells her he’s also having dinner there. She teases him, “Ooh – hot date”? He grin it off and offers to drop her off there since they were headed the same way. She accepts.

(Outskirts): After a short time of sitting at a table, Ashley realizes she has an appointment but intends to leave Lizzie with her friend. Lizzie tries to avoid the situation but Ashley runs off anyway. The man gives Lizzie the chance to leave too but as she attempted to go, he gives some nice verbal touches that eventually got Lizzie’s attention and she stays to have a drink with him.

(The Beacon (Restaurant)): Little Coop and Ava seem to be in a good mood as they get ready to sit down for dinner. He was able to get a table at the last moment. He gave Ava some makeshift flowers and she was appreciative of the gesture. Then bad news strike: Alan-Michael arrives and says, “I thought we were having dinner Ava”. It becomes clear to Ava that Alan-Michael was trying to pull another fast one on her and her temper grew instantly hot. Little Coop was fired up too and the scene escalated to Little Coop and Alan-Michael pulling on Ava in opposite directions. She eventually broke loose from both of them; making it clear she wasn’t having dinner with neither of them and they could spend Valentine’s dinner with each other. She left both of them there.

(Home): Harley and Daisy has a heated discussion about Daisy’s behavior and Harley points out to her she can’t go around half-cocked, continuously setting her up for bad situations. They agree to table their discussion for the sake of Valentines Day and entered the house where Gus is waiting with an envelope containing the judge’s decision on their adoption request.

(Outskirts): Lizzie tells her blind date her heart-breaking life story with Jonathan, the baby, and Tammy. She gestured toward a photo on the wall of Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah. She further confides in him about the reputation of her grandfather and his engagement to the DA (Doris Wolf). Her date seems genuinely sympathetic and interested in what she has to say. Lizzie continues to give him the low down on her life when he eventually says, “Sounds like it was all your grand father’s fault. Lizzie gets angry, throws her drink and begins crying. The blind date hugs and tries to comfort her.

(Home): Daisy takes the kids out of the room so they can open the letter in private. Gus opens the letter, kisses Harley briefly and Harley knows the news wasn’t good. Gus tries to take the high road in trying to deal with the judge’s decision to turn Sydney over to her blood relatives. When Harley learns the turnover is due that day, she breaks down and cries. She just can’t bear doing something like that so soon, not after getting used to Sydney being their child and now they want them to immediately give up custody, even while it was stormy outside.

(Spaulding Office): Ava is working and Alan-Michael comes back to soothe her anger. He offers her a glass and campaign. Ava gets even angrier and leaves to do an interview for the company. Alan-Michael pours two glasses of campaign when the door bell rings. Though he assumes its Ava coming back, Little Coop arrives instead and they resume arguing about Ava. Their argument escalates to physical and in the scuffle; Alan-Michael nails Little Coop with a left hook.

(Main Street Plaza): Harley and Gus arrive with Sydney to hand over to her uncle. They question him at length about his destination and present him with Sydney’s belongings, a list of things to do for her and brief him on her routine. They eventually hand her over to him.

(Home): Gus and Harley returns to a still house (without Sydney), both in a very somber mood. Daisy comes out to greet them. She tells Harley and Gus of certain things she did in the house to relieve their pain about Sydney. Daisy eventually takes the boys outside to give Harley and Gus some private time.

(Spaulding Mansion): Lizzie returns and looks toward the china cabinet and sees Alan’s photo inside. She grabs it from the cabinet, tears the picture from the frame and shreds it and says, “It should have been you; it should have been you.” She then finds and looks over a smaller sized photo on the desk of her and Jonathan together.

(Spaulding Office): Ava comes back to the office and finds Little Coop and Alan-Michael tearing each other apart. This episode concludes with Alan-Michael taking a back-fall over a banister. Ava screams, “No”.

Note: Outskirts (formerly Jonathan’s bar) has been redecorated, has new staff and a trendy clientele of customers.

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