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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/24/07

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Written By James

(Hospital) Jonathan pours over Tammy at her bedside, begging her to come back to him. He assures her he would make Alan Spaulding pay but relented and said he didn’t care about revenge, he just wanted her back. He assures her everything would be ok. Reva and Cassie console each other through teary hugs. When Tammy awakes, Jonathan smiles to greet her and quickly ushered Cassie and Reva into the room to see her. Tammy begs Jonathan to bring Sarah to her. Outside Tammy’s hospital room they were all jubilant but Reva and Cassie quickly recovered to warn Jonathan of a tough time in getting Sarah from Alan. Cassie promises to take care of Tammy while Jonathan goes to find Sarah.

(Spaulding Mansion) Reva, finding her way past security, enters the room as Alan was emphasizing the need for security at the house with his butler. Reva and Alan immediately begin sparring over Sarah’s welfare and she asks him to allow her to take Sarah to see Tammy at the hospital. Alan acknowledged knowing about Tammy being in the hospital and inquired about her health. Alan was, however steadfast against letting Sarah out of the house. Reva and Alan then passionately argued on pros and cons of letting Sarah see Jonathan. Alan eventually calls his butler to show Reva to the door. Reva cautions Alan against the repercussions of being so heartless. Alan asks her to leave again – but Reva waives off the escort by the butler and shows herself to the door.

(Church) Jonathan and Lizzie get into an argument at the church about Sarah. Jonathan tells Lizzie he knows about what Alan did to Tammy and accuses Lizzie for being a part of it. He demands Lizzie let him use her cell phone.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan’s butler tells Alan Lizzie has left the house when Alan’s phone rings. It’s Jonathan…they discuss Sarah. They argue about Sarah when Lizzie makes a distressful noise in the background and demands Jonathan puts her on. Jonathan refuses and offers Alan a trade off (Sarah for Lizzie). Alan tells Jonathan he’s bluffing - that he wouldn’t hurt Lizzie….Jonathan assures him he would hurt her in order to help save Tammy. Alan unexpectedly discounts Lizzie of any value to him considering the under-handed things she’d done to him in the past and tells Jonathan “no deal”. When Jonathan tells Lizzie Alan has sacrificed her, she loudly screams, “Grand-dad” (as Alan hangs up the phone).

(Church) An enraged Jonathan hang up the cell phone then picks Lizzie up and lets her drop to the floor. Lizzie cries and criticizes Jonathan for the way he’s treated her, how he disrespected their marriage vows, abandoned her time and again for Tammy and finally telling Jonathan he and Alan were just the same. Jonathan tells her it (their marriage) was a joke. Lizzie tells him if she can’t have the life she wanted; he won’t have it like he wanted either. “How’s that for a deal”! (she shot back at him).

(Hospital) Cassie and Reva continue to console each other, watching the doctor work with Tammy in her room. The doctor eventually comes out but didn’t give an assuring diagnosis for Tammy, stating “the medicine has done all it can do”. Tammy asks to see her mom – Reva stands outside worriedly looking on through the window. Tammy tells her mom, “You have to be there for him (Jonathan) when I’m gone.”

(Church) Jonathan jumps on Lizzie, pinning her to the floor and mounts her in a choking mode. Beth enters and calls him off; he released Lizzie's neck, turns around and sees Beth standing with Sarah in her arms. Jonathan gets off Lizzie and approaches Beth and takes Sarah into his arms. Beth assures him Alan doesn’t know she took the baby from the house. Lizzie, unhappy with Beth for this gesture, yelled and struggled with her. Beth attempted to reason with Lizzie, then physically restrained her from Sarah. Beth also slapped her in effort to calm her down. This didn’t help at all and Beth berates Lizzie for getting Alan involved in taking such drastic action against Jonathan. Lizzie insisted that the baby needed her as Beth literally drags her out of the church, kicking and screaming.

(Hospital) Cassie consoles Tammy at her bedside, citing old memories of the good times and places in their lives. She also reflected on the harder times, the limitations of what she could give her. Cassie makes amends with Tammy for any differences she’s ever had about her relationship with Jonathan. When Cassie tries to assure Tammy of a lifetime of happiness with Jonathan, Tammy responds, “if it doesn’t happen, please take care of Jonathan”. Cassie assures her of a happy ending. Tammy goes limp and closes her eyes. Cassie panics and asks for the doctor. Reva assures her all is being done for her (Tammy). The doctor and medical staff rush into action to stabilize Tammy to when she finally opens her eyes and sees Jonathan at the door smiling, with Sarah in his arms.

(Hospital) The nurse attempts to usher Jonathan away but he assures her the baby is just what Tammy needs. He approaches Tammy with the baby and she is immediately at peace, smiling at baby Sarah. Jonathan reassures Tammy, tells her she’s beautiful and promises many good days ahead when Tammy slumps into a coma. Jonathan comes out with the baby, gives her to Reva and approaches the doctor about Tammy’s condition. The doctor responds in hopeless silence, enters Tammy’s room briefly then comes back out and tells the family he’d done all he could. Jonathan does not accept it, gestures to God he can’t do that to him. Father Ray arrives and Jonathan’s tangent continues, scolding the priest for marrying them (him and Tammy) only to have Tammy taken away from him. Reva tries to console Jonathan as Cassie suffers in silence across the room

Jonathan goes back into Tammy’s room as she lies silent with eyes closed. Cassie attempts to go in but Reva stops her, stating, “it’s their time” (Tammy’s and Jonathan’s). Jonathan tells Tammy, “No, you can’t give up on us. We just got started”. Tammy puts her hands on his bowed head as he cries on her bed. He raises and smiles through his tears at her awakening and responding to him.

In their last moments together Tammy tells Jonathan, “I’m glad you’re here.” She then tells Jonathan she might go away – and that it’s ok. He assures her everything would be fine. She puts hand on his tear-stained face and tells him how fortunate Sarah will be to have him. Jonathan grabs her, holds her tight and tells Tammy he wants her and loudly begs her to breathe, just breathe.

(Spaulding Mansion) Beth confronts an irate Alan, attempting to rationalize taking Sarah to Jonathan. Alan tells her to get out. Beth tells Alan Jonathan might not be a good father but didn’t Alan think he should give him the chance to be? She further appeals to Alan that it’s the least he could do considering the probability that Tammy wouldn’t live through the night and that it was partly their fault. Alan turns to Beth and tells her to get out of his sight. Beth departs and Alan destroys some things in the office before sitting dejected at a table. Lizzie is alone in a secluded space at the mansion, feeling alone and dejected…saying she didn’t belong anywhere. She looks at Sarah’s picture and cries.

(Hospital) Jonathan tells Tammy she couldn’t give up, telling her he needed her and they were meant to be together…that they are stuck together. He further tells her he’d come so far with her and that if she wasn’t there to help keep him straight, he’d start losing ground, doing bad things again. He kisses her – then she opens her eyes and says, “Sarah”. Jonathan says, “No, you, I want you!” The monitor flat lines and Jonathan cries, “NO!” The doctor enters the room along with Cassie and Reva. Jonathan straddles and pulls Tammy close to him on the bed, crying vehemently. Reva cradles Cassie in her arms on the other side of the room.

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