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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/19/07

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Written By Richard

Josh and Reva went to the hospital together for her checkup. Reva was scared. Jonathon and Tammy were together in bed, this was their first morning together after their wedding day. Jonathon said to Tammy that he was happier now then he ever was, and that he felt like having Tammy and Sarah, he finally had everything. Lizzie and Alan talked and Lizzie told Alan that Sarah was her only hope to get back Jonathon. Alan didn't like the idea at all.

Jonathon got a phone call telling him that he had been awarded custody of Sarah and that she could come home to live with him. Jonathon was excited and he told Tammy that Sarah was going to need her to teach her about all sorts of things. He told Tammy that he didn't want to take Sarah away from Lizzie forever. Lizzie got a phone call from Jonathon and he said that he wanted to meet her and Sarah. Alan convinced Lizzie not to take Sarah with her, and to go and see Jonathon alone. Lizzie agreed and she told Alan to "take good care of her". Alan called someone to get rid of a pest(Jonathon). Jonathon left Tammy to go and get Sarah, he told her that he loved her and he kissed her goodbye. Jonathon informed Lizzie that had full custody of Sarah. Lizzie was upset and she told Jonathon that they were supposed to be together. They should be a family. Lizzie told Jonathon that Sarah was with her Grand dad and that he would never ever let him take Sarah away from her. Lizzie cursed his "precious Tammy". Reva went inside for her checkup. Josh waited outside. He was worried about Reva.

Reva wanted her doctor to reassure her that everything was all right. He could not do that, and he told her to think positive and he took the tests. Alan hired someone to get rid of Jonathon. Lizzie sat inside the Church and she prayed to God to not take Sarah away from her as well. Remy came inside the Church and Lizzie informed him that Jonathon and Tammy got married. Remy was shocked, and he said that Tammy would have told her. Jonathon got home to find a note from Tammy saying that she want out for awhile. Alan asked Lizzie how her meeting with Jonathon went. She told him that it went as bad as he said it would. Alan hugged her and he said that he was going to take care of the problem.

Josh had talked to Reva's doctor and he told him that all he could do was to think good thoughts and to stay by Reva's side. Reva was glad that Josh was there with her. Lizzie called Jonathon and told him to meet her and Sarah at the Old Mill, and he left to go and meet her. He was unaware that Alan had a deadly plan set in motion for him. Remy met Tammy at the Church and he told her that he was surprised that she got married to Jonathon without telling him. Tammy was sorry that he was hurt, but she thought that he knew how much she loved Jonathon. Tammy was walking into her Apartment and she overheard the man that Alan hired talking on the phone and saying that he was going to hurt Jonathon. Tammy called up Remy and she begged him to go and warn Jonathon but he yelled at her and told her that all of Jonathon's problems were now her own. Tammy ran out to find Jonathon before it was too late.

Josh talked to Reva and he told her how she thought she was ready to say goodbye to her family a few months back, but he knew that she wasn't ready to die. Reva told him that she wasn't ready to die then and she isn't ready now. She said that she still had so many plans left and things that she wanted to do. Alan said to Lizzie that he was happy that he had her and Sarah back in his life and he told her that her and Sarah had given him hope again. Lizzie said that she missed him too. Reva and Josh wanted to go see a Movie just the two of them, just then Josh received a phone call. It was the doctor, and Josh told Reva that her test results had come in.

Jonathon waited for Lizzie and Sarah. Tammy raced in her car to warn Jonathon before it was too late. Reva and Josh got to the hospital and the doctor gave Reva her test results. Reva was thrilled to learn that the cancer had not come back again. Lizzie picked up Sarah and held her in her arms and she said to her that she was her only chance of getting Jonathon back in her life. Alan looked up into the dark sky as the man he hired to get rid of Jonathon sped up toward Jonathon with his car and he tried to run him down.

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