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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/5/07

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Written By Richard

The D.A., Doris informed Alan that she had G’s confession, and it was good enough to send him away. She offered Alan a deal and she took him to her hotel room.

Lizzie was standing in Alan's house and she cried that she lost Sarah. She tried to calm herself down and said to herself that she is a Spaulding and she has to be strong and make people see her for who she is. Just then Beth came in, and she told her that she should go away for awhile and leave Springfield on a trip.

Daisy was in G’s hospital room and she asked him to get out of town right away before the cops arrested him. He told her that he made a deal with the D.A. and he was in the clear. Daisy said to him that she didn’t want his mistakes to come back and hurt her Mom and lose custody of the baby.

Harley was on her way to G’s room, and she was unaware that Daisy was with him.

Harley found Daisy with G and she was surprised to find him and her together. Daisy pretended that she was fighting with G and that she hated him. She yelled at him for killing Tammy. He taunted her by asking her what she did that night. Daisy said that he was a murderer and that he should go to jail for what he did. He taunted her again and again and she tried to attack him.

Remy came into the Police Station and he asked Mallet if G died. He told him that he didn’t, and that he was not looking out for his best interests, and he needed to focus on himself. Remy wanted to make sure that Alan got what he deserved. Mallet told him that he had to put him on suspension.

Beth wanted Lizzie to move away from Springfield to get away from her ghosts. Beth fought with Lizzie, trying to get her to agree with her, but she understood that she was in pain. Lizzie blamed Beth for getting Sarah killed. Lizzie said that she was tired of the ‘Good Girl Act’, and that she was going to be who she was, a Spaulding. Beth warned of the Spaulding curse.

Doris thought that she would bring Alan to her Apartment. She said that he could think of this as the first day of the rest of his life. All the while, Dinah stood outside the door and listened.

Harley and the police officer pulled Daisy and G apart, and he made some rude remarks to them. Harley hugged Daisy and she told her that she was going to be ok. G taunted Daisy and Harley as the police officer restrained him. Harley and Daisy left the room. Daisy said that she was sorry for going to see G and that she worried if she might have made things worse.

Remy was upset that Frank put him on suspension. He called Remy’s sister for a little backup. She told him that she was there to help him. Remy told her that he wishes that he had killed G. and he left. Mel went after him.

Beth pleaded with Lizzie to go somewhere else and start a new life, it was what she needed. Lizzie told her that she wouldn’t even know how to start a new life. Beth reminded her of the courage and the determination that she had as a little girl, and how she hoped that Lizzie would be like that again. She talked about Phillip and how he loved her. Lizzie reminded Beth that Phillip left them years ago, and that started the downfall of their lives. She declared that she was a Spaulding and that no one would walk over her again.

Alan wanted to know why Doris took him to her Apartment. He told her that he had nothing to do with Tammy’s death. Doris rubbed his back and she tried to make him relax. Alan wanted to know what she wanted. Doris said that she wanted to cut a deal with him, and Alan was open to the idea. Dinah knocked on the door, and she accused Doris and Alan of trying to work together without the Police Department's knowledge.

Dinah walked in and she joked to Alan that she should have called her camera crew and she took a picture of Alan and Doris together on her cell phone. Alan told her that Doris was trying to get a confession out of him, and Doris told Dinah that she had no right to accuse her of anything. She told her that she should be in jail herself. Dinah told them that they would not get away with anything and she walked out the door.

Remy and Mel sat in the bar together and Remy told her that he was a failure to his parents and to himself. He told her that he failed Tammy. He was drinking and drinking and he told her to go. Mel made sure that she took the car keys from Remy and she left. Lizzie walked in the bar and she ordered a drink. Remy walked up to Lizzie and he told her that he had a plan to get rid of every Spaulding in town.

Mallet saw Alan and Doris walk back in the Police Station, and she told him that she could not get anything out of Alan. She told Mallet that Alan was a free man, and that he was innocent. However, if they had anything to arrest him for, she would. Mallet was shocked that Doris wanted to let him go. Alan told them both that he had nothing to do with Tammy’s death and he walked out of the police station. Mallet wanted him to pay for what he did.

Daisy walked up to Harley in the hospital waiting room and she asked her if she was mad at her for what happened in G’s room. Harley said that she wasn’t mad at her and that she loved her daughter and she was glad that they were going to spend some time together. The police officer came out of G’s room and he told Harley that G wants to talk to her and to leave Daisy outside. Daisy was worried that he might say something about her and she had a nervous look on her face, and she pretended to faint in Harley’s arms.

Harley got Daisy to calm down and she told her that she had a nurse coming in to help her. Harley was worried about her daughter, and she forgot all about G inside.

Doris went into G’s room, and she informed him that she changed the rules of the deal. G was shocked that she broke the deal, and he yelled at her. He tried to go after her, and she instructed the Police Officer to hold him back. She told the police officer to take G away and that there was a warrant for his arrest.

Alan walked into his house and surprised Beth. He told her that he was free and that he wanted to start over with her and his family. Beth told him that she was going to take Lizzie and get out of town. Alan told her to wait because he had a memorial service planned for Sarah and he wanted her to be there.

Remy offered to buy Lizzie a drink and she refused. He was angry and he grabbed her and he wanted her to stay. She yelled at him and she told him that Tammy was her friend, and she would never hurt her. Remy was upset and drunk. He wouldn’t let go of her, and he blamed her for Tammy’s death. Just then, Dinah came in and ordered him to let go of her and go and calm down, and he did. Lizzie ran out of the bar.

Daisy and Harley waited for the nurse to come in, and Daisy was upset that she had to have a blood test. All the while, they were being watched by the opposing D.A. in the custody case and he called someone and asked them to run a background check on Harley’s daughter, and find out what she has been up to during her time away from home.

Dinah took Remy back to his Apartment and she tried to get him to clean up and take a shower. Remy was drunk and he pulled her into the bathroom with him. Just then, Mallet was about to enter the apartment.

Beth told Alan that she planned to leave with Lizzie after Sarah’s Memorial service. Alan got a phone call from Doris, and she told him that G was being taken away to Australia for crimes that he committed there. She told Alan to enjoy his freedom.

Lizzie was in the bar, and she found a piece of Sarah’s clothing. It was left over from when Jonathon was there with her the night he took her and left. She remembered that Sarah was wearing that on the day of Tammy’s funeral, and she looked at it with hope in her eyes.

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