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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/9/07

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Written By Richard

(Main Street): Walking along Main Street, Cassie stops and looks up at the theatre marquee, reminiscing on the weekly movies she and Tammy used to see together there. Josh offers to be a stand-in but she turns him down. Instead she recommends Josh goes and help Reva right now; that Reva too have lost loved ones and that she shouldn’t be alone. When Josh asks Cassie to come with him, again she opts to stay there and see the movies alone.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan peers at Beth through the window as she ponders her future out on the patio. He then goes out and approaches her, offering a coat to shield her from the cold. Beth rejects his offer, telling him his new fiancé is as cold as ice and that he’s eventually going to need that coat. Alan tells Beth their marriage was over since he learned of her affair with Rick Bauer; but that he truly did care for her and want the divorce to be as painless as possible. Beth is determined not to be put off like that and promises Alan a fight.

(Outskirts): Reva spruces about the bar when Josh enters and tells her she’s not alone. She gazes at him appreciably and tells him running a bar isn’t easy. He expresses his concern for her welfare but Reva quickly goes to another subject. As Josh persists in focusing on her feelings, she avoids answering any of his questions but talks about Jonathan and Tammy. She indicates she won’t be doing a memorial for Jonathan; that they had already said their goodbyes. Since the most recent cancer scare, she’s now focusing on living for here and now but it was harder to do that with Tammy gone too.

Josh embraces her and Reva tells him Cassie needs him more right now than she does. Josh seems confused why Reva would say that, since she and Cassie suffered tough losses. Reva re-emphasized that Cassie definitely needed him more.

(Courtroom): Mr. Donovan continues his attack on Daisy who’s still on the witness stand. As he presses her on details of her relationship with Gillespie, Daisy becomes increasingly tense and asks for a break but the judge refuses until the testimony is over. Eventually Daisy breaks down and tells the truth, that she and Gillespie were lovers. Harley looked dazed and confused and Gus dejectedly buries his face in his hands. Under continued pressure from Mr. Donovan, Daisy completely unravels, telling all about her being in the car with Gillespie when he struck Tammy. When Donovan infers Daisy was a drug addict and that she was the one driving the car, Gus rises and interjects that he could vouch for Daisy not being the driver because he was the one who found her passed out in the back seat and pulled her out. Upon hearing all this, Harley looked totally dumbfounded and hurt.

The judge then calls a recess and Daisy races out of the courtroom. When Harley attempts to go after her, Gus tries to hold her back but Harley lashes out at him saying what she had for him wasn’t any better than what she has in store for Daisy. Gus takes her into the hallway in effort to explain his actions that it was to save their chances to adopt Sydney. He gets no love from Harley who shouts at him, “Guess what? It didn’t’ work! Daisy runs into Reva (her grandmother) and tells her things weren’t going well and begs for Reva’s help. Reva promises to do what she could. The judge then calls everyone back into the courtroom. Jeffrey rises and asks that Daisy’s testimony be stricken from the record. The judge isn’t quick to grant the request, citing what Daisy displayed in her testimony is that Harley was a part-time mother and that reflected negatively on Daisy’s outcome. Daisy again attempts to leave court but Harley blocks her.

(Spaulding Mansion): Doris and Beth have a run-in over Alan. “I’m not gone yet,” Beth reminds Doris. In a flux of trading insults, Doris tells Beth she can discount her all she wants but that she’d worked hard to make it where she was; that if Beth tried to stand in her way, she’d make sure Beth and Lizzie ended up with nothing. Beth reminds her to think about the fact that numerous women have come and gone through that mansion but that she had been the one constant through it all – and would still be there after Doris has gone. Beth departs leaving Doris in thought, speechless.

(Spaulding Mansion): Cassie is on the patio and creeps up on Alan. He’s initially uneasy at her presence and tells her she shouldn’t be there. Cassie reverts to great depths of her grief, how she can sometimes hear Tammy’s voice which leads her there to watch and wait for him. Alan asks her to leave again but Cassie is undeterred in expressing her grief and Alan’s blame. Doris eventually threatens to have Cassie arrested but Beth stops her, stating that Cassie was obviously in distress and offers to take her home. Before leaving, Cassie stares Alan down and vows that he will see her time and again.

Alan later finds Ashlee (Doris’ daughter) roaming about the house and asks who she was and what she was doing there. Ashlee identifies herself and asks him about the price of certain things in the house; that he’d be her first real dad. Alan, responding most unimpressed says, “I’m honored.” Ashlee becomes clumsy with one Alan’s prized pieces when her mother (Doris) arrives with fabric samples for Ashlee to use in decorating her room at the mansion. Doris then tells Alan to get his coat, they’re going out.

Lizzie finds Beth in another part of the mansion downing some alcohol. They contemplate their future at the mansion, conceding they have to fight for it. Lizzie’s emboldened spirit to fight instills pride in Beth and they embrace.

(Court): Alan and Doris arrive for a press conference. Doris reports the investigation indicated Gillespie completely acted alone and was intoxicated to the extent of oblivion to his actions of hitting Tammy. She also stated her office found no connection to Alan and Gillespie and therefore Alan is cleared of all charges. Alan then announces he’ll be setting up a scholarship in Tammy’s name at the local college. Doris looked pleased at the offering then drags Alan off to see the caterers. All the townspeople witnessing the press conference (and listening afar) seems shocked and unconvinced.

(Josh’s Office): Cassie arrives at Josh’s office, sounding foggy and asks about Reva and running errands. Josh, looking concerned takes her coat and finds a photo of Alan and Doris in one of the pockets. He asks Cassie if she went to see Alan again and if she needed anything. From Cassie’s response, it was clear to Josh she had in fact seen Alan and he rips up the photo. He then promises Cassie that Frank will eventually get Alan, or he will. He encourages her to just grieve, not to worry about Alan and start looking to the future. When Cassie sees the press conference on TV confirming that Alan was cleared, she runs out onto the balcony to compose herself. She then hears Tammy’s voice, telling her she cannot forgive Alan. She turns and sees Tammy’s ghost, abound with injuries from the accident. Tammy tells her mother she has to go after Alan and stop him before he hurts someone else.

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