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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/26/07

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Written By Richard

Josh and Cassie were looking through the hospital glass window as Jonathon hugged a lifeless Tammy . Cassie cried and Josh tried to console her and he asked her if she was ready to say goodbye to her daughter. Josh and Cassie walked in Tammy's hospital room, and told Jonathon that Cassie wanted to say goodbye to her daughter. Jonathon was devastated and he cried uncontrollably, he didn't want to let Tammy go. Josh hugged him and told him that it was alright. Cassie cried and cried as she kissed Tammy on the forehead.

Dinah and Mallet were at his apartment when Remy came to the door. Mallet accused him of using his name to get information in the investigation of Tammy's death. Remy said that they should be questioning Alan since he hired the man that killed Tammy.

Alan was at his house and he was on the phone with G. He told him to get the rest of his money and leave town. G said that he would, but he had to see Daisy first and he went to her apartment.

Gus prayed to God in the Church that he give Daisy a break and he wanted to see her get her life together. Alan walked in the Church and he saw his son there. Gus walked over to him and handed him a candle.

Cassie said goodbye to Tammy through tears. The nurse came in and Jonathon didn't want to let her go. Jonathon put a blanket over her and he told Cassie and Josh that he should have done better to save her. He left the room and he went in the hallway. He picked up Sarah who was sitting outside in the carriage and he hugged her and cried and cried.

Josh asked Jonathon if there was anything that he could do. Jonathon asked him to watch Sarah and he left. Josh took Sarah to the nurse and he asked her to stay with her for awhile. He went inside and tried to comfort Cassie who was standing in Tammy's room. She then left the room and told him that she had to make plans for Tammy right now.

Gus said to Alan that Tammy didn't deserve to die and he asked Alan why he came to the Church and if it was to pray for her. Alan told him that he was not a hateful man, and that now they had to take care of their own and he left.

Remy told Mallet and Dinah that he thought that Alan had tried to have Jonathon run down, and they needed to go after Alan. The phone rang and it was the hospital, and they learned that Tammy was dead. Remy fought back tears as he heard them say that Tammy was dead. Dinah convinced Mallet to let Remy help in the investigation.

G went to Daisy's apartment and he told her that Tammy was going to make a full recovery. Daisy was glad to hear that her cousin was going to be alright. G told her that they had to leave town because they could both be charged with trying to run down Tammy. Daisy said to him that it wasn't her fault because she was not driving the car, but he made her think that she was responsible too. Daisy was scared and she was going to leave with him, just then Gus knocked on the door. G went and hid in the back room. Gus walked in and he told Daisy that Tammy was dead.

Daisy was upset and she had heard that Tammy was alright. Gus told her that she was wrong, and that her boyfriend was going to be charged with her hit and run. He said to her that he wanted to look out for her, she was his stepdaughter and he made her leave with him and go back to their house.

Cassie tried to remain strong at her apartment with Josh and she kept talking about funeral plans and she would not deal with the fact that she just lost her daughter. The funeral director came to the apartment, and Cassie and Josh sat down with him as they talked about how they were going to plan her funeral. The funeral director showed Cassie pictures of coffins and Cassie was stunned to realize that she was looking at coffins for her only daughter.

Mallet, Dinah, and Remy arrived at Alan's house and they wanted to know if he had something to do with the hit and run. Remy accused Alan of hiring the man to run down Jonathon. Alan was angry that he would say that to him and he said to speak to his lawyer. Mallet told Alan that he answer the question here or at the station. Dinah looked down on the floor and she saw a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

Jonathon went to the scene of the crime, and he knelt down where he held Tammy, and he cried and cried.

Jonathon walked up and won the road and he said "You're Gone" over and over and over again. He said that he wouldn't let him get away with what he did and he left.

Remy, Dinah, and Mallet got nothing out of Alan and they left his house. Dinah ran over to Remy and she whispered the phone number that she memorized from the paper to him, and he ran with it.

Daisy was standing in Gus and Harley's house and she was looking at some pictures of them together. Gus came into the room and he had the baby in his arms. He said to Daisy that "Everyone deserves a reason to clean up their act." He handed Daisy the baby and said "She's yours."

As Josh and Cassie sat and listened to the funeral director talk. He talked about what dress Tammy should be buried in, and Cassie looked at him with a blank stare. A look of shock and disbelief came over Cassie face as she realized that she was talking about burying her daughter, and she got up and ran out the door.

Alan stood up and he burned the piece of paper that had the phone number on it, and he said that it was over. Just then, Jonathon came in, and he told him that it was just the start for him,

Jonathon was angry and upset and he told Alan that Tammy was his life, his wife, and now he wished he was dead. He said he couldn't go because he still had things to do for her. Alan asked him if he was going to kill him. Jonathan said that he would let the police get him but he wanted to kill him. Alan walked over to a table and he pressed a button underneath it and he alerted security. Alan taunted Jonathon and as Jonathan went to attack him, the security guard came in and jumped him from behind and pulled him out the door. He said that Alan was a "Murderer" as he was being dragged away. Alan had a smile on his face.

Cassie went back to the hospital and to Tammy's room. Josh came with her, and she blamed herself for Tammy's death. She told Josh that she failed her, and she fell down and collapsed on the bed. Josh tried to talk to her and said to her that she would never be alone.

G walked into the Church and he took his money that was waiting for him under the Church pew. Remy called G on his phone, and he answered it. Remy walked in and said to him that he was a cop and he threw his badge down on the Church pew, and he told him he was his worst nightmare.

Gus brought Daisy to her room and he asked her to clean up her act. She asked him how long that she would have to stay here and he said as long as it took. Daisy looked away from him and acted like she wasn't interested in listening to him, but she heard him.

Cassie was with Josh in the hospital room when the nurse came in and gave her Tammy's clothes. She looked at them and she found her wedding ring.

Jonathon had went back into Alan's house. He waited until Alan went to bed. He took pictures out of the cabinet and smashed them on the table, and then went outside and brought in a gasoline case and poured it all over the table and on the floor. He was getting ready to torch the place.

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