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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/12/07

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Written By Richard

Harley was on the Main Street and she was following Daisy and she asked her if she was on drugs. Daisy was upset and she said to Harley that the real reason she was mad at her was because she was away from her for years. Gus and Jeffrey looked on. Gus said that he wanted to find a way to save both Sydney, and Daisy.

Beth was at Alan’s house, and she argued with Doris about her divorcing Alan. Beth accused Doris of trying to ruin her marriage. Doris said to Beth that if she didn’t get to marry Alan, she would go after Alan and Lizzie in court for Tammy’s death.

Josh came to see Cassie at her house and he discovered she wasn’t there. Josh called Cassie and she said to him that she was already at the Restaurant and he was going to meet her there.

Cassie was at the Restaurant and Reva was there. Cassie told Reva that she was having visions of Tammy and that she wanted Alan to pay for what he did Reva was worried about Cassie.

Beth told Alan that she was signing the divorce papers under stress and that it wasn’t her own choice. Doris warned Alan that he would spend his days in prison if he stayed married to Beth. Beth asked Alan to stick together, and try to save their marriage and they could fix everything. Beth told Alan that they cared about each other. Alan said to her that it was no use. Beth asked Doris to leave the room so she would sign the divorce papers. Doris walked outside.

Daisy asked Harley if she ever made a mistake. Harley told Daisy that drugs will ruin her life. Daisy said that it was Harley’s fault for having her testify. Daisy said that Harley hated her, and she doesn’t care about her. Harley told her she didn’t want to see her throw her life away.

The opposing D.A. offered Gus and Jeffrey a deal.

Harley said to Daisy that she was scared that her actions would make them lose Sydney.

The D.A. told Gus and Jeffrey that they should give up the baby now since they would lose her anyway. He told them that the baby had an Uncle who was offering to take her and raise her with his wife. Harley overheard them talking, and she ran over and had to know if they were going to lose the baby.

Beth told Alan that she loved him and they should stay together. Alan said to Beth that there was a time that they should have been together, but it was gone now. Alan told Beth that the marriage ended when they lost their baby and she ruined their marriage after she slept with Rick. So, Beth signed the divorce papers and she threw them in Alan’s face. Doris came in and told Beth to move out of the house by 9:00PM. Doris wanted Beth to give her the wedding ring that she was wearing. Beth refused and she walked out of the house.

Josh came to the bar and he found Cassie there. He sat down with her for dinner. Josh told her that they would get through Tammy’s death together. He took out a gift and he gave it to her, it was Tammy’s friendship bracelet, and he wanted her to wear it and think of Tammy. Cassie cried when she saw it and she hugged Josh, and as she hugged him she she Alan at the other table with Doris.

Josh said to Cassie that they should take R.J. away for a vacation, he tried to get her to ignore Alan and Doris. Alan sent a bottle of wine over to Cassie and Josh. Cassie was upset, and Josh took the wine back over to Alan’s table and he poured the wine all over Alan. He yelled at Alan for killing Tammy and he threatened Alan and Doris and she threatened to have him arrested, and Josh walked away, and then he and Cassie left. Alan was angry and upset and he wanted to leave but Doris convinced him to stay.

Harley wanted to know why they never heard of Sydney’s Uncle before today. The D.A. warned Gus and Harley of leaving town with the baby. Gus was optimistic that the judge could still rule in their favor. Daisy told Gus and Harley that she would leave town and never come back to help them get Sydney back. She told them that they could trade the good daughter for the bad daughter, and Jeffrey agreed with what she said and he thought that might be their only chance.

Josh brought Cassie back home. He told her that everything was going to be OK as long as they were together. He tried to get to go and rest.

Beth walked into the Restaurant and she came to the bar and asked for a drink, and she looked on and watched Alan and Doris at the other table having dinner.

Daisy walked into the bar and she saw the opposing D.A. sitting at the bar and she walked up to him and she asked him what would it take to drop the case against her Mom. She said to him that she would do whatever it took.

Gus and Harley stood inside their house with Sydney in the playpen. Harley told Gus that she blamed herself for having Daisy feel like she hated her. She told her that she couldn’t give up Daisy. Gus told Harley that he wanted to keep Sydney and raise her as their own, but if they had to choose between the two of them. He would choose Daisy.

The D.A. handed Daisy his hotel card and asked her to come to his hotel room tomorrow night and they could work something out together. Daisy took the card, and she planned to meet him so he would drop the case.

Doris noticed that Beth was watching her and Alan together and she put on a show for Beth and she fawned all over Alan. Doris acted surprised when Alan gave her the wedding ring, and Beth watched from the bar and then she left. Doris told Alan that she has to have a big, expensive wedding that everybody can see or she he would be on his way to prison, and he reluctantly agreed.

Reva came to see Josh and Cassie and she knocked on the door. Josh left Cassie sleeping on the couch and he went to the door to see Reva. She told him that she wanted to see if Cassie was alright, and he told Reva that she was asleep. Reva walked away and told Josh goodnight. Reva went outside and as she closed the door, she said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to Josh even if he couldn’t hear her.

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