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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/22/07

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Written By Richard

Jonathon was waiting on the road going toward the Old Mill when the speeding car came racing toward him. Tammy rushed to him and pushed him out of the way, and the car hit Tammy. Cassie was sitting with Courtney, her Real Estate agent, and she was showing her pictures of Tammy's wedding. She said how she felt so blessed. Just the, Jeffrey walked over to the two of them. Reva was overjoyed to find out that she was cancer free, and she hugged Josh. Lizzie asked Alan what he was going to do to get Jonathon out of the picture. Alan stood there in his house with Lizzie, and told her that he had to get Jonathon out of their lives. Jonathon ran to Tammy who was lying down on the ground after being struck by the car. She was bleeding badly, and Jonathon was devastated as he tried to talk to her and keep her awake.

Reva was excited about her new lease on life. She talked with Josh about what she was going to do next. Reva said to Josh that she had thought the cancer was going to come back. She also told him that she thought of her friend, Cal, and how she would live her life in his honor. Jeffrey saw the pictures of Tammy with Cassie, and she introduced him to Courtney. Cassie told him that she was going to buy a house for Tammy and Jonathon. Cassie was so happy to have Tammy in her life, and she wanted her to be happy. Lizzie was worried that something had happened to Jonathon and she asked Alan if he did anything to hurt him. Alan said that he did whatever he could to get rid of Jonathon. Lizzie was scared for him, and she ran out the door to find Jonathon. Jonathon was on the ground holding Tammy and he tried to wake her up by talking with her. He took out his cell phone and he called for help. He cried and talked to Tammy and he told her how much he loved her, and that she had to wake up for him and Sarah, he couldn't go through life alone with out her.

Reva said to Josh that she felt so better and safe with him being at the hospital with her as she went through this today. Josh told her that she was strong enough even if he wasn't there. Reva kissed Josh. Cassie wanted her house for Tammy to be a surprise and she told Courtney and Jeffrey not to say anything about it. Courtney and Jeffrey both left, and Jeffrey told Cassie that he was so happy for her. Remy came over to the able and said Hi to Cassie. He told that he knew about the wedding, and Cassie said that she was sorry if he was hurt. Just then, Remy got the 911 call that Tammy was in an accident, and he left. At this time, Remy nor Cassie had no idea that it was Tammy who was hurt. Alan stopped Lizzie from leaving and he tried to give her a pill to calm her down. Lizzie cried and told Alan that she loved Jonathon, and she refused to take the pill. Lizzie ran out to find Jonathon and as she did she ran right into the man that tried to run Jonathon down. Lizzie asked him what he did to Jonathon. He didn't answer her. Lizzie ran out the door. Jonathon begged God to help Tammy, and he kept talking to her even though she was unconscious. Remy and Gus arrived on the scene. Remy told Jonathon not to move Tammy until the paramedics got there. Jonathon yelled at Remy to help Tammy on his own, but Remy was not a doctor.

The nurse told Reva and Josh that Tammy and Jonathon had been in an accident. Reva was shocked and she asked her if they were alright, but the nurse didn't know. Gus found Daisy in the car that ran down Tammy. Alan asked his hit man is there was a problem. He told him that there was. The paramedics rushed Tammy into the ER, as Reva and Josh watched her being rushed in. Jonathon was angry and upset that there was nothing that he could do to help her. Reva told Josh to call Cassie and tell what was going on. Josh called Cassie, and she was excited when she heard from him. She told him that she was buying a house for Tammy, and she went on and on until Josh told her that Tammy was in an accident. Cassie was shocked and upset.

Gus helped Daisy get out of the car. He asked her if she was on drugs. Daisy was very shaken up. Gus asked her who's car it was. Daisy told him that the driver of the car hit a girl. She then revealed that the driver of this car was her boyfriend, G. She was stunned and upset that her boyfriend had run someone down. Gus tried to console her. He then looked in the car and he found his gun that was stolen from his house a few days ago. Daisy said she had no idea that the gun was in there. Frank arrived on the scene, and Daisy ran inside the car and hid. Gus covered for her in front of Frank, and he didn't let him know that she was there. Alan found out that G had hit Tammy with the car. Alan was very angry and upset. Alan told G that if any of this could be traced back to him, then G would be a dead man. Lizzie walked into the hospital, and she was looking for Jonathon. She found him and she was gong to go to him, but Remy came up to her and he told her that Tammy was hit. Lizzie was upset and she asked him how Tammy was. Remy told her that she was in surgery. Cassie ran in the hospital and ran to Josh and asked him where Tammy was. Josh told her, and he went over to her and hugged her.

Gus brought Daisy home, and she thanked him for not telling her Mom what had happened. She also thanked him for not telling Uncle Frank where she was. Alan called Lizzie and asked her to come home for Sarah. He then picked up Sarah and held her, and he told her that her daddy wouldn't be coming to see her again. Reva, Josh, Cassie, and Jonathon all were there as Rick told them that Tammy had serious internal injuries and that she had brain swelling. Cassie was upset and she begged Rick to tell her what Tammy's chances were, and all Rick could tell them was to wait. Jonathon ran into the room to sit beside Tammy, Reva asked the nurse to let him stay. He took her hand and he put her wedding ring on her finger, and he sat with her and told her he loved her.

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