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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/7/07

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Written By Elizabeth

Inside the Light – “Beloved”

This episode opens with Alan-Michael sitting at Outskirts, drinking alone. He is the narrator and begins by talking about how his day needs to start on a good note as the rest of the day is going to be horrible. While Alan-Michael talks the following images flash on the screen.

Beth is in the Spaulding Mansion dining room giving orders to a servant. She looks upset and then actually hugs the servant before fingering a photo of Sarah and Lizzie together.

Lizzie is on Main Street watching a young woman with her baby. She is a wreck and falls down on a nearby bench. Lizzie looks as though she isn’t going to be able hold it together.

Meanwhile, Alan-Michael is talking about how despite all that Beth has tried to give her daughter that things have backfired. He refers to life in the Spaulding Mansion as “their little corner of hell.” Alan-Michael sounds dejected as he also mentions that the memorial service for baby Sarah will be today. He hopes that there won’t be any trouble and infers that Beth may leave town with Lizzie. “She has to protect her daughter at all costs.” Alan-Michael tells viewers.

At Cedars, Beth and Rick are walking down a hallway dressed in plain clothes. Rick seems shocked at the news that Beth is going to move out of the mansion. Meanwhile, Beth keeps checking her watch. It seems as though she wants to get things going as soon as possible because she doesn’t see any other way to solve things. Rick smiles and lets her know that it is about time that the two of them left. He is supportive, especially when Beth tells him that she is scared. “Don’t be afraid, you’re not going to be doing this on your own.” He tells her. Beth says that she’d rather him not make promises to her that he can’t keep. “I’m not.” Rick tells her looking very serious. Beth looks up to him with hope in her eyes.

Alan rushes out to the patio of the Spaulding Mansion and orders some deliverymen around. Once he directs them where to go, he sits back and has a cigar. Alan-Michael’s voice comes on and mentions that in some ways Alan is grieving over the loss of Sarah more than Lizzie. He hopes that his father, Alan, will begin to put his life back together. Back on the patio, Alan watches intently as the men pop open a box. While sitting there he gets a phone call from Doris Wolfe which he blows off. Alan-Michael begins to narrate again and mentions the recent accidents. He confesses that his father, who seems to have more loves than a cat, will most likely get away with his crimes.

Alan watches the two deliverymen leave. On the patio are two large objects, shaped like statues that are covered with a cloth. Alan-Michael joins his father on the patio and helps move the objects a bit. While the two are together, Alan-Michael wonders out loud if his father’s freedom will truly last. Alan reminds his father that the police can’t arrest an innocent man. His son seems annoyed by the response. He tells his father that the last time they talk that Alan all but confesses to killing Tammy. Alan shakes his head. He lets his son know that the man who was driving the car was caught and is being punished. “He has nothing to do with me.” Alan says with a straight face. Alan-Michael clearly doesn’t believe one word of his father’s story. The two even casually discuss Doris Wolfe and her recent visits to the mansion. Alan-Michael asks his father point blank if that is why he is getting away with murder. Alan smiles and tells his son that it isn’t. “She merely realized that she had no case against me.” He tells Alan-Michael before heading back inside the house.

Alan-Michael follows his father inside, wondering what it is that Doris is going to want in return. “My undying gratitude.” Alan says before he goes on a tirade about how Doris, a government worker, is unlike them. Alan-Michael doesn’t look too sure of what is going on and clearly doesn’t trust the district attorney. Alan mentions that Doris will most likely be easily impressed by what he has to offer her.

Alan-Michael begins to narrate again. He says that although things seemed all tidied up in the crime and punishment area that Alan, of all people, knows that staying out jail won’t solve all of his problems.

Lillian begins going through drawers in the Spaulding dining room. Alan-Michael begins narrating again. He mentions that Lillian is the one bright spot in the mansion, and that she has never backed down from Alan. “Beth could learn a lot from her.” Alan-Michael muses.

Beth rushes in the dining room and wonders why her mother looks so frantic. She mentions that she is merely worried about Lizzie. Beth wonders if perhaps the service will do them all some good. Lillian nods, wondering if her daughter is going to be ready to stand next to Alan. Beth assures her that she is ready. Alan walks in and asks for a moment alone with his wife. Lillian heads upstairs to find Lizzie.

Alan-Michael begins to narrate again. He comments on the fact that although Beth and Alan still surprise him as a couple the more shocking thing is that he thinks they still care for one another.

Beth begins making herself some coffee as Alan approaches her. He lets her know that he thinks she looks beautiful, and also asks her to reconsider her decision to move out. Beth remains stoic. She tells him that she has already made her choice. Alan stops her. He seems a bit emotional as he explains that after the service that the two of them could make a fresh start. Beth laughs and reminds him that she’s heard that line many times before. Alan reminds her that they are married, that they are family and claims that he wants to fight for the healing that the family needs. He looks almost excited as he tells her he has something to show her, and points in the direction of the patio. Beth reluctantly agrees to go outside.

Outside, Alan pulls the cloths off one of the objects. It is a memorial for Sarah, and Beth tells him that it is a lovely gesture. “There is more.” Alan tells his wife as he walks over to the second object. He raises the sheet and underneath is a similar memorial with the word ‘beloved’ inscribed on it. Looking confused, Beth wonders what it means. Alan tells her that this is a memorial for the child that they lost. Beth begins to get tears in her eyes as he tells her that he will never forget some of the special times that they have share.

Alan-Michael watches his father and Beth from the doorway. He comments on the two of them together. Alan and Beth are hugging. Shaking his head, Alan-Michael mentions that his father always has a way to reel the people he wants in his life back in.

Beth and Alan pull away from the embrace. They move over to Sarah’s memorial where Alan tells his wife that he had a dream about the statues. He dreamt that they brought such peace to the whole family by being placed on the patio. Alan tells her that the two children will always remain a part of the home, and their family forever. He looks like he is about to kiss her, when Beth see Alan-Michael in the door frame. She invites him out, explains that the memorials were a surprise, and that the second statue is for their lost child. As they are talking Lizzie and Lillian come out to the patio.

Lizzie touches the memorial for Sarah, and smiles. “I like having them here” she says “they’re close by here, instead of at the cemetery.” Beth nods and hugs her daughter close.

Looking concerned, Alan mentions that since they are all present that perhaps they should get things started. He begins to talk about how despite all their differences that they share in the loss of the children. Alan goes on to tell them all that he needs them all in his life, and that he hopes they need him as well. He stops talking and Lillian breaks in. “Alan asked me to do a reading, but I couldn’t find one.” She says. Lillian goes on to tell a story instead. It ends up being about Sarah’s birth, and Lizzie as a mother.

Lizzie breaks down crying. Alan looks upset as Lizzie places flowers on the memorial for her daughter. Lillian reminds her granddaughter that no one can ever take away the bond that Lizzie and Sarah shared. “I will never stop loving you.” Lizzie says through tears while staring at the memorial. Alan moves toward Lizzie to hug her. She tells him to stop and backs away a bit.

Alan tells his granddaughter that he wants her to know that he is sorry for all that has happened. Grimacing, Lizzie wonders why she should believe him now. Alan reminds her that although he is not asking for forgiveness that he wants her to know that he loves her, and never wanted things to get to this point. He goes on to tell her that he wants to see joy in her face again. He wants them to come together as a family. Beth interrupts, telling him that unfortunately he can’t bring Sarah back. Lizzie yells at him to stop. She doesn’t want to hear his words. Alan begs them to give him one more chance to do something right for them. Lizzie breaks down again. “It just hurts so much.” She cries out while hugging her grandfather. The rest of the family looks on with tears as well. Beth hugs Alan and Lizzie as well.

Alan-Michael begins to narrate again. He remains cynical and mentions that Alan’s speech even got to him. He comments that when his father shows his vulnerable side that it is hard to resist him.

The family marches back into the mansion together. Lizzie wonders if she and Beth are still leaving. Beth tells her that she should. She comments that it is for the best and hugs her daughter. Alan watches the two of them. When Lizzie leaves, Hilda comes in. She announces that Beth’s bags are in the front foyer. Before Alan has a chance to say anything his cell phone rings. He picks it up and tells the person on the other end that it is a bad time.

Doris Wolfe is on the other end of the line. She threatens his freedom if he doesn’t want to talk to her. Alan glances over at Beth who is putting on her coat, and then turns back to his phone call. He asks Doris to hold while he turns to Beth. Alan pleads with his wife about leaving. He begs his wife to stay because he has more to tell her. Reluctantly, she tells him that she will wait on the patio while he gets rid of the person on the other end of the line.

Alan turns back to his phone call. He tells Doris that he is appreciative of what she has done for him. He explains that he’s at a memorial service for Sarah and that he can’t talk. He does tell her that he has come up with some ways to repay her. Alan promises to meet up with her on Main Street in half an hour to discuss things.

On the patio, Alan wonders why his wife is still intent on leaving. He thanks her for leaving and apologizes again for all that has happened. Beth turns to him and explains that she’s not sure that he knows what it means. “I think my worst offense was taking you for granted.” He tells her. She agrees with all the things he says before the conversations turns back to family once more. Smiling, he tells her that they almost started their own family. Beth turns away from him. She listens as he tells her that he feels the loss of their baby was a turning point in their relationship. He tells her that he needs her, and always has. She wonders if they truly stand a chance together. The two move close once more. Alan asks her not to leave once more. Beth tells him that they have no choice. She doesn’t want her daughter to be implicated in Tammy’s murder. “That won’t happen. I will protect her.” Alan tells her. Beth backs away. “I find that hard to believe.” She tells him while crying. He promises to let her go, if that is what she truly wants. “I love you too much not to give you what you want.” He tells her before offering to have the car brought around. Beth shakes her head and the two hug one another.

Alan-Michael begins to narrate again. He comments that once again his father has ‘pulled it off.’ Alan-Michael goes on to mention how Beth needs his father. As he is saying this we see that Rick is calling Beth. She apparently lets him know that she isn’t moving out of the mansion. Rick looks upset. Alan –Michael goes on to mention the big meeting that Alan wanted the whole family present for.

Alan is on Main Street smiling when he sees Doris Wolfe. The two share some coffee. He comments that his marriage might be saved and Doris seems to get a bit upset. She looks less than pleased as he tells her that she has helped give him his future back. Smiling, Doris tells him that she has come up with the perfect gesture for him to pay her back. Alan’s face brightens. “Name it.” He tells her. Doris leans in and whispers something in his ear.

Lillian, Beth and Lizzie are all on Main Street waiting to meet up with Alan. They all seem confused as to what they are gathering together for, but excited.

Alan pulls away from Doris, looks over to his family, and worriedly tells her that she can’t ask him to “do that.” Smiling, she tells him that she already asked him. Doris looks pleased with herself although Alan looks almost frightened. He pleads with her, asking her if there is some other way. Doris looks pleased with herself and tells him that even though there are other ways to pay her back that she’s not interested in them. She kisses him and instructs him to ‘make it look believable.’

Alan looks up, sees his family watching, and gets down on one knee in front of Doris. It is then that he asks her to marry him. Doris feigns surprise and hugs Alan. The Spaulding Family is shocked.

Beth rushes over to Alan and wonders what the hell is going on. He claims that he and Doris have grown close over the last few months and that now is the perfect time to start over with her. Alan is pretty convincing. Alan goes on to belittle Beth in numerous ways. He throws her affair with Rick in her face and calls both her and Lizzie ‘drama queens.’ Alan also orders both Beth and Lizzie out of the mansion. Everyone seems to be astonished.

Beth looks over to Doris, who is looking very smug and realizes what is going on. She pulls Alan aside to yell at him. She’s figured things out and demands to know if this is all a game. Beth point blank asks Alan if Doris is blackmailing him. Alan looks over at the district attorney who has her cell phone nearby. Shaking his head, Alan tells Beth that this has nothing to do with Tammy’s death and pushes her away. It is then that Beth grabs a nearby bottle of champagne and sprays it all over both Doris and Alan. She announces that despite what they want that she and Lizzie will not be moving out of the mansion.

Beth looks for Rick at the hospital wanting to talk to him about all that has happened. When he sees her he tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it. It is clear that when she chose to stay with Alan that he lost all respect for her. He walks away telling her that he doesn’t want to hear about her problems. Beth breaks down, throwing medical charts on the floor and cries.

Alan and Doris have changed clothes and are sitting on a Main Street bench. She tells him that the first time she met with him one on one that she wanted to be the woman by his side. Alan seems to feel bad about how cruel he was to Beth. He looks forlorn, but Doris reminds him that he had no choice. She even goes on to tell him that he was brilliantly convincing in his act. “It’s something to watch you work.” She tells him before pulling him closer and kissing him.

Alan-Michael is drinking at Outskirts when Beth walks in. He narrates that things are only getting worse. As Beth orders a drink he comments, in narration form, that she’s not the same Beth that she used to be. She’s stronger and more determined. Alan-Michael also mentions that it makes her a hell of a lot sexier than she used to be as well. “If nothing else, this could get interesting.” He thinks with a smile on his face.

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