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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/18/07

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Written By Eva

At the Church, Tammy comes down the aisle in a beautiful dress and when Father Ray asks if they are ready Tammy responds that she and Jonathan have been ready for a long time. Father Ray wonders if Tammy wants him to skip some parts of the ceremony to make things go more quickly but Tammy tells Father Ray that she only intends to get married once and she wants the traditional ceremony. Father Ray asks if anyone objects to this couple being united in marriage everyone is unaware that Lizzie is hiding in the church watching the ceremony.

At the Beacon, Alan arrives while Josh is putting sugar in his cup of coffee and he tells Josh that he intends to press charges against Reva for kidnapping him. Alan also warns Josh that he won’t allow Jonathan to have custody of baby Sarah and once he presses charges against Reva the court will know that Jonathan and his family are not fit to raise Sarah. Alan explains to Josh that he intends to use the surveillance tapes of outskirts to prove that Reva dragged him out of the bar at gunpoint. Josh smiles and tells Alan that he and Billy checked those tapes and there is nothing on them but static so if Reva goes to trial it will be his word against hers and the court won’t believe the word of a man who just got out of Oak haven.

At Cross Creek, Reva looks at the lump under her arm and tells herself its nothing she is just overreacting because she is nervous about her 3 month check up which is in a few days. Lillian calls to remind Reva to make her appointment for he check up and Reva insists that she was going to make the appointment today. Reva asks Lillian about the condition of her friend Cal and Lillian wonders why nobody called her to inform her that Cal passed away. Reva cries a little and thanks Lillian for the information and hangs up the phone. Reva recalls the last promise she made to Cal to live life for the two of them.

At the Church, Cassie tells Jonathan and Tammy that she is very happy they are finally getting married although she does admit that she didn’t think that Jonathan was the right man for Tammy at first but her (Tammy) love has changed him and now she knows that he will love and cherish her daughter. The ceremony continues and Lizzie doesn’t say a word to stop the wedding but she can’t watch them get married so she leaves the church.

At the Beacon, Alan tells Josh that while Reva held him hostage he offered to help her get him (Josh) back in her life in exchange for her help to break up Jonathan and Lizzie’s marriage.

At Cross Creek, Lizzie arrives and tells Reva that Jonathan had their marriage annulled a few hours ago and now he is at the church marrying Tammy. Lizzie asks Reva to go to the church and stop the wedding but Reva thinks its time Lizzie face reality that Jonathan never loved her and he will always love Tammy. Lizzie thinks Reva hates her and is against her but Reva tells Lizzie she deserves a man who will truly love her. Reva tells Lizzie that whether she is married to Jonathan or not she will always be Sarah’s mother. Reva leaves Lizzie because she has to do some errands and Lizzie yells at Reva that she abandoned her too just like Jonathan abandoned her.

At the church, Tammy tells Jonathan how much she loves him and then she recites her vows to him. Tammy explains that Jonathan was a broken angry guy and with a lot of hard work and love they put the pieces back together and now they are stronger then ever and nothing can break them apart anymore. Jonathan tells Tammy how much he loves her and recites his vows to her he says that all the bad things that happened to his life are gone now because of her love for him. Jonathan tells Tammy that he wants to be happy and be a good man because of her love he has learned how to love others and be a good husband and father. Jonathan thanks Tammy for seeing something good inside him when nobody else did and for loving him despite everything but most of all for becoming his wife today. Once the vows and thee rings are exchanged Tammy and Jonathan share a sweet kiss. Tammy decides to give her bouquet to her mother because she loves and respects her she also thanks her for making her the woman she is today. Cassie throws birdseed at Tammy and Jonathan and the happy couple leaves the church. Outside the church Tammy and Jonathan kiss again and Jonathan picks Tammy up and carries her to the hotel.

At the Beacon, Reva leaves a message for Jonathan telling him that she is thrilled that he and Tammy are married and she plans to throw them a big party later one they finish their honeymoon. Once she hangs up the phone she runs into Josh and he tells her that Alan intends to press charges against her for kidnapping but he has no evidence against her because he and Billy erased the surveillance tapes from outskirts so it will just be his word against her word and he won’t be able to prove anything against her. Reva thanks Josh who notices that she is worried so Reva admits that her friend Cal who had cancer died today. Reva admits to Josh that she needs to make an appointment for her three-month checkup but she has been nervous because today she found a lump under her arm. Josh holds Reva while she cries and he promises that this time she won’t be alone because he is going to be with her every step of the way. Josh takes Reva’s phone and calls her doctor and makes an appointment for her.

At the church, Cassie tells Father Ray that she hadn’t considered marrying Josh but now she is very hopeful that they will get married someday. Cassie leaves the church with Sarah to give the baby to Lizzie.

At Cross Creek, Cassie arrives with Sarah but doesn’t want to leave the baby alone with Lizzie because Reva isn’t home. Lizzie has an officer of the court there who asks Cassie to give Lizzie the baby so Cassie does so even though she feels uneasy about giving Lizzie the baby.

At the Beacon, Jonathan and Tammy arrive to a beautifully decorated honeymoon suite and Tammy wonders when he had time to do all of this Jonathan tells Tammy he wanted his wife to have everything today. Tammy tells Jonathan to put her down on the bed and the two begin to make love.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie arrives and tells her grandfather that Jonathan had their marriage annulled and he married Tammy. Alan tells Lizzie that he knows she is very hurt but the annulment is for the best. Lizzie tells Alan that Jonathan wants full custody of Sarah and asks him to help keep Sarah with them. Alan promises Lizzie that Sarah won’t leave the house.

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