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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/30/07

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Written By James

(The Bar) Jonathan posts “closed” notice for his bar.

(Ava’s Apartment): Ava returns home from Paris to find Little Coop waiting outside her door. She immediately suspects him of stalking her and immediately began to explain. Little Coop soon determines Alan-Michael (who had previous knowledge) didn’t tell her about Tammy’s death.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan-Michael Lizzie discusses Tammy’s death. Alan-Michael asks her, “Why didn’t you come to me?” Lizzie, folding Sarah’s clothes tells him he was away in Paris and Alan was the only person left. Lizzie leaves the room and Alan walks in. Alan-Michael immediately asks him, “What did you do this time Dad?

(Hospital/Daisy’s room): Gus and Harley is on the phone and Harley wants to interrogate G but Gus, in effort to protect Daisy protests some, offering to do it; but Harley insists and wins. After the phone call Harley goes into G’s hospital room.

(Bar): Jonathan sits alone in his closed club; he then rings Tammy’s cell phone number. In her voice message, she addresses herself as Tammy Randall. This breaks his heart and his eyes fill with water.

(Daisy’s Apartment): Daisy tells Gus she doesn’t know why Harley wants to talk to “G”. In her drug addictive expressions (tics), she’s nervous and afraid that Harley might find out she was in the car when G hit Tammy. Gus is trying to be Susan’s friend – so he’s compromising his ethics (again) in order to protect those he loves. He therefore attempts to hide any and all evidence that Susan was an accessory to the crime and to “G”. To this end Gus grabs Daisy’s cell phone and eliminates G’s phone connections to Susan. He’s also arranged for a drug counselor to visit her in the apartment. Daisy shows no appreciation. Gus leaves and Daisy grabs her purse sneaks out right behind him – headed elsewhere.

(Hospital): Harley questions G about the crime. He is not forthcoming; claims it was an accident. Harley prompts him to admit Alan Spaulding paid him to do the job.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan and Alan-Michael argue over Alan being the prime suspect in arranging a hit that caused Tammy’s death. Alan continues to discount Alan-Michael, telling him how he’s always disappointed him.

(Bar): Lizzie comes to visit Jonathan. Jonathan, looking angry rises asks here what she wants. Lizzie says she wants to do something for Tammy – to honor her.

(Hospital): Harley continues trying to get G to tell her who paid him for the attempted hit on Jonathan. She unloads a ton of bad news about Alan – assuring G Alan was only out for himself. With G remaining tight-lipped, she tells him there was other evidence she had, including the drugs and G tells her the drugs wasn’t his, but his girl-friend’s. Just before G could mention Daisy’s name (under pressure from Harley), the doctor walks in and tells her the patient needs rest.

(Ava’s Apartment): Ava cries on her bed over Tammy’s death. Coop sits on the floor beside the bed and tries to comfort her. Coop gets ready to leave and Ava grabs his hand and asks him to stay.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan attempts to carry on business like nothing has happened and Alan-Michael blasts him for his for is insensitivity. Alan responds badly and Alan-Michael tells him all Spaulding resources are cut off to him; that he dug a hole for himself so he must dig himself out. Alan leaves and Alan-Michael, in a rage starts throwing books against the wall.

(Bar): Lizzie tries to approach Sarah but Jonathan backs her up. She tells Jonathan that she misses Sarah but Jonathan, enraged grabs Lizzie and accuses her and Alan of being responsible for taking Tammy from him and he spins her around and gets her in a light choke hold. Lizzie begs him to choke her if it would make him feel better. Lizzie recaps all the loss she’s had in her life and that Sarah was all she had left. Jonathan releases his hold and tells her to get out. Lizzie, on the way out tells Sarah, “Bye honey, I love you.”

After Lizzie leaves, Alan-Michael walks in to talk to Jonathan.

(Ava’s Apartment): Ava reflects on Tammy and how they shared torturing passions in life with the men they loved. Little Coop then revealed Jonathan and Tammy were married at the time of Tammy’s death and Ava again is shocked by the news, like a double-whammy of tragedy. They then kiss!

Gus approaches the drug counselor (Sherry) at an outside coffee stand about Daisy and learns she was not at the apartment when the counselor arrived.

(Hospital): Daisy arrives at the hospital and learns where “G’s” room is. Harley gets ready to leave his room and opens the door to find Daisy on the other side. They both look surprised to see each other, exchange greetings and embrace. Harley asks her what was she doing there and whether she’d heard about Tammy and took the bus. Daisy gestured confirmation of such then her cell phone rang. Harley takes the call when seeing Gus was the caller. Harley answers the phone and tells Gus he’s in trouble for not telling her Daisy was coming to town to see her. Gus looked relieved that Harley still didn’t know the truth. Daisy sticks close to listen to Harley and Gus’ conversation, as Harley bad mouths the girl (whoever she was) that was in the car with G. After the phone call, Harley checks Daisy’s temperature, telling her she doesn’t look so good. They soon brushed it off and Harley takes her outside for some fresh air.

(Spaulding Mansion): Lizzie comes back to the house and Alan is there. Alan tries to act like nothing is wrong; eating and is as calm as can be. Lizzie is enraged, telling Alan she couldn’t even see her daughter. Alan comes over to console then restrain her rage and tells her he (Alan) is her only hope to seeing Sarah again.

(Bar): Jonathan and Alan-Michael argues about Tammy and Jonathan eventually grabs each other but Alan-Michael shoves him off and makes a proposition. He asks Jonathan to let Lizzie see Sarah once a week, under supervision. J says NO – unless they make a deal. He’ll let Lizzie see Sarah if Alan-Michael would help him put Alan away for what he’s done.

(Ava’s Apartment): Ava and Little Coop make love and Ava tells him things haven’t changed between them (the isolation). Little Coop assures her he hasn’t given up on her and gets ready to leave the room. He then warns her that Alan Spaulding is suspected for ordering the hit that killed Tammy by mistake and the implications that could be for her. Ava attempted to defend Alan-Michael as not being a party to this matter. Little Coop then leaves the room.

(Spaulding Mansion): Alan tells Lizzie he plans to attend Tammy’s funeral. Lizzie is on to him though, telling him that he’s only doing it as an “in your face” approach to deflect his guilt. Alan looked disappointed that she’d gotten to know him so well. Lizzie then leaves the room, Alan left to contemplate himself alone. In his solitude, He goes across the room and picks up a box and sits it on the table. He begins taking out charred photos of Sarah, then Gus, Philip and then Alan-Michael. He reflects on family and the sacrifices one would make for their family – regardless of how bad it might seem. In monologue he talks to the still figures before his eyes, telling them they will understand that love blinds a parent to the faults of their children. Where there’s hope, there is redemption; that protecting them (their children) drives you to make choices you might regret. They rise from the ashes to save their child; whatever it takes.

In unison with this monologue, the below scenes carried the remainder of today’s episode.

(Hospital): Harley and Daisy talks about how Daisy is doing and Harley enraptures in the absence of truth.

(Hospital): Gus arrives at the hospital and walks into G’s room and identifies himself both officially and his relation to Daisy and that he will not let G ruin her life.

(Bar): Jonathan and Alan-Michael discusses Jonathan’s proposal to bring Alan down but Alan-Michael refuses to go along with it. Jonathan kicks him out.

(Bar): Jonathan holds Sarah, ever determined to make Alan pay for taking Tammy from him.

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