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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/29/07

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Written By Richard

Beth and Lizzie were in the hospital, Lizzie was angry at Beth for trying to take Sarah away from her. Lizzie was talking about how her and Jonathon should get back together. Beth told Lizzie that Tammy was dead, and a look of shock came across Lizzie's face.

Reva, Cassie, and Josh were in the hospital. Reva wanted to find Jonathon and she went to find him. Cassie received a phone call from Mallet who told her that he had reason to believe that Alan was behind Tammy's death.

Remy and G were at the Church. Remy grabbed G and he beat him up until he would tell him that he was involved in Tammy's death. Remy continued to pound him on the floor.

At Alan's house, Jonathon had poured gasoline on Alan's table and he lit a match and intended to burn down the place while Alan slept. Just then, Reva walked in much to Jonathon's surprise.

Cassie cried to Josh that she wasn't ready to go home without Tammy. Cassie worried that as days and months go by, she would forget Tammy. Josh hugged her and he told her that no one would ever forget Tammy.

Beth said to Lizzie that it was her, Lizzie, and Alan's fault for what happen to Tammy. Lizzie said that it wasn't her fault, and she was angry that Beth would say that. Lizzie said that if she knew that Tammy was going to get hurt then she never would have...Just then Cassie and Josh came in, and Cassie asked her what she was going to say.

Mallet and Marina went to the Church and they found Remy standing over a beaten G's body. Mallet yelled at Remy and he told him that if G were to die then we would lose our only witness. Remy said that he should die and he stormed out of the Church.

Reva pleaded to Jonathon to think about what he was doing to Alan. She told him that he would go to jail for what he was about to do. Jonathon said that he knew what he was doing and he wanted Reva to get out. Reva picked up some wood and she threw it on the fire, to let him know that she would be a part of killing Alan as well.

Beth and Lizzie followed Josh and Cassie out of the hospital and Beth said to Cassie that she was so sorry for what happened to Tammy. Lizzie said that she couldn't believe that Tammy was dead and that she was her best friend. Cassie tore into Lizzie and she said that she blamed her for Tammy's death. Lizzie said that Tammy wasn't blameless herself, and that she tried to steal Sarah from her. Cassie tried to lunge at Lizzie and Josh pulled her off. Beth tried to apologize for Lizzie and she then yelled at a visibly shaken Lizzie.

As Cassie and Josh left the hospital, the nurses brought G into the building on a stretcher.

Jonathon wanted Reva to get out of Alan's house. Then Reva took out a picture of Jonathan as a baby and she showed it to him and she said that she carried it with her until she finally found him. Rea told him that he looked like Sarah and that if he didn't stop he was going to lose her as well. Jonathon said to throw the picture in the fire. Reva held the picture up over the fire and asked him if he wanted to throw Sarah in the fire.

Beth took Lizzie to the Church and told her that they should go here more often. Lizzie didn't want to be there. Lizzie told Beth that she couldn't believe that Tammy was gone. Lizzie aid that she was not a bad person and that she was not like Alan.

Mallet and Marina were at the hospital and after seeing G lying there it hit Marina that she lost Tammy. Marina cried and told Mallet that she had tried to warn Tammy that Jonathon and Lizzie were bad for her, and she blamed herself for Tammy's death.

Cassie and Josh went to her house and they saw that R.J. was up. Cassie cried and she told Josh that she didn't know how she was going to tell R.J. about the accident and that Tammy was dead.

Reva yelled at Jonathon over the blazing fire, as he added more articles to the fire. She told him that if he killed Alan then he would lose Sarah as well. Jonathon said that he should have gotten hit by the car. Jonathon said that he wished Alan would have shot him or stabbed him so that he would be dead. Rev continued to tell him about how he had to live for Sarah. Reva's words sunk in as he went and picked up the fire extinguisher and put out the fire, Reva was happy that she got through to him in time.

Josh and Cassie sat with R.J and they talked with him about Tammy. They tired to find a way to tell him that Tammy was dead.

Remy was in his apartment and Marina came in. She told him they had to find a way to accept Tammy's death. Mallet came in and he told them that G was in critical condition and that if he died then they would lose their witness.

Beth yelled at Lizzie for praying for herself instead of for Tammy and Jonathon. Lizzie prayed that she and Jonathon would be together as a family. Beth told her that she was trying to use Tammy's death for selfish reasons.

Beth and Lizzie arrived at Mallet's house and they saw the burnt mess in the living room. Beth asked who could have done this. Lizzie told her that it was Jonathan and she ran out the door to find him.

Remy listened when Mallet said to him that he was wrong for beating up G, and putting him in the hospital. Mallet told him that he was going to have to tell Frank. Remy said that he was glad what he did and he stormed out.

Reva went to see Josh and Cassie, she wanted to be there for them. Reva told Casie that she was going to make her a pot of tea, and then she saw Tammy's wedding album and she picked it up. Cassie wanted her to look at the pictures. Reva, Cassie, R.J., and Josh sat down together and looked at wedding pictures of Tammy and smiled through tears.

Jonathon was in an empty restaurant with Sarah and he held her in one arm and he clutched a picture of Tammy in the other hand. He cried as he looked at the picture. Lizzie came in and she saw Jonathon sitting there, he didn't see her, and she looked at him and she walked away.

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