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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/8/07

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Written By James

(Police Station): Josh enters and finds Cassie staring into space. Marina approaches and tells Josh about Cassie wandering about the Spaulding Estate, effectively stalking Alan. While they talk, Tammy’s ghost appears and affirms Marina’s concerns; that Cassie must not destroy herself on revenge. Cassie replies, “But I want to” when Josh and Marina turns and approaches her, wondering if she’s truly lost it. Cassie eventually snaps back to reality, ranting about Alan Spaulding, his bad behavior, walking around free, though the whole town knows he was involved with her daughter’s death. Josh urges her to go home with him and eventually shows her the newspaper where Alan’s engagement to the DA (Wolfe) makes the headlines. She then tells Josh, “He won’t get away with it.” She adds that she’s no better than Alan, that she wants to see him dead.

(Spaulding Enterprises): Alan-Michael attempts to fend off concerned business clients over bad publicity on Alan. When the caller abruptly hangs up, Alan-Michael gets angry and slams the phone down when Jeffrey enters. Their conversation briefly focuses Gus but Alan-Michael thumps the issue away stating, “We never see him.” The conversation soon changes to Ava and Jeffrey asks Alan-Michael to release her from contract. The scene soon turns ugly as Jeffrey tells Alan-Michael he will not see Ava end up being a victim like Tammy. He further cites Alan-Michael’s less than valid trip to Paris, taking Ava with him. Alan-Michael jumps to the quick, citing Jeffrey’s lawyer act as a rouse to stay close to Ava. He polishes off the sparking by telling Jeffrey, “If you ask me, you’re worse for Ava than I’ll ever be.” Alan-Michael then shows Jeffrey to the door.

(Harley’s house): Gus, Buzz, and Harley nervously prepares for the adoption hearing. Gus asks about Daisy (where she was) and Harley says that she was probably up in her room preparing to help their case. Gus walks outside and finds Daisy outside with pills. He confiscates them and encourages (and reminds) her of how important she was to the hearing. Harley comes out with Sidney and asks what was going on and Gus gives her a fast but plausible excuse. Buzz then comes out and takes a family picture.

(Therapist’s Office): Josh and Cassie ends up there but Cassie is initially apprehensive. Felicia had the right touch to make her feel comfortable so she eventually decides to stay, hugs Josh and allows him to leave her there.

(On Main Street): Alan-Michael and Ava meets and he is concerned (and angry) about a press conference she calls without his permission. Ava identifies the press to Alan-Michael and they are immediately up on him asking questions about a $10 million donation Spaulding Enterprises made. Alan-Michael seems absolutely off guard and unaware of such a gesture but Ava intervenes to explain. She eloquently handles the media, explaining the Find Your Light project and how it fits Spaulding so well. She eventually takes a helmet from her bag and places it on Alan-Michael’s head, neutralizing the press immediately. Alan-Michael is both dumbfounded and impressed with her.

(Court): Jeffrey, Gus and Harley talks about strategy for the hearing when Little Coop and Daisy walks in. Gus checks Daisy to make sure she’s ok and ready to take the stand in support of the adoption. The hearing is brought to order and the judge makes his opening statement, emphasizing the hearing is held in the best interest of the child and would not be subject to any special influences of any other sources.

(Court): Jeffrey presents his case on behalf of Gus and Harley for adopting Sidney. The judge asks to hear from supporting parties for the hearing. Little Coop goes first, then Buzz, then Gus. Through their statements and exhibits, they collectively give a strong and positive stand for Gus and Harley’s case. Daisy finally chimes in but before she gets too far, Harley steps in to explain about giving Daisy up for adoption when the judge compares the current case to her situation with Daisy.

(On Main Street): Alan-Michael and Ava ham it up on the project scene as they carry on with the interview. They did well at staving off criticism of the media he timing of this donation to the Find Your Light project. After the media departs, Alan-Michael soon makes another play for Ava, believing she has special feelings for him, but she insists on keeping it professional. He looks hurt when she tells him she recently spent the night with Little Coop and that he should back off if he wants her to continue working for him.

(The Bar): Josh is concerned about how well Cassie might respond to therapy. When he starts berating Alan, Billy reminds him of how important it is for Josh to be there for Cassie and that bad mouthing Alan doesn’t help in the therapy process.

(Therapist’s Office): Cassie: Asks Felicia if she thinks she is crazy – but Felicia does not judge, allows Cassie to talk more. Cassie blames herself to some extent for not protecting Tammy enough, for being the right role model she needed (citing her history as a stripper). Felicia helps her see the situation in a new perspective, reassuring Cassie she had been a good mother to Tammy. At the end of the session, Cassie gets another brief visit from Tammy who sits beside her on the couch. Cassie motions to take her hand and says, “I loved her very much.” Tammy fades away and Felicia encourages Cassie to let Tammy go.

(Court): Buzz rises and vehemently defends Harley, telling the judge that no-one has proven to be a better mother than Harley and that Sidney would be blessed to have her as a mother. Buzz then leaves the room. Harley and Daisy finishes their statements when opposing counsel (Mr. Donovan) takes his turn. He shocks the room when he asks Daisy about how well Harley had helped shape her. He then shows her a photo of “G”, then shows a second one of her and “G” embraced. Harley’s jaw drops.

(Shelter): Cassie shows with Tammy’s clothes and the front desk representative receives them in greatest appreciation. Josh witnesses at a distance and tells her how proud he was of her. Cassie hugs him and says, “Felicia helped me.” Once Josh departs, her attention is immediately reverted to another newspaper on the desk displaying Alan’s engagement to the DA.

(Court): Mr. Donovan continues to hammer away at Daisy’s character over rejections from Jeffrey and Harley - and presenting more exhibits of “G” and Daisy, he lowers the boom in revealing that “G” and Daisy were lovers. Gus looks defeated as Harley looks dumbfounded in the rear of the courtroom.

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