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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/1/07

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Written By James

(Crash Site): Reva looks down on the horrific car accident, screaming for Jonathan, believing he was inside. Alan then arrives on the scene.

(Police Station): They arrive at the station, Reva screaming at Alan. Lizzie arrives and asks Alan what was going on. Lillian was also there. Alan reveals there had been car accident and Lizzie immediately reacts, “Another accident?” Reva tells how Alan was taunting Jonathan and eventually revealed seeing Jonathan’s car go off the cliff – and that Sarah was in the car too. Lizzie immediately attempts to bolt for the door, demanding to be taken to the site. Frank walks in and tells Reva, “I’m sorry; I’m so sorry.” Reva slumps to a bench, bawling. Alan tells Frank maybe an error was made and that something was missed at the accident site. Lillian holds Lizzie close as Frank approaches a devastated Reva on the bench. Reva then lunges at Alan, calling him a bastard and telling him it was his fault. She berates him for his schemes and selfishness and determination to take Sarah from Lizzie, causing Tammy’s death and now she has two more funerals to plan. Alan would not accept any blame. Reva then

(Outskirts Bar): Reva arrives at Jonathan’s bar and picks up one of his jerseys and breaks down and cries. She pours herself a stiff drink but drops it (shaking). She then throws the bottle against the wall and sobs uncontrollably.

(Gus/Harley’s Home): Frank walks in and Marina awaits him. He tells her about Jonathan and Sarah’s accident and the company at Harley’s place looks on in shock. Buzz asks him whether Alan was arrested and Frank tells him he has nothing to arrest Alan for at that time, that the other investigation was still going on. Buzz suddenly rises and says he has to go to Company’s.

(Church): Lizzie sits, finding it almost impossible to contain herself. Lillian walks in and they began talking. Lizzie seems to have lost all hope, telling Lillian she was not praying. Lillian sits beside her and takes Lizzie in her arms. Lizzie cries her heart out.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan is making phone calls, demanding Outskirts be destroyed as well as looking for a way to destroy Reva. During his rant, Buzz walks in and yells at him, “Hasn’t there been enough punishment already, or is there never enough for you?”

(Outskirts Bar): Reva reflects on Jonathan’s hard times when he first reconnected with her. Eventually Jonathan shows at the door with Sarah and when Reva acknowledges he is there and real, she seems paralyzed, only able to laugh and cry at the same time.

Look Sarah, Grandma’s mouth is hanging open. Reva approaches them, rejoice in their safety and they then discuss the situation. Jonathan explains his plan and emphasizes she can’t tell anyone of his existence. Reva is saddened at Jonathan's plan of leaving town with Sarah forever.

(Church): Lizzie reveals to Lillian her part in going to Alan for help that set in motion the drastic acts leading to Tammy’s accidental death. Lillian looked heart-broken in realizing how the dots connected.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan and Buzz commiserates about their losses in life and how it affected them. Buzz grabs Alan and begs him to admit he was sorry and that he had a broken heart. Buzz, straining to contain his own rage shares with Alan how he felt after losing Nadine and Jenna; that he wanted to destroy everything to compensate for it. Alan’s defenses seemed vulnerable as he knew Buzz understood him better than most others.

(Harley’s): Marina and Dinah reflect on their relationship with Jonathan and Tammy in private. Outside, Frank having great concern for Marina’s welfare, confides in Mallot and asks him to help him look out for her. Mallot comes back inside and suggests he, Dinah and Marina go out to eat and have a few drinks. Marina shies away from it but Dinah coaxes her into it eventually.

(Spaulding Mansion): While trying to talk some sense into Alan, Buzz notices a book that Alan was making for the baby he lost with Beth. Alan grabs the book away, stating he was planning to get things right with this new baby. Buzz tells him a monster wouldn’t do anything like that – then departs. Lizzie enters; Alan approaches and tells her he’s glad she was home. He walks up to her and tells her it’s ok to be sad. She then starts crying and leans into his chest. Frank comes in and tells Alan he’s given him enough time to spend with his family and summons him to the station for questioning.

(Outskirts Bar): Reva tries to find another way to at least keep Sarah in town. With no other solution, she takes Sarah in her arms one last time, desperately grieving the thought of letting her and Jonathan go. She makes Jonathan promise it won’t be the last time they see each other because she couldn’t bear losing him a second time. Jonathan promises Sarah will know all about her grandma, her dynamic life and how much she loved her.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan needs assurance from Lizzie that she won’t abandon him. He tells Lizzie the police didn’t have anything on them, that they are not to blame. Frank then ushers him out.

(Outskirts Bar): Jonathan and Reva spend their last moments together, expressing their mutual love. Reva gives lays her mother’s cameo upon Sarah, explaining to Jonathan it brought her and Cassie together. Jonathan promises to give it to Sarah at the right time and explain its sentiment. They began crying again, exchanging one last hug and Jonathan collects Sarah’s bag and departs.

Reva (crying, tear-stained face): “Good-bye my baby.”

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