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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/23/07

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Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

 At the hospital, Jonathan begs Tammy to open her eyes.† As he holds her hand he tells her that he canít live without her.† Lizzie stands in the hallway looking inside Tammyís room with a sad look on her face because she finally realizes how much Jonathan loves Tammy.† Cassie calls Josh to tell him Tammyís condition hasnít changed and asking him to stay with R.J. because he doesnít want R.J. to come to the hospital and see Tammy in this condition.† Remy arrives and Cassie thanks him for his quick thinking which saved Tammyís life.† Remy sheds a tear of rage and frustration as he vows to catch the person who did this to Tammy and make them pay.†

On Main Street, Daisyís boyfriend G calls Alan and tells him he is still in town because he must make sure that nobody can hold him responsible for Tammyís accident.† G assures Alan he will leave Springfield as soon as he has taken care of a few loose ends.†

At the Beacon, Gus brings Daisy some breakfast.† She asks him if he told Harley about her taking drugs and finding her in the car that caused Tammyís accident.† Gus tells Daisy he hasnít said anything to Harley or anyone yet because he considers her his daughter.† He tells her that he did what any parent would do for their daughter.† Gus gets a call from Harley and he informs her that a car hit Tammy and her condition is very bad.† Harley tells Gus that she needs to go to the hospital to be with Cassie.† Gus thinks that going to the hospital is a great idea and he tells Harley he has some errands to run and he will meet her at the hospital.† Daisy is shocked to learn that her boyfriend G hit her cousin Tammy with his car.† Gus tells Daisy there were no tire tread marks on the scene which means that G knew that he was about to hit a person and didnít try to stop the car.† Gus demands that Daisy stop protecting her boyfriend and tell him everything she knows about G right now.†

At the hospital, Harley arrives to offer support to Cassie but Cassie refuses any help from Harley and tries to be strong.† Harley holds Cassie as she breaks down and starts to cry.† Lizzie stands in the hallway and watches Cassie as Cassie asks Harley to explain to her how a person could hit another person with a car and then leave that person lying on the street.† Lizzie goes inside Tammyís room and tells Jonathan that she wants to help him because despite everything that happened between them Tammy was always her only friend.† Harley thinks that Cassie should go walk in the park to get some fresh air or maybe go get something to eat but Cassie refuses to leave Tammy.† Cassie asks Harley how many hit and run drivers the police have caught while she has been working for the police department.† Harley avoids the question by saying they will catch the person who did this to Tammy.† Cassie tells Harley about the time she bought Tammy a puppy from the pound because Tammy had been asking for one for weeks.† Cassie explains to Harley that Tammy named the puppy Sport and used to sleep with the puppy every night and she (Cassie) used to get up early in the morning to let the puppy out and then put him back in bed with Tammy.† Cassie continues the story by saying that one day she heard the puppy yelping and discovered he had gotten out into the street but she was able to save him just before a car hit him.† Cassie tells Harley that she and Tammy were both heartbroken the day they had to give Sport away because they had to move to a smaller apartment.† Cassie explains to Harley that she held Tammy while she cried about Sport and told her they would always have each other.†

At the Beacon, Daisy tells Gus that G would never hurt anyone.† She explains to Gus that he thought he hit a deer.† Gus reminds Daisy that if he hadnít found her in that car another cop would have and she would have been arrested.† Daisy tries to remember details about G so that she can give Gus some information about him but she canít remember anything at all because G never told her much about his life.† Gus thinks Daisy canít remember anything because she was probably high most of the time she was with G.† Daisy tells Gus she isnít a druggie.† She just does drugs sometimes to relax.† Gus tells Daisy these excuses wonít work with him because he used them all himself.† Daisy is surprised that Gus has also used drugs and he tells her he hit rock bottom and the only way he made it through was with Harleyís love for him.† Gus explains to Daisy that he almost got his partner Mallet killed because he was high on the job and wasnít protecting his partner.† Gus also tells Daisy that he ran over Reva with his car because he was high while he was driving and didnít know that he had hit her.†

At the hospital, Jonathan explains to Lizzie that someone was going to run over him and Tammy came and pushed him out of the way and the car hit her.† Lizzie tells Jonathan that she feels horrible about the accident.† Lizzie tells Jonathan that when she came back to Springfield from Arizona she didnít have any friends at school and Tammy was the first person to be nice to her when she invited her to a skating party.† Lizzie tells Jonathan she didnít know how to skate but she begged her mom to buy her some skates so she could go to the party.† Lizzie goes on to explain that she got out on the ice two minutes and then she fell so Tammy spent all afternoon with her making snow angels.† Jonathan wonders why Lizzie never showed up to meet him at the old mill with Sarah.† Lizzie tells him she did go to the old mill but when she got there he was gone so she went back home.† Jonathan grabs Lizzieís arm and drags her out into the hallway.† Jonathan blames Lizzie for Tammyís accident because the only reason he was at the mill was to meet her.† The doctor arrives to talk to Jonathan about Tammyís condition so he tells Lizzie not to leave because they have to talk.† Cassie tells Harley that she shouldnít have wasted so much time holding a grudge against Jonathan because maybe he and Tammy would have been married and happy a lot sooner and the accident wouldnít have happened to Tammy.† Jonathan finishes talking to the doctor and grabs Lizzie by the arm before she can leave the hospital.† Jonathan gets in Lizzieís face and demands to know if it was her idea to try to kill him or Alanís idea.† Lizzie cries that Jonathan is hurting her and she has no idea what he is talking about because she didnít cause Tammyís accident.† Jonathan tells Lizzie he will find out the truth and if it was Alanís idea it wonít matter because he will still blame her and will make sure she gets what is coming to her.† Cassie arrives and demands to know why they are arguing so loudly.† Jonathan tells Cassie they were arguing about Sarah because he doesnít want to add to her stress.† Cassie blasts Jonathan and Lizzie and tells them she is tired of their constant fighting because Tammy is always the one who ends up in the middle of all their fights.† Cassie reminds Jonathan and Lizzie that Tammy is fighting for her life and that is the only thing that matters now.† They can continue to argue about Sarah once Tammy has recovered.†

At the Beacon, Gus tells Daisy to give him all her drugs and if she hides any from him he will turn the room upside down until he finds them.† Gus tells Daisy he is going to lock her in the room until she gets clean and she shouldnít try to escape because he has people watching her 24 hours a day.† Gus gives Daisy some clothes he bought her and assures her she will have everything she needs to get well.† Once Gus is gone Daisy calls G to tell him where she is and that they need to talk.

At Company, Remy asks Gus if he has any new evidence on Tammyís accident.† He says no but he will keep him posted if there are any new leads.† Remy tells Gus that Tammy called him to ask for his help because she sensed Jonathan was in trouble and he refused to help her so the accident is his fault.† Gus thinks Remy should go home because this case is too personal for him.† Remy calls the station claiming to be Mallet and asks if there is any new evidence in the Tammy Randall hit and run accident.†

At the Beacon, G arrives and tells Daisy they must leave town because he has finished his job.† Daisy explains that she canít leave town because her stepfather Gus found her in the car and has locked her in the room so she can get off drugs.† Daisy also tells G that if she leaves the room Gus will turn her in to the police.† Daisy tells G that he hit Tammy her cousin with his car and asks him if he did it on purpose.† G tells Daisy that he would never hurt anyone on purpose but Daisy wonders why he didnít try to stop the car.† G tells Daisy that he didnít stop the car because he was high on drugs.† Gus arrives to check on Daisy so G must go out onto the balcony.†

At the hospital, Cassie begs Tammy to wake up because when she gets out of the hospital, she, Jonathan, and Sarah are moving to the farm with her.† Cassie goes out into the hallway where Jonathan apologizes for his fight with Lizzie.† Cassie tells Jonathan she knows how much he loves Tammy and that she is glad he is in her life.†

At Company, Remy tells Lizzie he thinks that she caused the accident and if that is the case she should tell him everything to avoid serious trouble.† Lizzie denies causing Tammyís accident but tells Remy that Jonathan had some trouble with some shady guys he deals with at Outskirts.†

At the hospital, Jonathan sits by Tammyís bed and begs her to wake up.  He tells her the people responsible for her accident will pay.  Jonathan tells Tammy that he doesnít want revenge he just wants her to come back to him.  Jonathan tells Tammy that before he met her he was one mean guy and he canít be a good dad without her.  Jonathan puts his head on Tammyís chest and a few minutes later he feels her move so he raises his head to look at her as she opens her eyes.

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