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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/6/07

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Written By James

(Police Headquarters): Lizzie is holding Sarah’s shoe, reflecting on when she last saw the shoes on the baby. How could it be?? (She wonders). Buzz enters, she greets him and they talk about the accident; she’s looking for answers to make sense of it but Buzz wasn’t in the mood to give her much compassion. He referred her to Mallet or someone else working with the case.

(Mallet’s Place): Dinah and Remy are in the bathroom (he naked in the shower). Dinah keeps quiet to Mallet’s calls but he hears shower and tells Dinah, “I’m coming in there you sexy beast.”

(Police Headquarters): Lizzie dials Jonathan’s cell phone but learns it’s out of service. “Huh - how can that be?”

(Outskirts Bar): Reva and Cassie: Cassie finds it hard to accept that both she and Reva have lost a child and gives Reva condolences. She offers her services to Reva in arranging for the memorial service. Reva gives the dreaded look of guilt (knowing Jonathan and Sarah are in fact alive and well). Reva turns away from her (wiping tears) and begging off on such a ceremony; that she prefers to say her goodbyes in her own way. Reva hugs Cassie but still not receptive to the ceremony at Cassie’s persistent offerings.

(Tammy’s Room): Marina, while going through Tammy’s belongings, comes across her diary and started reading Tammy’s last writings of embarking on a new life with Jonathan and Sarah. Buzz walks in and finds Marina crying. He hands her a handkerchief and remains near in silent support.

(Mallet’s Place): Dinah is trying to talk sense into Remy (who’s in the shower naked) to not give her away, that Mallet would never understand the situation if he saw (Remy). Dinah rushes out of the bathroom and jumps on Mallet who’s interested in taking a shower (but she can’t let him do that). She therefore pins him to the bed to keep him busy when Remy comes out of the bathroom, naked down to the waist and makes a public view. Mallet looks both shocked and confused. Dinah immediately tries to explain her way out of the situation, attempting to sell a line about offering Remy some laundry services. Remy then leaves, unconcerned about what Dinah was trying to explain away. Mallet of course is angrier even more at being lied to about the awkward situation he came in on. He and Dinah sits and Mallet attempt to tactfully tell her that she wasn’t the right person to influence Remy at that time. Dinah didn’t like his little counseling session and collected her coat and carry bag and left him alone.

(Tammy’s Room): Marina lets Buzz leave and shortly afterward Remy shows. They talk about his suspension and she soon detects he’s drunk. Marina walks to another part of the room and finds a napkin Tammy still had (seeming surprised to find it there). The napkin was sent both of them on a little trip to memory lane when before at the movies, the three of them were predicting what they would be doing in ten years from then. Tammy wanted to be a school teacher and be with Jonathan and Remy predicted he would be a police officer. None of that was true at the moment.

(Outskirts Bar): Reva and Cassie: Reva tells Cassie she will keep the bar open in memory of Jonathan. Cassie admires her strength, for Reva to have had Jonathan back in her life so briefly before losing him again. Reva brings up the issue of the news about her cancer remission and Cassie didn’t want to chat about it – revealing to Reva she knew about the kiss with Josh and all. They comfort each again when Lizzie runs in and tells Reva Jonathan and Sarah is alive (causing Reva and Cassie’s jaws to drop).

(Outskirts Bar): Lizzie has one of Sarah’s shoes and explains to Reva the details surrounding the shoes, when she last saw the shoes on Sarah’s feet and that they couldn’t have been any place else – except if she (and Jonathan) was still alive. Emotions flare (mostly Cassie tearing into Lizzie, telling her Tammy’s death was her fault). Reva then interjects and asks Tammy to leave her alone with Lizzie. When Cassie leaves, Lizzie tells Reva, “You believe me. I would know if my baby was dead; I’m her mother.” Reva stays silent at learning how definite Lizzie is that Sarah (and Jonathan) is still alive. Reva lies and tell Lizzie she bought Sarah the second set of shoes (identical) and that she also cut off Jonathan’s cell phone service. Lizzie looks dejected and sobs uncontrollably, asking how her instincts as a mother fail could her like that. Reva, drowning in guilt and sorrow for Lizzie, began to cry with and cling to her.

(Tammy’s Room): Cassie arrives and finds Mallet and Marina cleaning out Tammy’s belongings. She soon expresses her appreciation for their gestures but soon learned from Mallet that Alan was let go. Cassie asked how that could be, that she and Frank heard all but an absolute confession at the police station. She suddenly bolted out of the room, rejecting all reasoning from Mallet.

(Coffee Stand): Remy and Dinah talks and some of the things Mallet was telling her seemed to stick. She attempts to calm Remy down, to keep him from doing something else stupid, and to stop blaming himself for Tammy’s death. She reminded him that he’d lost his job earlier and that he should just cool down.

(Spaulding Mansion): Cassie walks around outside the mansion in a stupor, talking at Alan (from afar), wondering how comfortable he’s feeling in spite of being at fault of taking her daughter’s life. Suddenly she hears Tammy’s voice from behind and turns to see her (Tammy’s ghost). “Mom, what are you doing?” They discuss Cassie’s pain and how lost she feels. Tammy tells her to let the issue go, to go back home to Josh and RJ. Tammy urges Cassie not to go around being angry for the rest of her life. Cassie reaches to touch Tammy’s face as she fades away.

(Company’s): Buzz and Marina has some hot chocolate and Marina wonders how buzz could handle the pain of keeping under control after losing both Nadine and Jenna. He explains you simply must move on with the pain in order to exist. Marina doesn’t fully understand it, unsure of whether she’ll be the same again after losing someone as close as Tammy.

(Mallet’s Place): Mallet returns home and Dinah jumps into his arms and gleefully explains her meeting with Remy and that she believes she talked some sense into him. Dinah conceded how much Mallet meant to her and that she doesn’t want to do anything to mess up their relationship. He seemed very pleased and they begin to make-up on the bed.

(Police Headquarters): Remy returns and has his box of goods packed. When learning Alan was released, he flew into a brief rage and threw an object against one of the jail cells, startling one of the inmates.

(Spaulding Mansion): Lizzie – packs Sarah’s clothing. Lillian enters and Lizzie tells her she is ready for the memorial, to say good-bye to Sarah.

(Outskirts Bar): Reva moves about in the bar, fixing things up when her cell phone rings. She answers, repeatedly asks who’s there and got no response. She then determined it was Jonathan and starts crying. She tells him she knew it was him but that he couldn’t call there again. She keeps him on for a while longer then finally says, “Good-bye Jonathan; good-bye my son.”

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