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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/2/07

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Written By Richard

Daisy was reading a newspaper in Gus and Harley's house, and Gus and Harley came in. Harley took the newspaper out of her hand and asked her to listen to her. Harley asked her to testify in the custody hearing on their behalf.

Billy walked into Cassie's house and he saw Josh. He asked Josh how Reva was doing, and Josh said that Reva is holding up OK. He asked Josh is Cassie was home, and Josh said that he didn't know where Cassie was.

Frank was having Alan wait for him in the police station room, while he took he time. Just then the door opened and Cassie came in, and Alan was surprised to see her.

Alan asked Cassie how she got in there. Alan said that he didn't want to talk to her and he was pretty tired. Cassie said that she was pretty tired herself and she had a dream about Tammy and her birthday, and she woke up and she forgot that she was gone. Cassie told Alan that he should not believe for killing Tammy. Alan was sorry that Tammy was dead, but he told Cassie that Jonathon was to blame. He also said that Cassie has to take some of the blame for Tammy's death, and she slapped him. She asked Alan to admit that he killed her daughter to her.

Billy said to Josh that he knew he would help Cassie get through it. Josh said that he couldn't believe that Tammy, Jonathon, and Sarah were all dead and he cried. Billy told Josh that he was there for Reva when she had cancer, and that it is OK to be strong and scared both at the same time. Billy put his arm around Josh and he told him that they were going on a road trip.

Daisy said that she didn't want to go on the stand and testify, because she will get too nervous on the stand. She asked Harley to not let her do it, and Harley said that she would ask Jeffrey if she had to or not. Gus said to Daisy that he would keep her secret for her that she was in the car, and he didn't want Daisy to leave the house. He was afraid that she might go and do something that she shouldn't.

Gus told Harley that he didn't want Daisy to go out alone, and he wanted to be together as a family tonight. He wanted to go out and find her.

Daisy was out at the skate park. She saw someone that she liked skating there and she walked up to him and she talked with him. He took out a backpack and he showed he had pills. She offered to hold his backpack for him and she took out his bag of pills and took them.

The D.A. was with G in his Hospital and she advised him to cooperate with her.

Cassie said to Alan that he will burn in hell for what he did to Tammy and Jonathon and Sarah. She even got Alan to almost admit that he was responsible for killing Tammy. Frank overheard them and he told him that he was on his way to finding out exactly what he did once G wakes up. Alan was upset and angry at Cassie for trapping him and he said to her that Reva tried to make a deal with him to break up Josh and Cassie.

Billy and Josh were at the Church and Billy told Josh that he had to search inside himself to find his strength and the light in him.

Gus walked in the police room and he said hello to his dad and Alan tried to make him feel bad for investigating the case. Gus said that he was only here to find Tammy's killer.

Gus said to Alan that it was only a matter of time before they got his phone records. Alan told him that he would never get them. Gus said that when G gets up, he is going to rat out Alan. Alan told him that he never met the man. Gus said that really missed his father, and he asked him to do the right thing for him, Lizzie, and Philip and he wanted him to change. Gus asked him to be a man for once.

Harley came inside and found Daisy at the house and she had her music blasting. Harley came in and she turned the music off and she asked Daisy to look at her and she would not. Daisy tried to keep her eyes hidden from Harley, and Harley wanted to know what was wrong.

Cassie found Josh at her house and she talked to him about what happen when Alan almost confessed. She asked Josh if it was true what Alan had said about him and Reva trying to break Josh and her up and if Josh knew about it. Then she said of course Josh could never have known about it. Josh told her that he did know and Cassie looked at him with a hurt look in her eyes.

Daisy was talking a mile a minute and she was moving very fast around the house. She lied to Harley and she said she took off to cry for Tammy and she wanted to be by herself. Harley said that she was going to work, and Daisy wanted her to leave, so she wouldn't find out about the pills. Harley said to Daisy that she talked with Jeffrey and he said Daisy did have to testify.

Josh told Cassie that Alan offered Reva the deal to break Josh and Cassie up but she didn't take it. Cassie wanted to know if Reva was tempted and Josh said her did not know what she was thinking. Cassie told Josh that she just wanted the truth from Josh. So, Josh told her that Reva had another cancer scare again and when they got the good news that she was alright, they kissed. He told her that it didn't mean anything. However, a shocked Cassie thought otherwise. Cassie said to Josh that if wanted to be with Reva that he should be with her, she cried that if she lost him she would somehow get through. Josh told her that he loved her and that he wanted to be with her.

Alan told Gus that he should go and look for someone else to get for Tammy's murder, and he tried to throw suspicion on Lizzie. Gus was shocked that he would try to use his own granddaughter to save himself. Gus said that he was going to get what was coming to him. Gus walked out, and he told he officer to read Alan his rights.

G signed the confession statement turning Alan in and got himself off the hook. The D.A. had the paper in her hand.

Gus sat in his house with the baby. He told her that he was going to take care of Alan and protect her and Daisy.

Daisy walked into G's hospital room, and she told him that he had to leave town to protect himself and her. She confessed to him that she didn't want anyone to find out that she was in the car and that she was worried about the custody hearing. He told her that he already made a deal and not to worry.

Harley walked into the hospital and she yelled at the guard for leaving his post, he was supposed to be watching G's room.

Josh and Cassie sat together on the couch. Josh vowed that he would make sure that Alan gets what he deserves.

The D.A., Doris, walked in the police room and she walked up to Alan and she told Alan that G signed a confession paper. She showed it to him and told him that it was the proof they needed to send him to jail. Alan was upset and angry and he told her that it wouldn't work. She told him not to worry and she wanted to make a deal to keep him out of jail and he was interested.

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