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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/31/07

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Written By James

Death in the Family

Father Ray prepares the church for Tammy’s funeral.

(Bar): Jonathan tends to Sarah. He picks up a picture of Tammy and kisses it. Reva approaches from behind. He turns and faces her and she smiles.

(Cassie’s Home): Cassie/Josh/RJ – tearfully prepares for the funeral.

(Gus and Harley’s home): Gus and Daisy discusses the need for her (Daisy) to get it together for Harley’s sake. Harley enters and Daisy gives her a piece of jewelry to compliment her dress. They embrace as Harley preens on having her back in her life.

(Police Station): Frank/Remy and Marina – Frank insists on being the one to question Alan about Tammy’s’ death even though Remy protests that he should be the one.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan and Beth: prepares for funeral. Lizzie enters stating they all had to put on a good face for the funeral. Beth tells them they’re both delusional and that they won’t win points for her (Lizzie) to get the baby back.

(Bar): Jonathan and Reva embrace and they both dote over Sarah. Billy enters. Jonathan reveals he’s not going to the funeral. Reva is surprised – defers to Billy for backup who tells Jonathan it is important to say goodbye. Jonathan determined he and Sarah will say goodbye in their own way. Reva tearfully departs with Bill and leaves Johnny who then breaks down and cries, clutching Tammy’s heart-shaped necklace.

(Church): Cassie, Josh and the RJ arrive at the church for the funeral. A photo display of Tammy’s life highlights (including photos in her wedding dress) dominates the scene. Reva and Billy arrive. Reva looks concerned but Billy assures her all will be ok.

(Bar): Johnny feeds Sarah while grieving and talking to Tammy, asking her if she could hear what he would say to her at her funeral.

(Church): Reva says it’s not fair, that it should have been her instead of Tammy. She and Cassie give each other comfort. Daisy approaches Reva from behind and they embrace. Harley looks on in gratitude that Susan is back. Gus watches over all. The two of them discuss how to get back at Alan and Frank intervenes and breaks it up.

Jeffrey arrives, approaches Cassie and tells her that Tammy was like a daughter to him.

Father Ray approaches Cassie and kneels with words of sympathy. Alan, Beth and Lizzie arrive. Remy makes a move but is stopped. All others stare on the Spauldings in contempt. Words are passed. Josh asks Alan to pay his respects and leave.

Cassie finally tells Alan the church was God’s house and that everyone was welcome – even him.

All heads suddenly turn and silence prevails as Jonathan walks in the door with Sarah in his arms. The congregation greets Jonathan and gives him their fully support. Remy also approaches and he and Jonathan reconciles. They shake hands. Lizzie approaches but Jonathan turns away from her and hands Sarah to Reva. Cassie embraces Jonathan and apologizes for him for doubting him. Jonathan reconfirmed the love he and Tammy shared.

The funeral begins! Cassie stands center and attempts to give the eulogy for her daughter but breaks down. Josh and Reva takes her back to her seat and Josh then takes center and gives eulogy. Jonathan finally takes the center and gratefully acknowledged Josh’s words but says, “There’s more” (staring at Alan in the corner). He gives a powerful and selfless eulogy, highlighting the goodness of Tammy’s’ existence and how she helped change him. He confirmed his commitment as Tammy wished at the end – to take care of Sarah.

The congregation singly approached the casket, each placing a rose on Tammy’s casket. Cassie presented a poem to Buzz and asked him to read it. As he read it, the pall bearers (comprised of GL male cast) lifted her casket to take it away and Jonathan breaks down again crying, comforted by Reva and Cassie.

After leaving the burial site, Jonathan and Reva and Sarah returns to the church. Jonathan leaves Sarah with Reva and Alan returns to the church. Reva pampers Sarah and refers to her as a Shane and Alan, making himself known says, “She’s not a Shane; she’s a Spaulding.” He proposes things go back to normal and Reva tells him he’s delusional. Jonathan approaches, grabs Alan telling him, “Tammy’s blood is all over your hands.” Alan goads Jonathan to attack him (again) and Billy intervenes. Reva tells Alan to get the hell out of there while he can. Alan departs.

Jonathan tells Reva and Billy to leave him and Sarah at the church; assures them he will be ok. He calls Reva “mom” and tells her he loves her very much. After they depart, he sits down with Sarah.

Cassie and Josh in privacy grieves comfort each other.

Jonathan sits in car as Alan passes by. Alan, unaware of Jonathan puts out a cigar and his driver ushers him into the limo. Alan departs and Jonathan takes off behind Alan’s limo.

Jonathan tails Alan’s limo, telling Sarah (secured in the back seat), “Hold on baby.”

(Cassie’s House): Family assembles but Reva is missing. Billy tells Jonathan Reva was very concerned about Jonathan.

The driver finally notices they were being tailed and tells Alan, “Sir, I think we have a situation.” Alan looks behind and sees it is Jonathan and tells the driver, “Lose him!”

The limo maneuvers to shake Jonathan off but he’s upon them

(Spaulding Mansion) Beth and Lizzie take a meal and Beth tells Lizzie Alan will be back. Lizzie gets disgusted and leaves the table, telling Beth how disgusted she is that the whole town hates their family, believing they were all evil. Lizzie then professed her hate for the Spauldings.

Limo with Alan continues maneuvers to evade Jonathan then stops after losing sight of him. The driver finally tells Alan, “I think we lost him sir.” Jonathan gives Tammy’s necklace one last kiss as he makes a final move.

Jonathan's car plunges off a cliff, crashing to the ground and bursting into flames. Reva (afoot) arrives at the top of the hill, sees the car and began screaming, “Jonathan!”

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